Nizhny Novgorod ornithologists urge citizens not to help newborns

A bird fall began in the Russian forests. Young newborns, experts call them newborns, take wings and dominate the area. It is not yet possible to fly completely, so parents carefully care for the chicks. And it is these chicks that often become victims of human compassion and care. Ornithologists urge: do not touch newborns unnecessarily.

Only help the bird if it is in danger. Like, for example, this owl that the ranger found. The chick has a broken feather, apparently met with its natural antipodes – crows. It was decided to save the animal, so it was sent to Nizhny Novgorod.

– We decided to take the owl to Nizhny Novgorod to take care of him a bit and find him, maybe not a natural, but a new owner. Maybe in the city or at the zoo, – he told “MK” in the Ministry of Forestry of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

In Nizhny Novgorod, experts from the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife Conservation examined the chick, identified it as a long-eared owl, and decided to draw up an act to remove it from the wild. During treatment, a person will take care of the owl.

– Today we brought a newborn owl with long ears. In time, her head will grow into wings that look like ears, but in reality it is a hoax, her ears are in a completely different place. The fact is that a feather injury was found in the chick and it needs veterinary care, it will not survive on its own in nature “, explained Olga Ovsova, advisor to the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife Protection of the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

Already in another car, the owl started again on the way to the veterinary clinic. The doctors carefully examined the chick, did an X-ray of the feather, treated the wounds and gave recommendations for care.

– The owl was injured, most likely by wild birds of prey, well, the crows beckoned it. The wing was injured. Simply put, it is spoiled. But because the newborn is small, the bones are thin, they are likely to grow together on their own. “Now the main thing is to restrict the owl in motion,” Olga Remezova, a veterinarian with the state veterinary service, told MK.

There are three long-eared owls at the Limpopo Zoo in Nizhny Novgorod. Two of them will soon have offspring. The administration of the zoo is afraid that the compassionate citizens will bring small babies from the forest to the zoo. For zoo director Vladimir Gerasichkin, an owl is not just an animal, once a zoo was started by a young newborn given to him. Now Vladimir is collecting owls. Again he appeals to the visitors of the forest: do not help the chicks, they will do everything themselves.

– In nature, you do not need to raise children at all, especially animals. Because often out of pity we think we are lost, in fact somewhere nearby is the mother. He simply can not lift the child to the nest, or return it to the spot where it fell out, or crawled out or escaped. Owls, in particular, begin this small migration of babies. He fell from the nest, or maybe the nest is somewhere below, but he is moving. He begins to follow his mother, – said the general director of the Nizhny Novgorod Zoo “Limpopo” Vladimir Gerasichkin.

They did not take the wounded owl to the zoo; they will soon have to catch their chicks somewhere. For a while it was given into the hands of volunteers. Tatiana is the mother of many children, besides, she went out and released more than one bird in the wild.

– The fact is that in Nizhny Novgorod there is no rehabilitation center for wild birds and generally there is no such thing for birds. Therefore, very often, if a bird is not subject to return to nature, then hands are sought for it. And if it is subject to return to nature, then it is sent to a rehabilitation center. And sometimes I help the volunteers keep such birds until the moment of the mission, – said the volunteer Tatyana Falina.

She hopes that the owl will surely recover and be able to fly and hunt on its own before winter, when it will be possible to release it into its natural habitat – in the neighboring forest.

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