Roza, a resident of Yoshkar-Ola, A nomadic incident helped make her dream come true

Each of us has a favorite dream. Big or small. It is very easy to perform or requires time and effort. But it is always there. Roza Kocheva, a resident of Yoshkaro, dreamed of being congratulated on her 80th birthday, however, she did not hope, she thought – there was simply no one!

It seems that there is such a thing, happy birthday to everyone. But for the generation of children of war, this is especially important, the hungry soldiers and the first post-war years left their mark on life. Little Rosa always wanted a festive cake for her birthday, but she did not get it every time. Rosa Feodorovna transferred her sad childhood memories to the years of her life. Yes, being an adult and having an income, he could afford more than one such pie. But what about the memories and the childhood dream that did not come true in time? He never stopped dreaming, even in retirement. No wonder they say so old, so small …

random meeting

Help, as they say, the case. Shortly before her birthday, Roza Feodorovna met Nadezhda Sokolova, a member of the Veterans Municipal Council, during the “Fulfill the Veteran’s Dream” campaign. The meeting became quite turbulent in the container, in the yard of the house, when an old woman was taking out the accumulated garbage. The retiree then became interested in the inscription on Sokolova’s “Victory Volunteers” vest. Asking what and how, Rosa Fedorovna shared her dream of a birthday party.
– This is really a successful meeting, which took place just a few days before the anniversary, – says Nadezhda Sokolova. – If I was not in the yard at that time, we would have broken up and I would not have known about her and her favorite dream. But a chance acquaintance became an occasion for holidays, attention and gifts! On the birthday of a veteran of consumer cooperation with 40 years of experience, Roza Fedorovna congratulated the chairman of the Veterans Council of Marpotrebsoyuz Galina Atamasova, a gift made by the secretary of the local branch of the city of Yoshkar-Ola The party of United Russia with Anton Volkov apprentices of Yoshkar-Ola No. 3. And the pies for Rosa Feodorovna were made by the bakers of the public organization “Food for Life”.
Rosa Fedorovna took place in life. She is an excellent student of consumer cooperation, a veteran of work. For most of her career, she was in charge of a warehouse at the Marpotrebsoyuz Interregional Commercial Base. She was awarded a commemorative medal for the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth “For Brave Work” as head of the company. And childhood memories are forever.

“Because they fed!”

This phrase was repeated by Rosa’s father when he asked why she was sent to school to study a year earlier.
“I went to the first grade of the seven-year Kukmar school in 1948, when I was just six years old,” recalls Roza Fedorovna. –
It was a difficult time and the children were then fed at school. There were five girls in our family, sometimes there was nothing to eat at home.
Roza Fedorovna was born in the Kuzhenersky district of Shuimuchash village, four kilometers southeast of Kukmar village. The name translates as “a village at the source of the Shuya River.” Maybe that’s why the locals called their small homeland spring land. My father worked as an accountant on the Yoshkar-Peledysh collective farm. By the way, one of the daughters followed in her father’s footsteps and also learned accounting. The mother was engaged in embroidery and making Mari clothes. Her works were famous throughout the Kuzhenersky region, she also took orders from visitors from other regions.
“By nationality, our family is Mari,” says Rosa Fedorovna. – They mainly spoke their mother tongue, they declared paganism. From the age of 13 I have been weaving on the loom, knitting, embroidering Mari ornaments. This skill was passed on to me by my mother.

Pioneer at the age of 9 years

Rose studied well, especially she liked mathematics. And the best students, as a rule, were admitted to the ranks of the pioneering organization. It was an honor! At the age of nine, Rosa became a pioneer. The solemn line took place on April 22, Lenin’s birthday. He even kept a notebook, on the back of which was the oath of the pioneer.
– Joining the ranks of the All-Union Champion

organization under the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, in the person of my comrades I officially promise: to love my Homeland with passion, to live, to study and to fight, as bequeathed by the great Lenin …, – said without hesitation Rosa Fedorovna. – I still remember how they tied a pioneering red tie to me, how they excited me when I uttered the words of the oath, even though more than seventy years have passed since then. Then there was Komsomol with its active life …


Rosa Feodorovna’s work biography began shortly after her graduation. He worked as a baker and loader in the province. I was not afraid of any job. In 1958, the leadership of the region’s consumer society introduced Rosa to the interregional trade and procurement base, where she worked until her retirement. She gave more than four decades of selfless work for the benefit of democracy, for which she was awarded the “Veteran of Labor” medal.

“I worked all my life in one organization,” says Rosa Fedorovna. – I started in Sovetsky Raipo and then moved to Marpotrebsoyuz. Having moved from her village, she initially lived in the village of Danilovo for a year and a year later was given her own home – a room in an apartment with a common room. Then, little by little, I got the apartment. Managed warehouse number one. Building materials, furniture and even cars were transported there. From the warehouse the goods were distributed by area. The position seemed small, but responsible. Full reporting and verification required.

There is no time to get bored

Having retired, Rosa Fedorovna did not stay inactive for a single day. Since childhood, accustomed to working on the ground, she spends all her free time on a private plot in the garden Malinovka. Even now, at a fairly advanced age.
– The earth gives strength, – admits Rosa Fedorovna. – You must love the land, then it will reciprocate with a good – rich harvest.
He did not give up embroidery either. For several years she worked as a self-employed person knitting socks with feathers. Rosa Fedorovna’s products sold out with a big bang. Soft, durable and most importantly, warm – salvation in the most severe frosts.

The years, of course, gain weight and the human body is overwhelmed by various diseases. But some indulge in ill health with despair, resentment and talk of wounds. And there are others, regardless of age, who get up in the sun and work to the best of their ability – to their delight, because they can not do otherwise. Among them is Rosa Fedorovna. Here they are – people from the rural hinterland – hard workers, strong in spirit, enjoying life and charging others with positives.

Earlier, the website of the Yoshkar-Ola newspaper reported that 3 winners of the VI Abilympics National Championship were awarded in Yoshkar-Ola, the residents of Yoshkar-Ola will try an autonomous trolley. In addition, another 540 residents will be relocated to Yoshkar-Ola from emergency housing and since the beginning of the year, 22 elevators have been installed in many homes in Yoshkar-Ola

Photo by the author and from the family archive of Rosa Kocheva.


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