The inhabitants of Voronezh are fighting for a lake and a forest on the outskirts of the city

Residents of the micro-district of May 1 are sounding the alarm due to the destruction of the green zone that was delivered to holiday homes

In the Voronezh region, a lake is destroyed and a forest of hundreds of years old trees is cut down.

“I want to continue to live on the edge of town and listen to the nightingales, not the constructions, the cuts or the discos of the cottages” – with these words he addressed the authors of “MY! Online “our reader Artyom. For several years, he and his family have been fighting for the preservation of the green belt and lake that feeds the Peschany Log tributary of the First May microdistrict, which borders Semiluki.

The story began in 2017, when land planning for the construction of the village of Mayskiye Prudy began. According to Artyom, at that time, the springs that fed the lake were covered with construction debris and some of the trees were also cut down.

This area. Lake and forest on the left.

– The appeals were written by residents, my mother wrote. A “businessman” arrived, persuaded her to stop writing, because everything is legal and snatched from him and she wastes time stupidly. We generally cleared the land for agriculture, so everyone calmed down a bit. It was far from the lake and had little effect on the forest, – Artyom describes the situation in 2017.

The situation has taken on a new development in 2021. According to our reader, at first the lake deepened and dried up in a narrow section, a dam was built and the partial felling of trees began. The Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Voronezh Oblast did not detect any violations at that time.

“Then, in the autumn of last year, they started filling the ground with bricks, reinforced concrete structures and other construction waste. “When they started cutting down the forest in February, age-old alder trees, I could not stand the arrogance, I started to unravel it and send appeals,” says Artyom.

The young man found that all the municipal farmland had been transferred to private ownership, they were allowed to build capital housing buildings.

That is, they literally divided the entire forest, located in the territory of the Semiluksky region, into private plots for houses. There is now a scheduled DNP “Ivushka”. With real growth, about 17 hectares of forest will suffer. And it is everywhere around the lake. By the way, it is also not reflected anywhere, it is not in the water register, it is not protected. That is, residents of the area whose parents and many previous generations enjoyed green areas may soon be cut off from access to the lake. My parents live in the village, I lived alone until I left for training. There is my little homeland, there is my only real home. I would like to save the lake and the forest.

In recent months, Artyom has managed to apply in almost all cases: the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, the Rosselkhoznadzor, the Department of Agricultural Policy, the Department of Rosreestr, the City Hall of Voronezh, the Federal Fisheries Service, the Department of Forestry, and the Semiluk prosecutor. There were several answers, mainly the departments did not identify any violations (all the answers are at the disposal of the authors). None of the appeals led to a visible result. The Semiluk authorities, for example, found no deforestation, only unlicensed land projects. A case was also filed for administrative violation – for the fact of storage of construction waste. It is true that it was not possible to find those who stored this waste. Here are the answers from some sections.

Correspondents “MY! Online »decided to start with a request to the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources. We asked who and on what basis cuts the forest and drains the lake in the indicated area, how can the inhabitants of the micro-region defend their right to a favorable environment and if capital projects are being constructed in that area. The answer of the section is presented in detail below. In short: there is rubbish, there has been an administrative offense, it is impossible to punish. And yet – officially the lake does not exist on the site.

The Department advises Pervoe May residents to contact Semiluk authorities and Semiluk law enforcement officers. We will do the same. We will let you know the answers to our requests as soon as they are received.

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