The 5 most extreme diets K-Pop Idols Have On

Unfortunately, diet is quite common among idols and many of them have shared stories about how they limited themselves to eating on the extremities. The standards of beauty that idols must meet are extremely high and this can cause a lot of stress to those who feel that they do not fit this description. Here are 5 K-Pop idols who had to go on strict diets to lose weight.

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1. Xiumin (EXO)

While most people may think of mostly female K-Pop avatars when it comes to extreme diets, there have been many male avatars who also had to go on strict diets, and xiumin – one of them. Before Xiumina has been criticized for its weight since it made its debut.

It was during the promotion with “Growl»In 2013 participants EXO made his most rigid diet – the coffee diet. The essence of the diet was to eat only once every other day and drink plenty of coffee to help you lose weight fast. He lost a lot of weight at that time, but fortunately returned to his healthy weight afterwards. Since then he advises not to miss meals to lose weight.


BLOUSE – Another idol who followed strict diets. When he was still in the company, he weighed more than was “accepted” by the standards of the idols and he was told that he would make his debut only after he reached his ideal weight.

This led to BLOUSE made a dangerous diet with only sugar-free jelly, mineral water and occasionally red beans as a snack. In addition, they trained hard every day. Even though he reached the weight that the company owed him, it was certainly not a healthy and acceptable way to lose weight.

3. Momo (TWICE)

Before the debut of the record label JYP Entertainment declared Momothat he needs to lose about 7 pounds in just a week. There is no perfectly healthy way to lose 7 pounds in such a short time and such expectations are ridiculous for anyone.

All that week Momo he only ate ice cubes and trained hard. She even admitted that at some point she was afraid for her life. Momo he also suffered from severe dehydration and had trouble sleeping because of the fear that he might not wake up.

Despite this extreme diet, Momo she did not lose 7 kilos in a week, so she was given three more days to reach the desired weight. Even her colleagues were scared of her and said she was so pale that she would faint.

Fortunately, she no longer needs to maintain such an unhealthy low weight and she looks absolutely stunning these days.

4. Jimin (BTS)

Jimin not the only member bts, who has struggled with weight and dieted, but seems to be on the most extreme diet of all members. In 2018 he reported that he had lost a lot of weight due to excessive training and a dangerous diet. It was in seasonsweat and tears of blood“, And other members were very worried Jiminbecause he fainted in rehearsals.

And his “diet” at this time? Nothing to eat except a meal for 10 days. He admitted it during his appearance bts in an episode of the showPlease watch my fridgein which he explained that he dislikes his “thick” appearance, probably due to his naturally full cheeks. His classmates even asked him to go out to eat with them at that time, but he refused despite his illness due to the extreme diet.

Fortunately since then Jimin did not make such a dangerous diet, and hopefully he became happier with the beautiful appearance and ideal body as it is now.

5. IU

Not only that IU shared her strict diet, which she had to follow at some point in her life, some bloggers on YouTube and other people tried to repeat this diet. The talented idol was rightly offended when a member of the public made her solo debut in 2008 – when she was just 15 years old – she called her a pig and went on an extreme diet.

In 2013 the program Night of TV entertainment shared what he was eating at that time. Even the name of the diet – “MyProAna” – suggests that it is common among anorexia communities. The diet consists of an apple for breakfast, one or two sweet potatoes for lunch and a protein shake for dinner.

The side effects of the diet can be weakness, fainting and just general malaise, which is not surprising. Fortunately, IU she realized that she had damaged her body and abandoned the diet after a while and since then she has consulted professionals to help herself eat healthily.

The types of extreme diets that have made some K-Pop idols should never be repeated. There are much safer ways to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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