Nature and comfort. The first glamping will open near Rybinsk

Is it possible to relax in nature and at the same time enjoy all the benefits of culture? It is possible – the organizers of the glampings answer. This direction of tourism began to be sought after during the pandemic, when there were not so many options for leisure, but there was a desire for variety. In the summer of 2022, the first glamping will open in the Rybinsk region. What does this unusual word mean to our ear? Do glamping organizers face such difficulties? And what are the benefits of this type of recreation?

Glamping is a combination of glamor and camping, in other words camping, but with increased comfort. The word officially appeared in the English dictionary six years ago and the concept itself originated in the early 2000s, all in the same UK.

As a rule, guests of glampings are offered to stay in tents or spheres, equipped as usual hotel rooms. At the same time, the sites themselves are in natural conditions – on the banks of a river or sea, in a forest or even on an island.

Natalya Vinogradova, Head of Travel Agent “Travel Chest”: “Glamping in our country began to appear actively during the pandemic. Seeing the demand, they started to open them en masse, but they did not always meet the concepts of comfort. If glamping is really comfortable, then this is a great accommodation choice. Now in Russia the emphasis is on the development of unstable modular structures. Grants are even awarded for these purposes. Our area is already glamorous in Pereslavl-Zalessky, near Yaroslavl and Breitovo. “As far as I know, they are popular.”

By mid-June, the first glamping is scheduled to open in the Rybinsk area. A place called “MoreOstrov” is located near the village of Yasenevo, on an island.

Kirill Limonov, co-founder of MoreOstrov glamping: “I traveled a lot and I liked the idea of ​​organizing a glamping. This is not just a type of accommodation that is in demand, but as a business it is an interesting venture. It is true that implementation requires serious investment, without which nothing will work.
In our glamping, we offer guests accommodation in tents spread out on a wooden frame made of pine. Inside there are all the necessary amenities: bed, coffee and dining tables, sofa, lighting, heating, sockets for charging gadgets. Glamping has hot water.
Our island has a restaurant with its own menu. “When I say ‘menu’, I do not mean pasta and stew, but a full kitchen.”

The founders of glamping admit that they had to face a number of difficulties when organizing the camp. The main ones are the supply of water and electricity in a sufficient volume. This is mainly due to the fact that the glamping site is located on an island.

Photo by SeaOstrov audience on VKontakte

Kirill Limonov: “The island is our conscious choice. We offer guests a secluded outdoor recreation, at the same time we cut off random guests. This does not mean that we will chase people who arrived on the island alone, but when it is one and a half to two kilometers from the nearest shore, then you just will not reach the area by bus or car, and I think there are few people who want to paddle in a boat “.

The staff – every day there is a four-person shift in glamping – and guests will arrive at “MoreOstrov” with one of the three boats – a boat designed for 12 people, a catamaran with an area of ​​20 “squares” with a closet or a motor boat.

The organizers plan that the glamping will start receiving visitors in mid-June and the season will last until the fall.

Kirill Limonov: “We do not want to rush and make a partial opening. I want to bring everything to an end and provide guests with a full range of services. Judging by the number of calls and reservations, we see that people are showing interest in the holidays. As for the seasonality, the living conditions are such that you can feel comfortable in glamping even in October. In the rooms, in addition to heating, there are wonderful sheets equipped with heating and temperature regulator – like underfloor heating, only for the bed.

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