The ecological festival “Nature of the city” started in the city of Perm

June 3, 3:37 p.m.

The ecological festival “Nature of the city” started in the city of Perm

The event will take place on June 3 and 4. Residents and visitors to the city can take part in a variety of activities. This includes the Eco-Volunteer campaign, various master classes, as well as interactive platforms, plenary discussions and round tables.

The “Nature of the city” ecological festival started in Perm. The festival organizers explain that the “semantic core” of the event is based on the image of the Permian River Permianka, which flows under the city area. Ecofest participants will travel along the “shores” of Permyanka and engage in thematic activities related to solving environmental issues. Thematically designed belts and art objects will be placed here.

On the first day of the ecofest, on June 3, the opening of the event took place at the conference stand in the town square and then a plenary session on the concept of green Perm.

Viktor Ageev, deputy head of the Perm administration, stressed that the city authorities are paying close attention to the maintenance and development of the green fund.

– Urban landscaping management is being modernized, the Gorzelenstroy Foundation has been rebuilt. It is supposed to be large-scale gardening projects in the city. We have also prepared and presented an updated Perm green idea at ecofest, and it is very important for us to receive feedback, feedback from residents and representatives of the expert community in order to take them into account in the concept of green in the future. “, Noted Victor Ageev.

On June 3 and 4, from 11:00 to 19:00, educational facilities are scheduled to operate in the esplanade. One of them is “Divide and Celebrate!”, Which will introduce the festival participants to the sources of appearance and the best ways of waste management, to immerse them in the practice of conscious consumption. Participants are also welcome at Honey Meadow, Protected Swamp, Rotten Reserve, Bird Eels, Wood Chips Not Garbage, Bird Harbor and Insect Houses. Thus, ecological practice “Rotten Reserve” says that cut grass, leaves and fallen tree branches are not rubbish. They have a number of important functions: they become a refuge for destructive insects, fungi, moss, they process dead wood in fertile soil, they protect the soils of natural inhabitants from humans and they look aesthetically pleasing.

The “Volunteer” action will also take place on June 3rd and 4th, which will give the opportunity to the residents of the city and the participants in the festival to help environmental organizations and initiatives. Anyone can take part in more than 20 ecological volunteer activities: creation of protected areas, planting flowers in small river valleys, installation of houses for birds and insects, assistance to animal shelters.

– For the first time in the central square of the city, we gathered public organizations and industrial companies, authorities, developers and caretakers of the city, in order to increase the environmental awareness of the population, to say how nature can help. “The environmental festival” Nature of the City “has no analogues, as we hold important business events for specialists and residents of the city in the same area, – explained Dmitry Andreev, head of the ecology and nature management department of the Perm administration.

The festival will become an open platform for discussing current environmental issues and will also involve a large number of residents in environmental practices. A strong volunteer movement has developed in Perm, with more and more people joining every year. One of the goals of the festival is to increase the responsibility of people for the state of nature in the city.

The Director of the municipal institution “PermPark” Anastasia Alakina said that educational lectures, seminars and discussions are waiting for the Perm ecofest. Citizens will be able to learn more about the ecological situation in Perm. For example, scientists and environmentalists will talk about global warming, the recycling of plastic waste.

“It is necessary to find a balance between the city and nature and at ecofest we will look for this balance between the work of industrial enterprises and the conservation of Perm’s natural resources,” said Anastasia Alakina.

In addition, the ecofest will feature videos, which were sent to Perm from cities abroad specifically for the event. Thus, Perm residents will learn that in the American sister city of Louisville, their own Green Ring program, the Louisville Loop, is being implemented, and volunteers are actively working in the Chinese sister city of Perm, who, together with experts, are still doing Qingdao. more beautiful and comfortable for life. Public figures from Oxford also presented their video for the creation of a public garden in the small Marston area.

The organizers of the ecological festival are the administration of Perm and PermPark. The festival takes place in preparation for the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Perm.

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