Why dogs attack humans and how to protect yourself from them

In the Cheetah area of ​​Domna village, a herd of stray dogs killed a seven-year-old girl returning home from music school. In the city of Sochi, in the Loo district, a shepherd bit a 12-year-old chess player who wanted to pet puppies. Seeing such news, the soul is torn by pain. Why is this happening in today’s world? How to protect yourself and your children? Let’s figure it out.

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Before stray animal trapping programs existed, dogs lived in herds for generations. The animals underwent natural selection. The healthiest, strongest, smartest, most resourceful and social animals survived.

They crossed the street at a green traffic light. Used public transport. In a good mood they waved their tails near the scenes with shawarma. They skillfully discovered cordial people carrying sausages, sausages or meat from the grocery store. They adapted to living in the city next to one person and followed social rules. Dogs accumulated and improved their skills and passed those skills on to their offspring.

When training puppies for hunting, they competed for food with crows and exterminated rats. He showed only justified aggression in real danger. Usually just a warning growl. And when someone leaned behind a stone, it quickly disappeared from his sight, not wanting to get involved and suffer.

With the advent of a homeless animal trapping system, good-natured and trusting dogs leading herds began to die first. These very intelligent dogs have learned to interact with humans and live in settlements. The most cowardly, cautious and human-negative animals survived.

Catching such skeptics for sterilization is a difficult process. Hiding from traps, they escape and breed, producing even more aggressive non-contact dogs. Fearing almost everything, they cause panic for any reason. And, according to the laws of the herd, the brothers come to the rescue and attack a person. This behavior is very similar to the wolf’s habits. Thus, the measures of extermination and sterilization of stray animals have created a dangerous situation for the people who live next to the herds.

Further, human shelters appeared, where the captured animals were placed. They began to overflow rapidly and barely survive in the hope of attaching at least one to the family. Now let us remember who were first exterminated and who later ended up in educated shelters. Right, anxious, skeptical people, who are not adapted to social life with one person. After the “adoption” many dogs return to the shelter. It is rare to meet the smartest, kind-hearted mix.


Such a vicious circle can only be broken with an independent examination of dogs, which should be carried out in shelters. After a two-week trap and adjustment, all charges should be assessed for health, aggression, learning ability and social interaction with an individual. Families should have stable dogs that have been trained and trained in a shelter. Properly spayed, neutered, vaccinated dogs that do not pose a danger to humans should be returned to the streets in their former locations. So that their moderate behavior favorably affects the inconceivably anxious people. This is the only way to justify the existence and financing of shelters from the budgets.

The situation with the adoption of the draft law on compulsory registration of pets can also become a negative catalyst for the increase in the number of discarded animals throughout Russia. Especially if this process is accompanied by a tax. More and more dogs will go out on the streets, more and more will end up in shelters. They will be missed. Additional budget funding will be required to open new animal shelters. Grading and training stray dogs will be simply impossible.

homeless dogs

Let’s talk about protecting yourself and your children from dog attacks. If you are in an area where dogs live and a herd is barking and rushes to meet you, stop. Under no circumstances turn your back on them, do not run. Watch out for animals coming up from behind – they will bite. Take a seat with your back to a tree or fence. Do not shout or shake your hands, further provoking the dogs. Wait for the package to calm down. Once they understand that you are not a danger to them, the herd, having lost its interest, will leave. Leave the attack area slowly without turning your back on the dogs. Teach children not to walk through areas with dogs.

Puppies are a particular danger. Their animal gut aims to protect the offspring. And here it does not matter – stray dog ​​or domestic. Tell the children that the puppies are very cute and fluffy, but you should not approach them, as their mother will be unhappy. Remember that even the father of the puppies can be attacked by the mother. Tell your child that a dog bite is very painful.

stray dogs

Remember the important rule – do not leave the child alone with the dog. Even if they grew up together. Even if the dog is manageable, trained and benevolent. The leader of the herd is an adult. And when the adult is absent, the dog becomes the master. Children are perceived as animals in a classification below themselves. This is why dogs attack children more often. Small in size, running away from the chase, they are perceived by the herd as weak and defenseless, who can be caught and bitten.

child and dog

Also teach children not to approach dogs during meals. At such a time, the dog perceives the child as another dog. And you have to get rid of the competitor. Well, if the case ends with just a warning grunt. But if you continue to intervene, the dog may bite.

The place where the dog sleeps or rests is also inviolable. Explain to the child that it is impossible to get into the cage, climb into the cabin, cage or lie down on the dog’s bed. If the animal went to rest in its designated position, it should not be disturbed. These rules will help you and your children respect the boundaries of dogs, which means they will save you from danger.

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