Cheese restaurant and party in Subzero – the main news of Moscow restaurants for the week

Dozens of cheeses in Shevol, cute breakfasts in J’pan and an Underdog ramen burger in Subzero — we tell you where to go and what to eat in town in the coming days.

Shevol de Rustic

Restaurant with its own cheese production in the territory of VDNKh

Sweet potato with carrot puree and stratsiatella, 520 grated.

6 in 6

Shevol Cheese Factory was opened by spouses Rustam Agdarov and Olesya Shevchuk, who have been engaged in cheese-making since 2014. Since then, Shevchuk has won international awards (World Cheese Award and Mondial du Fromage) and its cheese is included in the Michelin guide. Cheese products – cachotta, valençay, crotin, reblochon, goat canestrato and more – can be purchased at a store located in the same building as the restaurant. In addition, in the Shevol room, behind clear glass, there is a workshop where stracciatella, mozzarella and burrata are produced right in front of the eyes of the guests.

Obviously, the main ingredient of the kitchen is the cheese in all its diversity. For example, a crispy green salad with broccoli and edamame beans is served with chopped mozzarella and a spicy cold tomato soup with stratsiatella. Of the appetizers, it is worth trying dried beets that resemble plums with ricotta and lime zest. The dish turns out to be almost a dessert due to the sweetness of the beets and the aromas of citrus pastries. For hot dishes, we recommend lazy lasagna: boiled brisket and parmesan cream between thin layers of homemade text. And if you are not very hungry, but want to drink a glass of wine with a snack, get a plate of cheese: talejo, gorgonzola, hard goat and tomm with candelas will bring you with aromatic buckwheat honey, orange jam, grapes, raspberries and walnuts .

What to try

Variety of cheeses, 890/1390 rub.

Large green salad with mozzarella, 790 grated.

Lazy lasagna, 790 rub.

Medovik with Strakkina cheese, 430 rub.

Prospekt Mira, 119, building 323

Working hours
Mon.-Sun. 12.00–22.00

+7 926 744 14 64


Italian cuisine restaurant in the area of ​​the cafe-pastry “Gretel”

Anchan-vanilla tea, 570 rub.

6 in 6

A two-storey Italian restaurant Nome has opened in Bolshaya Dmitrovka. There is a lot of orange in the interior – a bright color is used in decoration, furniture upholstery and leather menus and on the walls there are decorative elements of colored glass: light, reflected, falls fantastically on various surfaces. The floor is decorated with small black and white tiles that resemble mosaics and the walls in the toilets are lined with “boar”.

Many dishes use complex sauces. For example, ramiro peppers are served with rich peanut butter, beef tongue with thick teriyaki sauce from boiled milk and beef tartare with aioli truffle. The restaurant also serves pizza with authentic toppings: duck, blue cheese and pumpkin or crab and ripe tomatoes. Like three types of bread (tomato, coffee and dried fruit), it is made in an open flour shop – guests can follow all the cooking procedures.

The dessert menu consists of two sections. In the first, desserts assembled in the kitchen directly on request: daddy rum with lemon cream, pineapples with ice cream, coconut brulee or catalana cream. In the second – sweets from the window: they can be consumed in a restaurant or removed without holding a table.

What to try

Chili carrots with muer mushrooms and baked milk, 330 r.

Green salad with sesame sauce, 530 grate.

Gnocchi with porcini mushrooms and parmesan sauce, 630 rub.

Beef tongue with orzo pasta and baked milk, 670 rub.

Catalana cream, 470 r.

B. Dmitrovka, 23

Working hours
Mon.-Sun. 11.00–00.00

+7 (499) 575 11 85


Small cafe in the Lawanda Store

Sandwich with roast beef and aioli, 350 rub.

2 of 4

Sandwich with roast beef and aioli, 350 rub.

4 in 4

In Malaya Bronnaya, inside the Lawanda store, which sells jewelry, candles and flowers, opened the Tine cafe. There is no kitchen here, all the food is brought from their own production workshop, but there is a small display case with pastries and desserts – muffins with lemon and carrot, roll curls, tartlets with berries. Sometimes there are supply problems, so it is possible that not all the menu items are in place when you arrive at the cafe. They usually offer hearty sandwiches and croissants with different fillings, three types of cereal, croc madam with chicken and cheddar cheese and cheesecakes cottage cheesecakes – the latter are indicated to be served with wild berries, in fact – with jam and sour cream.

Food is not the main thing here – Tine, first of all, is a cafe. The coffee is made from beans by Welder Ekaterina, owned by the foundation’s founder, Dima Boroday (Soyka sang, Floo Coffee). In addition to traditional filter coffee or flat white, there are branded sweet drinks: Bounty coconut latte, Snickers walnut caramel cappuccino or cold raspberry white chocolate cold latte. Coffee-free options include cocoa, bunches and refreshing lemonades such as raisins and rooibos.

