Trees were cut down in Volgograd for an unauthorized road

Members of the SNT “Dubki” in the Dzerzhinsky district of Volgograd did not have time to turn a blind eye, as a road appeared in the area next to the houses in the forest.

“Perennial trees grew in this place, there were alders and mountain ash, look, here the logs are left, it is clear that they were alive,” summer residents told Vysota 102 news agency, shocked by what happened. Birds of unprecedented beauty, pheasants, were found here. Now all living creatures have flown away and run away.

According to summer residents, an obvious tractor was operating in the forest, which is located in the area of ​​one of the new members of SNT. The equipment started ironing the forest densities in the autumn of last year. So far, huge uprooted stumps and cut tree trunks are on the side of the self-made track. In addition, during the road construction, seven storm structures were destroyed – they swept away water from the Third Longitudinal, which flowed into streams and then fell into the lake. Now, along the gutters of the storms cut in half, the water flows in an improvised path and from there, already with sand and rubbish, all in the same lake, which, as the inhabitants of Volgograd fear, will soon be turned into a garbage dump.

Now the slope, which is directed towards the Third Longitudinal Highway, is in danger of collapsing. In some areas, it was exposed to a few meters in height. The trees that strengthened the slope with their root system are no longer here. And the exposed sand will be washed away very soon. And then the section of the highway can slide right into the ravine.

According to summer residents, the new member of SNT “Dubki”, who recently bought a cottage right here on the lake shore, has long-term plans. And this road, people say, is needed to equip the entrance to the tank, where, in all probability, it is going to equip a recreation area – with houses, kiosks and barbecues. It is possible that the commercial purpose. Already now a small pier is equipped here and a dolphin fountain hits the middle of the tank. Meanwhile, guests and relatives of the business summer resident on ATVs are driving along the unauthorized road.

Summer residents have already sent complaints to many authorities regarding the appearance of an unauthorized street.

He is well acquainted with the actions of a member of the gardening company Roman Neshin, whom the residents of Volgograd who live here consider to be involved in the street show, and the president of SNT “Dubki” Sergey Firstov.

– Yes I know. “I spoke to him, but, you know, I can not impose sanctions on him – I do not have such powers,” Sergei Leonidovich explained. He explained that he had built a road to make it convenient for us to leave our society. Now we have to drive 2.5 km along the Third Longitudinal to turn in the direction of Angarskoye. And the road will significantly reduce this distance. But I agree that it was impossible to arbitrarily.

Meanwhile, according to summer residents, Sergey Firstov himself once actively opposed and eventually blocked the construction of the passage, which was started by other members of the SNT to improve the transport accessibility of this part of the cottage.

“Although we had permission from the competent authorities, they did not give us permission to build a barrier for transit,” people say. “Here, a man was cutting wood for several months, but for some reason the president of SNT did not stop him. And all this because he wants to leave this person instead of himself. The president’s term has already ended, we have to choose a new one and he wants to take his place.

As Sergei Firstov admitted in an interview with a correspondent of the news agency Vysota 102, indeed, Roman Neshin wants to lead the SNT.

“And they write complaints about me all the time,” Sergey Firstov complained. – The initiative group has already adjourned a meeting, where it was necessary to elect a new chairman, there will be a second one soon. Let them figure it out for themselves now.

Summer residents fear that if Roman Neshin becomes head of the SNT, they will not be able to approach the reservoir at all.

“According to our information, he wants to buy all the houses on the coast,” said Volgograd residents. – And if, indeed, he planned to arrange a campsite here, then our dachas may be left without watering – in the end, we get water from this lake.

The correspondent of the news agency “Vysota 102” talked to Roman Nessin, whom the residents of the summer blame for what happened. However, the man categorically denied his involvement in the appearance of an unauthorized street. Here is the dialogue.

– Roman Alexeevich, are you really related to the new road? Today we were at SNT, we saw the damaged sewers, the cut forest. You made it;

I do not understand which street you are talking about. Piwhy are you calling me?

You say you did not build it? I spoke with the president of SNT, he confirmed that he had talked to you about this issue.

– I was communicating with everyone, with neighbors. Yes, I said it would be nice to do it. And now people are circulating, complaining that I am such a bad person and I want to be president. I understand that there is a group of people who want to leave as soon as possible so that I do not put my candidacy there. It is the right of the people to protest. They are all opposite. But it is good if there is something there. It’s shorter to go there. And people want to be annoyed, to be slandered. In the same space, besides that, there are a million problems. And concrete at the entrance, and the ground falls. I bought a cottage there, I have good intentions.

– So you have nothing to do with this road?

I do not know which way you are talking about. There is asphalt or gravel. There are a million roads in the SNT. I do not know how you ask. If he wants a new road to appear, there is nothing wrong with that.

– And how do you explain the fact that the tractor, located in your area, participated in the construction of the road and the demolition of green areas? We saw this tractor, it is on your site.

– I cant explain. Many people work for me, I myself am not a tractor driver.

– That is, could your workers get this tractor?

– Why mine? I rent it too. Yes, he did not download anything – one hundred percent.

– Do you really intend to equip the coastal zone, to install facilities, kiosks?

– Everything is gossip. I have two ducks there, I want to buy another one. I want to have my own position. I know the environmental legislation. I have 150 year old oaks. I have nothing but maple and wild elm. I do not destroy. I wanted to make a site for myself on the shore of the tank. I move on to this, the house has been completed and repaired. You did not see what existed before. There was a trash can. You think if you need it. I did nothing wrong. And these people are just complaining.

– Do you want to become president of SNT?

– I do not burn with such a desire anymore. I want to change my life for the better, I am young, active. But the persistence with which this company is throwing dirt on me, the president … The adequacy of the people can be questioned. But, if people trust me … I held leadership positions.

– Do you maintain a garage cooperative?

– Well yes…

The editors of the news agency “Vysota 102” sent inquiries to the Volgograd administration and the interregional environmental prosecutor’s office asking to comment on the current situation. And here is the answer from the mayor’s office.

– After receiving a signal from locals for damage to plants near the SNT “Dubki”, the staff of MU “Gorekoles” organized a trip to the designated area. During the investigation, it was found that works were carried out in the specific area, resulting in damage to green areas. Including the cutting of many trees that are part of the Voroshilovsky forestry. These works were not coordinated by the district and city administration, no permits were issued for the demolition of trees, the mayor’s office said.

The control material was immediately transferred to the law enforcement authorities to identify the offenders and bring them to justice in accordance with applicable law. The municipality is currently assessing the damage caused, the administration explained.

A response to the editorial request of the environmental service is pending.

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