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Mikhailova Yulia Borisovna

A feature of Russian Soviet culture has always been the clear distinction between high and low. In the beginning, through lullabies and then through fairy tales, the children became familiar with the rules of behavior, attitudes and values. Having matured a little, the children learned about the heroes who must be equal. The love for the homeland, the respect for the elders, the lasting moral values ​​were the principles of the traditional education, they formed the basis of the social consciousness and the state system.

What examples, what heroes are used to teach our children today?

I will illustrate this with the example of “creativity” by Gregory Oster, with whom I came in contact by chance, having bought as a gift a friend – mother of an elementary school student – who was advertised in a bookstore as a “hit. “A favorite Math Aid” for classes with elementary students.

I confess, I studied it in detail only at home. Of course, it did not help my girlfriend’s studies with her son: in the end, I gave them a completely different book. But this “bonus” made me take a closer look at what kind of literature is offered to our children.

Gregory Oster is one of the most popular children’s writers of the post-Soviet decades. Since the early 1990s, his books have been published in huge editions, forming the basis for cartoons, performances and productions for young audiences.

Oster creates in a variety of genres. The most popular of these are horror movies (“School of Horrors”), tips (“Bad Advice”) and puzzles (“Nasty Tasks”).

Methodists willingly recommend his “fun” non-traditional work in order to “interest young children”. But is Oster’s “humor in shorts” so harmless?

I will give only three of the works published in “Beloved Aid”:

“14 children learned to swim. Three of them still do not know how to swim and two have already drowned. How many children have already learned to swim and have not drowned yet?

“A criminal was about to rob his grandmother and pointed two pistols at her. But the grandmother herself was an old criminal and marked the double pistols on her grandson. How many pistols did the grandson and grandmother show each other?

“12 girls were given cannibals, 3 girls each. How many cannibals did girls take?

And this “manual” is reprinted in large numbers. In addition, in the electronic sources it is accompanied by the clarification “Recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation”. He’s probably joking. But not everyone understands that!

One of the key tools in shaping a child’s personality is reckless trust in parents.

What do we see in How to use it for adults? “A living adult is one of the best watch games. It is not difficult to get an adult… To get an adult, you must first irritate him. It is quite easy to draw these conclusions. The results are easily achieved with the help of every minute of agitation, attacks from different sides, frequent pulling of the hands.

Do such texts strengthen parental authority? Unlikely! Much more likely, they undermine the traditional model of relationships in the family and society.

Develops the author’s rich work and the subject of cannibalism. Here are just a few recipes from Cannibal’s Book of Tasty and Healthy Food:

“Small pan in pots. Leave the small fries together with the pots in a large cauldron, mix well, add salt and pepper and eat before dinner to stimulate the appetite “.

“SAUSAGE WITH SHIM. Put three shy girls on a plate next to a sausage and shake until golden brown. Here and eat ”?

“COLD CHILDREN WITH COLD EARS. Children who refuse to wear hats should be put on ice and covered with snow. After an hour, dig, measure the temperature and pull the ears. If the temperature is below forty, and the ears have not yet dropped, bury them again in the snow.

Can 6-9 year olds, to whom this book is addressed, appreciate the author’s irony? Barely! It turns out that the only goal he seeks is to focus their attention on wrong behavior, to popularize perversion.

One can only guess at the tasks that Gregory Oster set when he was working on the book “School of Horrors”, which is addressed to elementary school students. Here is an excerpt from the work included in what is called “The Table of Strangulation”:

“The children looked and saw that it was not a multiplication board hanging on the board, but a strangulation board. There were nine columns in the table, and in each one the strangled one multiplied by others. …. and just before the phone call, the new teacher said:

Take your diaries and write your homework, please. Tonight you have to open your eyes without waking up, get out of bed, go and strangle your parents. And then multiply each other.

I would like to believe that reading such a book will not be perceived by some children as a call to action.

Would not it be better to write a book with good advice that teaches kindness and mercy rather than deceit, cunning and betrayal or even incitement to crime?

The very information contained in the books, and the form in which they are presented, can damage the psyche of primary and secondary school children. After all, everything that adults say to them is accepted as an indisputable reality. That is why in all works for children evil is always condemned and punished and good wins. Thus, the child is instilled with the organ of distinguishing good from evil. What is Gregory Oster doing? In a playful and colorful form, it shows attractiveness, the permissibility of evil. It destroys existing ideas and values, replacing them with others. It shifts up and down, high and low, it does good and evil. It breaks the soul. It extinguishes the ideals! “Under the Soviet regime, I did not have a single hardcover book with color pictures,” says Gregory Oster bitterly. Can this be considered accidental? In the Soviet Union, great attention was paid to the upbringing of the younger generation. They tried to keep children away from being shot by writers who ridicule our traditional values ​​and subvert all basic moral tenets.

