What should the citizens of Smolensk know so that the summer is not overshadowed by tragedies

The holiday season has begun. Residents of Smolensk are increasingly organizing Sunday “outings” in nature with barbecues, barbecues and swimming in natural reservoirs. No one forbids such holidays, but still you need to know some of its nuances so as not to start a forest fire and disappear into the abyss of local waters.

The swimming season in the area traditionally started on June 1 and in Smolensk it will start on June 15. But for most lovers of water procedures, this only means the appearance of lifeguards on the official beaches (their list is available at the link). People do not wait for resolutions and decrees to dive into a river or lake, while adding jobs to divers.


“Without knowing Ford, do not put your head in the water”

– Most tragedies happen for two reasons. This is drunk swimming and leaving children unattended on the shore. “For us, this is a sad statistic, but for many people it is a tragedy that may not have happened,” he said. Julia Efimova, Deputy Head of the Department for Safety of Persons in Water Facilities of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Smolensk Region. – Now, with the onset of the first summer heat, vacationers will go to the tanks. I strongly advise them to use the prepared and equipped beaches for swimming, which exist in almost all the municipalities of the area. We strictly ensure that small boat owners observe safety precautions, as boats in incompetent or drunken hands can also cause tragedy. During the patrol we find “captains” who do not have the right to control, ignoring the fact that they wear life jackets. But the most dangerous participants in the water movement are the jet skiers. Their engines are very powerful, allowing them to develop speeds that are not safe for our tanks. About 40 hydrocyclists are registered, but there are quite a few who do not register their equipment to avoid paying taxes. And they themselves are not in a hurry to train for jet skiing. “Sometimes it is difficult with such boat drivers,” Julia Sergeevna summed up.


Take care of the protected areas!

Many who want to relax have already planned tours of the Smolenskoye Poozerye National Park. Visitors are always welcome there, but due to the situation, there are restrictions in this unique natural area.

“The area has introduced requirements for the status of the fire season, which, of course, also applies to the territory of the Smolenskoye Poozerye National Park,” he says. Oksana Andreeva, Deputy Director of the National Park for Forestry Activities. – In 2022 there are significantly fewer fires of dry vegetation compared to the fires of previous years. In total, six thermal points of up to 20 hectares were recorded and all occurred in rural areas. Summer is coming, the heat is coming and many residents of Smolensk and neighboring areas will start actively visiting the national park, although so far, due to the cool rainy weather on Lake Smolensk, there are fewer people than average. Those who come should remember that due to the current regime it is impossible to be in the forest under any circumstances. No one canceled the skewers, but they can only be cooked in specially equipped areas, where the risk of fire is reduced to zero. To prevent tourists from accessing the entrances to the forests, dams and stops have been set up with relevant information, – said Oksana Viktorovna.


We burn, but not much …

“Every year, the concept of ‘fire season’ is introduced in our area, which lasts from the day the snow melts until there is a steady rainy autumn weather or snow,” he commented on the situation. Vladimir Rudowski, Deputy Head of the Department of Supervisory Activities and Preventive Affairs – Head of the Department of Organization of Supervisory and Preventive Measures of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Smolensk Region. – In 2022, the beginning of the firefighting period was established by the Decree of the Smolensk Region Administration of April 11, 2022 No. 223 from April 15. The main cause of fires in the landscape is the human factor. As of June 1 this year, there were 1,137 fires in an area of ​​2,241,3113 acres.

Now for the restrictions.

No one forbids the complete burning of garbage and other ignition of fire, but it is necessary to observe certain rules. To do this, every apartment building must have a water tank and a fire extinguisher. It is also necessary to mow dry grass near the site and its territory.

It is possible to burn garbage in a fire only at a distance of at least 50 m from buildings and provided that the radius of the fire does not exceed 1 meter and a pit has been dug for the fire to a depth of at least 30 cm. Distances of 100 m from coniferous forests and 30 m from deciduous forests must also be observed.

If the combustion takes place in containers (barrels, barbecues), then the distance from the buildings can be reduced to 5 m. But at the same time, the area around the container within a radius of 2 m must be cleared of flammable objects and dry vegetation.

A fireproof sheet is also required, with which you can cover the container to quickly extinguish the fire or prevent sparks from flying. I want to remind you that, according to the provisions of art. 30 of Federal Law no. 69 “On fire safety”, a special fire regime may be introduced in the areas, under which the reproduction of any open fire is prohibited, but in the Smolensk region such a regime has not yet been established. So rest well, but do not forget the risk of fire. At the end of the picnic, do not forget to completely extinguish the fire and the coals, covering them with soil, – summed up Vladimir Sergeevich.

– For illegal ignition of fire, 53 people this year have already been subjected to administrative penalties, totaling 106 thousand rubles. These are people who have broken the rules of the fire regime, especially for cleaning dry grass and flammable debris, causing fires in or near their area. And from June 8, the amount of administrative fines for such violations will increase significantly, in accordance with the requirements of federal law no. Head of the Department – Head of the Department of Administrative Practice and Investigation of the Department of Supervisory Activities and Preventive Affairs of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Smolensk Region. – From the number I mentioned above, citizens can now be fined from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. And if illegal actions were committed, such as burning garbage, during the operation of a special fire regime, then from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles, said Anna Sergeyevna.

Overall, the summer promises to be a lifeline for rescuers. For various reasons, many Smolensk residents have canceled trips abroad planned since last year and intend to relax at home, and this will increase the burden on formal and “wild” beaches, suburban forests. And here everything depends on the personal responsibility of everyone for everything around him.

Photo: Nikita Ionov / “Working Way”

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