What to try

Cheesecakes with wild berries, 350 rub.

Lemon cake with candied fruit, 200 r.

Espresso-tonic, 350 rubbing.

Rooibos cherry, 350 rub.

M. Bronnaya, 21/13, building 1

Working hours
Mon.-Fri. 10.00–22.00; Sat.-Sun. 11.00–22.00


What else is interesting

Young chef Duck in the Smolensky Passage II dining room

Japanese duck soup, 425 grated, duck curry, 495 grated.

The Chef Duck menu in the Eat Market dining room revolves around the Beijing duck. It is kept in a saline solution, rubbed with spices and baked in such a way as to achieve the necessary stinging of the crust. The duck can be tasted both in the original portion – with thinly sliced ​​vegetables, rice-wheat cake and leeks (2455 rubles for a whole carcass, 1255 rubles for half), as well as as part of other dishes. For example, in a salad with oranges (355 rubles), in udon with Thai sweet and sour sauce (455 rubles) or in tom yum soup with duck broth (455 rubles).

Risovarnya at Depot

“Bakhsh” pilaf with herbs, 510 rub.

Alexander Rappoport restaurant opened a new cafe in Depot. In Risovarna, pilaf is made in large cast iron cauldrons: for example, tea pilaf with raspberries, cumin, carrots and fragrant lamb (640 rubles), spicy Bakhsh pilaf with lots of greens (510 rubles) or Spanish lasagna (7 rubles) rubles). In addition to rice dishes, the store makes lagman and bakes cakes in the tandoor.

Exciting mornings at J’pan

Love cake, 520 rubles

J’pan Japanese Bistro and Pike Media have developed a breakfast menu that you can try from 10:00 until 13:00 throughout June. There are many moving things among the new products: for example, love cakes (520 rubles) – heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries, cream, caramel and marshmallows or fish-shaped taiyaki sandwiches. It is prepared with avocado and poached egg with two fillings to choose from: turkey (640 grated) or salmon (750 grated). You can also order a Japanese sandwich (560 rubles) with whipped cream, berries and nut butter in Hokkaido milk bread and drinks. There is a creamy shake matcha (390 rubles), matcha affogato (340 rubles) and a cocktail based on coconut milk, lychee and purple sweet potato (420 rubles).

By summer, the main menu was also updated in the bistro – a total of 14 items were added, including sweets and drinks. First try the crispy crab spring rolls, the fresh salmon salad and the burbint from the donburi section stuffed with yellow fish, salmon and shrimp.

Subzero x Underdog Weekly Collaboration

From June 3 to 10, Subzero and Underdog will work together to make joint meals, cocktails and lemonades. At Underdog, you can try ramen: vegetarian with corn and pea sprouts or pork with bok choy, edamame and boiled egg. And at the Subzero, guests will be offered a Ramen Burger with tuna fried in sesame seeds – the fish will be served between pasta buns instead of buns. In addition, the gastronomic teams have prepared a limited collection of goods: long sleeves, T-shirts, incense, keychain and Yuzu BBQ sauce. The weekly collaboration will be accompanied by parties and music: DJs and dances promise.

Extensive wine list in Mayan

At the Maya restaurant, the wine list is regularly updated – every seven days the sommelier Evgenia Nazimova complements and slightly changes the wine variety. Much attention has been paid to French varieties, there is also a section with wines from Eastern Europe and now they are studying the New World. In addition, once a week, the restaurant opens rare “non-glass” wines – unique bottles that are browsed specifically for the culinary needs of the kitchen.

New vegetable dishes in Niki

Cabbage stuffed with beef and oyster mushrooms, 990 grated.

The restaurant of modern Russian cuisine Niki updated the menu, focusing on seasonal vegetables: fried zucchini with yogurt and asparagus (690 rubles), stuffed cabbage with beef and oyster mushrooms (990 rubles), young radish 890 rubles.). The dessert menu now includes Pavlova with fragrant strawberries (550 rubles) and the new drinks include fresh lemon kvass (350 rubles) and a pistachio cocktail of vodka, gin and pear distillate (1000 rubles).

Seasonal update on “Vinage”

Salad with chicken, avocado, orange peel and walnut dressing, 580 grate.

The menu of the small restaurant Vinaga now includes a salad with chicken, avocado, orange zest and fragrant nut dressing (580 rubles), Indian roti with chicken and sauerkraut (600 rubles) and two types of pasta: with spicy sauce (6 rubles) rubles) or with pesto and creamy stratsiatella (650 rubles). Chef bartender Anton Korobov also slightly updated the bar list, adding Coco Nutty coconut-flavored berry-coconut cocktail and Bloody Sgroppino citrus. All cocktails cost 750 rubles.

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