Through children’s literature, Oster discredited respect and thus contributed to the destruction of Soviet Land. “I always took care of the children. […] gave bad advice when deceived by the Soviet government. I have tried to explain that if a large number of obedient children are concentrated in one part of the world, then they are growing up in a large number of obedient adults.

Hate for the USSR, raging anti-Sovietism and Russophobia are the hallmarks of all of Auster’s creations.

In the early 1990s, he wrote Nasty Tasks, a book for adults. Here are two tasks from this:

“Our country stretched from west to east for a distance of 10,000 kilometers. How long will it take the citizens in the easternmost part of our country to escape to the west if they rush to run non-stop at a speed of 10 km / h?

“For the next anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the party’s municipal committee prepared 1756 slogans and banners. On the day of the anniversary, 37 people participated in the festive demonstration. How many slogans and banners should each protester have in order not to lose all these slogans and banners?

Parents are worried. But those who decide on the admissibility of the reproduction of such masterpieces do not realize the danger. Or do they deliberately encourage such “education”? .. The pedagogical community is silent, and sometimes even speaks in favor of its work. For example, in February 2022, Teacher’s Paper suggested Gregory Oster’s “Bad Advice” to help parents of “naughty” children who may be “capturing” a restless child.

But Auster’s books are far from the only example of literature for children of this kind!

The following are the “logic puzzles” contained in the presentation and development of a math lesson for 4th grade students on “Motion problems”:

“A) Dad, Mom and older sisters have dinner. And younger brother Vasenka sits under the table and sees the foot of the table at a speed of 3 cm per minute. In how many minutes will dinner end if the thickness of the table legs is 9 cm?

b) How many holes will the oil paste have if during the dinner Petya pierced it 12 times with a fork with 4 carnations?

The Teacher Website offers the following assignments for use in the 3rd grade math school Olympiad:

If you hide grandpa and dad from behind and suddenly shout: “Fine!”, Dad will jump 18 cm. Grandpa, who survived and not like that, will jump 5 cm? …

When the owner went out into the garden with a gun, 4 neighbors fell from one apple tree and from the other

3 times more. How many neighbors fell from the second apple tree?

The “MK” dated February 17, 2022 writes that in one of the schools in Tobolsk, a biology teacher offered the eighth grade students the task of cooling a corpse. A photo of the work was posted on social media by one of the parents: “At 20:00 in the evening, the body of a murdered man was discovered. How long should a suspect have an alibi if it is known that the body emits heat at 1.5 ° C per hour? “MK” collected some more “harmful” modern school work. For example: “Your best friend gave it to you 9 times in the throat and you gave it to him 3 times. “How many times do you have to hit your best friend in the neck to get justice?”

The creators of these “masterpieces” are not specified. Who knows, maybe they came out of Gregory Oster’s pen? Or did he have followers?

Gregory Oster’s books are primarily intended for primary and secondary school children. Both the information itself and the form in which it is presented can harm the child’s psyche.

We have to admit that the current law “On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development” in this situation can not change anything radically. It can only force authors and publishers to mark particularly dangerous books, and even then, if you wish, one can always find a loophole in the law.

Today, when the “moment of truth” has come, when many of the recently popular domestic cultural figures are throwing away the masks of patriotism, showing contempt and even hatred for their Homeland, it is possible to watch through their fingers how do the authors of the destructive “bad advice” of all the costumes carry out an order for the destruction and destruction of our people?

Can parents resist this? To some extent, yes, orienting the child to the work of AS. Pushkin, Ch. Perrot, G.Kh. Andersen, the Grimm brothers, K. Tsukovsky, A. Barto, S. Marshak, N. Nosov, K. Bulichev, A. Gaydar, V. Bianchi, K. Paustovsky, V. Dragunski and other classics.

But they can not do it alone! First of all, the state is responsible for shaping the personality of a small person.

It is what is called to protect both our children and our future! It is time, at last, not with words, but with deeds, to put a stop to all harmful verses, works and stories! Stop producing and reproducing “bad advice”!

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