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Residents and activists have differing views on the planned improvement of the Severny Forest Park by the Pushkinsky District administration. We publish the material of the activist Maria Makarova and remind you that June 3 is the last day for submitting your proposals on the eve of the personal public debates that will take place on June 6.

It is no longer a secret that our forest park “Northern” administration of the city of Pushinsky wants to turn it into a new self-sustaining area. Unfortunately, no other conclusions can be drawn. This has already happened on the Serebryanka river embankment, Pushkin city park is waiting for the same and the untouched Severny forest is in order. The city only needs self-sustaining areas. If the area does not generate income, then such an area must be “formed”.

I remind all residents who are not indifferent to nature: these days suggestions are being made to improve the Severny Forest Park in Pushkino. Until 03 June 2022 at 4:00 pm You can transfer your thoughts on this topic in person to: Pushkino, st. Nekrasova, d.5, room. 210 (of course during business hours) or send to the email address: The public debates will crown the process of collecting proposals on 06 June 2022. at 15.00. The working hours are selected, the residents are invited to move them in the evening to the pages of the city public and 37535878_406899, but the Administration in these requests is deaf. Complementing the influx of really interested residents and gathering at the moment government officials who support everything the employer says to support is a proven strategy.

It is no secret that the locals intend to defend the forest, the mood of the public became apparent in the first round of discussions, the portal spoke about it in February.

Also, in the Decree option there is the opportunity to come for consultation, 2 times during the collection period. How to give advice – in the material sent to the portal by a resident of Pushkino:
“I went for a consultation on May 30. I expected to see people, but, to my surprise, there was no one. The guard silently nodded in explanation – where I was and why, they did not look at the passport. Cabinet with aquarium good evening I am for consultation. The reason for coming to the consultation was an interesting detail. The address, to which I write from time to time, until the collection of proposals for the improvement of the North always (verified by previous letters) sent an automatic reply to which the recipient received information about his appeal, a short notification with registration number and date. This time there was no automatic response. He did not come an hour later, nor a day later, ever. Zonanos responded to a repeated request to the same address: “Your proposal to improve Severny Park was sent to Ch. specialist in the department of improvement and territorial control. These appeals are kept in a separate register.

Already in the consultation, an employee of the Administration explained to me that yes, a separate magazine has been opened for suggestions for improvement and anyone can come and check if the proposed proposal is taken into account in the magazine. I asked to look through the magazine, by that time some data had already been entered into it, but miracles – my appeal was not in it. From the small number posted in the magazine, I could not omit my last name.
In the meantime, the contract with the contractor for the development of the architectural and design idea, the project for the improvement of the forest park has already been completed, information about it is available on the public procurement website: ru / epz / order / notice / ok20 / view / supplier-results .html? regNumber = 0848600003322000024 The contractor himself, Bazis LLC, was appointed on April 28, 2022. As explained to the Management, the contract has been concluded, the amount of the contract is 26.6 million rubles!

Why residents’ opinions are collected a month after the service provider is identified remains a mystery. In the consultation, the presence of Bazis LLC in the discussions of 06 June 2022. could not confirm, but promised that after the development of the concept of improvement, it would reappear in the residents.
You will not be surprised if he returns during business hours.

MARY Makarova

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