5 reasons why distance work is the best motivator for productivity

Critics often describe remote workers as unproductive and lazy. A significant number of people believe that those who work from home unsupervised are more likely to be distracted than those who work in a traditional office.

The reason for this belief is quite logical. After all, remote workers have family members, television and other distractions.

But is it always so?

You may be surprised to learn that recent research proves otherwise. The study shows that many entrepreneurs claim that remote workers tend to do more work than their traditional office counterparts.

5 reasons why remote work is the best way to improve productivity

1. Remote employees shall be seconded less.

  • Work from home is not without distractions. However, many remote workers said the separation from the traditional office environment helped them focus more on the work they were doing.

  • In a survey conducted by SurePayroll, 86% of respondents said they were more productive when working alone. They did not have to confront a colleague in the next office who was talking loudly on the phone or a colleague who appeared at their desks uninvited. With fewer distractions, they could focus on completing the task.

  • In the event that a remote worker lives with family or friends, he or she can still limit distractions if they wish. They could create a quiet place in the house for themselves or choose a job when not everyone was home.

2. Remote work reduces the burden on employees.

  • Stress is one of the many productivity killers in the workplace and also reduces the effectiveness of a team. If not killed in time, stress can lead to emotional and physical collapse in any person. However, this is one of the problems that the average traditional worker has to deal with on a daily basis.

  • They start their work day early, often against their will, and have to go to work. Sometimes their work environment is not even stressful. This affects their health and negatively affects their productivity.

  • On the other hand, remote workers are less stressed. They wake up when they like, do not have to travel to work and create a work environment that suits them. This makes them more productive than their traditional jobs.

3. Remote employees are satisfied with their work.

  • Businesses need to invest in the well-being of their employees. When employees are happy with their working conditions, it makes sense to give the employer what they have.

  • Recent studies have shown that for 60% of employees, working online is better than a regular paid job. This only shows how many employees long to work remotely.

  • There are many benefits to working remotely, one of which is freedom. Remote employees feel that their lives have become easier and they are very loyal to their employers. This belief is manifested in the fact that they take their work more seriously and perform their work better.

4. The health of remote workers is improving.

  • Remote workers tend to be healthier than their traditional counterparts. It’s not because they eat healthier foods. It all comes down to the freedom they enjoy. They are free from the stress of moving and also free from the stress of a busy or toxic workplace.

  • An employee who is constantly stressed at work, sooner or later will collapse. When this happens, the employer also suffers. Good health makes remote workers much more productive at any job.

  • A remote worker sleeps better, connects with people in real life, can take breaks from work when he feels tired and has an advantage when it comes to finding time for exercise. These things help reduce their chances of getting sick and help increase their productivity.

5. Remote employees are free to choose their working hours and create a working environment.

  • Another great advantage enjoyed by remote workers is the ability to create a unique work environment and adjust their working hours, which helps increase their productivity.

  • Remote employees can choose to work at any time convenient to them. A person who performs better at night may choose to work during this period. Someone who likes to wake up early can wake up early enough to finish their work.

  • The work environment is also important to most remote workers. People who are introverted find it difficult to be in public – they never show their best in such places and situations.

  • An introvert would prefer to work alone and within the confines of his home. Thus, their productivity increases significantly when they are allowed to work from home.

Remote work also allows employees to create the most appropriate work environment for them. Some people work best with background music and so on. All of these combined are some of the reasons why teleworking is the best way to increase productivity.

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