Really: gold bullions can be bought without personal income tax in 2023, there are more unemployed in Russia

The most important and interesting news in the economic, financial and social field for June 3.

People who are exempt from paying personal income tax when selling gold

The government of the Russian Federation has approved the bill of the Ministry of Finance of Russia for amendments to the tax legislation. In particular, the proposals provide for the exemption of individuals from the payment of personal income tax on the sale of gold in 2022-2023, said the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

In addition, according to the bill, the personal income tax will not be withheld in 2022 when a sanctioned broker transfers taxable client’s securities and funds to another broker with the simultaneous transfer of all rights and obligations arising from the relevant brokerage agreement. defined “intermediate” date calculation.

Also in 2022, it was proposed the exemption from personal income tax levied on forced transactions made to withdraw companies from the illegal restrictions of “unfriendly countries” imposed on the owners of these companies. More in the material.

IT mortgage rates can be reduced to 1%

The preferential mortgage rate for employees in IT companies can be reduced to 1%. This statement was made by the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia Maxim Parshin, reports Interfax.

“Now the banks are offering 4%. At the same time, a tool has been introduced where regions can participate in the program on their own budgets, further reducing the percentage for IT professionals. “There are already examples of up to 2%, I think it will be 1%,” Parshin said.

One week ago, 1.5 thousand applications for mortgages were submitted under the new program, noted the Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Digital Development. He clarified that today their number has increased significantly.

Mir card payment became available in almost all Turkish hotels

A significant part of the Turkish infrastructure accepts the Mir card, said the head of the Federal Tourism Service Zarina Doguzova on her Telegram channel. Almost all hotels in Turkey already accept cards of the Russian payment system, he noted.

Rostourism hopes that by the end of 2022, the Mir card will be accepted in the main popular Russian holiday destinations. However, Doguzova recommends that you bring cash with you in case of emergency.

In Russian stores, the range of home appliances and electronics is shrinking

In Russian stores, the variety of home appliances and electronics is declining, which is explained by the withdrawal of some foreign companies from the Russian market, as well as problems with the supply of parts by local assemblers, RBC reported.

The largest decrease, according to the network, was recorded in parts where European, Korean and American brands occupied the leading positions: dishwashers, ovens and hobs, built-in refrigerators, TVs, smartphones, etc. Russian shelves have become significantly fewer products Bosch, Electrolux, Samsung, Miele, Dyson.

According to Svyaznoy, supply in the smartphone and tablet sector has declined due to the Samsung and Apple brands. More in the material.

All the restaurants of the new McDonald’s chain promise to open in two months

All McDonald’s restaurants in Russia are scheduled to open in two months, Alexander Govor, the new owner of a business in Russia, said in an interview with Forbes.

Now 840 restaurants are really ready to restart. “Seven more points have been recorded, but not put into operation in the Moscow region, still quite far away, in central Russia. “About 20 more restaurants could be operational by the end of 2022. My global plan is to increase the network to a thousand restaurants across the country in the coming years,” said the new network owner.

He confirmed that the first restaurant will open in Moscow on June 12.

The number of officially registered unemployed has increased in the Russian Federation

The number of registered unemployed citizens in the Russian Federation from May 23 to May 30 increased by 11.5 thousand to 686.4 thousand citizens, there is also an increase in the number of inactive workers working part-time or working week, reports Interfax.

In addition, during the period from May 23 to May 30, the number of citizens working part-time or working week increased by 2.7 thousand – from 127.5 thousand to 130.2 thousand people. The number of inactive workers increased by 1.2 thousand – from 130.7 thousand to 131.9 thousand people.

At the same time, the number of vacancies on the Jobs in Russia portal continues to grow, with more than 2.25 million job offers available to jobseekers. The Minister of Labor and Social Protection Anton Kotyakov noted that the acceptance of applications for retraining of citizens in the framework of the federal project “Promotion of Employment” continues. 25.6 thousand people have started training.

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