Bed in a tent and Wi-Fi in the forest: we looked at the glamps of the Southern Urals and found out how much they cost

Glamping is a great getaway for the “kids of civilization” who can not live without comfort

A photograph: Andrei Abramov

Stress, traffic jams, emissions, crowds of people around and messengers who are constantly heard – all this surrounds the inhabitants of big cities every day. That would be going to the forest! But how can you imagine: going somewhere with a heavy backpack, spending the night in a sleeping bag, comforts under a bush … Yes, after such a rest, you need more rest!

Only for children of such cultures have glampings been invented – glamorous campsites that have gained popularity in the Southern Urals in recent years. You will live in nature, but you will sleep in a bed with white sheets, you will have a shower and a toilet, a heater in case it gets cold and somewhere you will even prepare breakfast. And after such a trip, you will definitely have many beautiful photos.


Right in the middle between Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg, not far from Lake Malye Allaki, there is a glamping “Hello Farm”. There are vaulted lamps, frames (triangular houses) and summer tents. Nearby you can visit the sacred Bolshie Allaki, Arakul Shikhan, Ural Bali, Sugomak, Dragon Wings rock, Yurma, the artistic residence of the Ershov Islands.

For an extra charge, you can rent a stand-up board or a bicycle, take a steam bath in a barrel with a font, and sit in a hot tub. In winter you can ride a husky and in summer you can just walk and hug the dogs.

In glamping you can not only relax, but also take beautiful photos.  Photo:

In glamping you can not only relax, but also take beautiful photos. Photo:

The founders of Hellofarm, Vitalik and Lesya, are a young couple who hitchhiked around the world in two years and now want to make tourists fall in love with the Urals. They say last year was almost full. Customers came through social media. This year, due to sanctions, the start of advertising has become more difficult.

The history of glamping began in Britain: farmers set up houses where visitors could come to buy something from them and relax in silence. You can buy Ivan tea from us. “In the future, we plan to sell agricultural products and develop agritourism,” said Lesya Rekunova. – We live right here, on the spot, we meet visitors ourselves, we communicate with them. My husband built everything here.

The owners of Helloferma glamping created everything with their own hands and meet the guests in person.  Photo:

The owners of Helloferma glamping created everything with their own hands and meet the guests in person. Photo:

In December last year, heated houses appeared in Helloferm, where it is warm even in winter. The cost of accommodation for two people at the weekend: safari tent – 5,500 rubles, aframe glamp – 7,500 rubles, canopy – 8,000 rubles.


Glamping on Lake Argazi “Green Island”. There are only safari tents – huge tents with furniture inside. As explained in the information office, some of the structures are insulated, the rest have heaters. The cost of accommodation for one day for two is 5,500 rubles, when you book for more than two days, the day will cost 5,000 rubles.

In the Chebarkulsky area, near the village of Sarafanovo, there is a glamping “Escape from the city” – Scandinavian double and quadruple modular houses with panoramic windows, furniture, kitchen, refrigerator with minibar and bathroom. All are equipped with thermal radiators. The cost on weekends is from 3,900 rubles a day for two. There is a similar project “Escape from the city” in Yekaterinburg, Perm and Moscow.

For an extra charge there is a sauna, jacuzzi, massage, spa. You can rent a bicycle or a quadruped. The lake is far away, but in summer they install an outdoor pool.


At a family resort “Cliff” there is a glamping park “Babochka” on the shore of Lake Terenkul. They offer a globe house where you can admire the starry sky or meet the sunrises, lying under a blanket. Resting under the dome at the weekend will cost from 20,700 rubles. There is also a wooden capsule unit with a large panoramic window overlooking Lake Terenkul and a safari tent – a huge tent with a bed and a spacious terrace. It is cheaper – from 11,110 rubles. The minimum rate includes a buffet breakfast. The toilet and shower are in a separate building, but each house has its own bathroom, which is locked with a key.

Inside the tent like a hotel.  Photo:

Inside the tent like a hotel. Photo:

Glamping is a broad concept, so there is no legal definition for it. There are small accommodation facilities – campsites, modular houses without foundations and safari tents are generally part of the tourist equipment, – says Andrei Gerasimenko, owner of the Utes family resort. “Three years ago, we were one of the first in the Southern Urals to decide to try to install all the types of structures on the market at the time: two safari tents, a globe and two Freedom microhouse units. They have gained great popularity. Along with the fact that you will get in touch with nature, you have access to a three- or four-star hotel service – use the Swedish line, go to an a la carte restaurant (about a la carte service – Approx. Ed.), Use the beach , rent. The most popular is the geodome, booked at the beginning of the season and for the whole summer.

What does the sphere look like inside.  Photo:

What does the sphere look like inside. Photo:

You wake up in a warm bed and around the forest.  Photo:

You wake up in a warm bed and around the forest. Photo:

The owner of “Utes” decided to build another glamping, or rather a glamping hotel, in the recreation center “Firefly” on Lake Uvildy. In the first stage there will be 22 designs, in the second stage up to 70 numbers.

– So far we are not on the time of catering. Most likely, the first month will be from 3.5 to 5.5 thousand without additional services. The second month – already with food and will be more expensive, – said Andrey Gerasimenko.

New impressive hotel in the leisure center

New impressive hotel in the leisure center “Svetlyachok”

A photograph: Provided by “Komsomolskaya Pravda”


Evgenia Pryakhina, author of the Ural is Freedom blog about independent travel, the creator of the regional glampings and eco-hotel community in the Urals, notes that the most developed glamping company is in Yekaterinburg, especially within a 50-60 km radius of the area. of Chelyabinsk, this is still difficult, but there is great potential, because there are many lakes in the Southern Urals.

– According to forecasts, in the next 5-10 years there will be an explosion in the development of glamping. But the problem is that everything is formal – everything is like a plan. Original works are missing: ethnic, historical… We need glampings near natural attractions, on branded routes, on steep points where there are views. If the guests are inexperienced, it can be fun for them to hang out among the three Christmas trees.

Andrey Gerasimenko notes that people want to invest, but not everyone enters the market professionally.

– I think all small businesses are 70-80% doomed to failure and repeat sales. In addition to those who organize self-employment for their families, these projects will survive, says Andrey Gerasimenko. For an independent business, 10-15 designs is a model that does not pay for itself. The finished dome is cheaper than 2.5 million. It can not be done cheaper. In addition, they have a restaurant for rent and something for people.

As a rule, glampings are made in Scandinavian style.

As a rule, glampings are made in Scandinavian style.

A photograph: Andrei Abramov


Evgenia Pryakhina:

– First, you need to decide on the geographical location: the radius and the distance from the city you are ready to drive. Determine the number of people and the budget. Think about whether you will have pets or children with you.

View photos, check profiles, websites and so on. Many fakes have appeared: people transfer money, they come, but there is no home. The day before departure, check if everything is valid.

Determine if there is food, if there is a kitchen, if there is a street and other household nuances. Be sure to ask if there is a connection. It happens that tourists get lost, but they can not pass. Find out what you can see up close.

Dome-shaped glamps attract in an unusual way

Dome-shaped glamps attract in an unusual way

A photograph: Alexey OVCHINNIKOV


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