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YAKUTIA.INFO. Federal Minister for Natural Resources and Environment Alexander Kozlov The people of Yakut remember how bravely they avoided visiting the most environmentally troubled area last year. The profile leader did not appear in Yakutia even when the burnt forest bill reached millions of hectares. This does not mean, however, that Mr. Kozlov did not draw conclusions, and that this year everything will be held again in the hope of “maybe”, writes Sneg14.

The previous day, the official gave a long interview to Izvestia, in which he said what to expect next summer, what forecasts the experts have and what lessons have been learned from last year’s problems. And also – because, if nothing else, everything will be the fault of either the locals or their governors.

The interview turned out to be quite voluminous. If there is no time read the original interviewthen Sneg14 offers to read his summary.

(Note: not all the phrases of the following text are verbatim, but the essence and meaning of what the minister said was conveyed with great precision).

Thus, Alexander Kozlov said:

– Most areas are ready, but if something goes wrong, then the bad weather and the long distances in Siberia and the Far East are to blame.

“This year the fire started earlier than last year – two weeks earlier.

– Last year, six areas were flooded, and did not burn, because they were under water, but this year they have already started to burn.

– The main criterion by which Moscow will ask the governors is to detect and extinguish the fires on the first day.

(That means for effort hide the results, as last year in Yakutia, when the data was devalued by 40 times “will fly in “straight hard).

– The governors’ readiness reports alone say nothing, they will be evaluated on the basis of the use of available resources.

– It is better not to even complain about the lack of money – they were given a lot. Funding for the Krasnoyarsk Territory increased 3.8 times, for the Irkutsk region – five times and for Yakutia – 5.6 times.

– Yakutia has equipped the plane with special equipment for artificially causing rainfall, but only the federal center can put such a boat on combat service. The issue has not been resolved yet (!).

– It turns out that Yakutia has a company called Yakutsk Airlines.

(The Minister was confused with Polar Airlines, whose aircraft are equipped with equipment to shoot clouds to cause rainfall).

Last year, Yakutia accounted for 80% of all forest fires in Russia.

Minister Kozlov: It is better not to even complain about the lack of money – they were given a lot

– From January 1, 2022, the governors will be responsible for the quality transition of the fires (from the landscape to the forest). First of all, this concerns fires caused by agricultural burns.

– On May 24, the Federation Council approved a bill that increased the fine for arsonists to 30,000 rubles.

– In 2021, the total damage to forests amounted to 12.8 billion rubles (including the cost of firefighting). From this damage, almost ¼ is due to human fault, something that has already been proven in the courts. The perpetrators voluntarily compensated 3.5 billion rubles out of the 3.7 billion rubles set by the court.

– The Far East will start to burn particularly intensely in August and the most difficult season, according to meteorologists, is expected this summer in Krasnoyarsk and Yakutia.

– The Forest Guard did not have its own aviation. Now on order Vladimir Putin The Sever Center was established, which has two helicopters. One will protect Yakutia, the second – the Baikal zone (especially the Irkutsk region). Four more helicopters will be delivered in the middle of summer.

– The controversial idea of ​​allowing deforestation in protected areas does not belong to Minister Kozlov, but Aisen Nikolaev and Alexander Us (Krasnoyarsk region). They allegedly offered to cut wood in protected natural areas, under the pretext of protecting settlements. In addition, we are talking about deforestation and not about logging.

– The main company for the production of waste facilities in the country, RT-invest, will not be able to produce new complexes, because it has lost access to foreign components. Waiting for growth from (for some reason) Rosatom.

– 100% of the sensors that control the degree of air purification are introduced. And that is the problem. The first home will appear at best in September.

– Russia will not withdraw from the Paris climate agreement (regulates measures to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere), because we recognize our responsibility to the planet. The territory of the Russian Federation represents 815 million hectares of forest, we are a donor of fresh air.

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