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During the war, many settlements were outside the zone of active hostilities, but at the same time, once surrounded, they were completely cut off from communications with the outside world – without the provision of food, medicine and hygiene products. In addition, the forthcoming food crisis makes us wonder: what to do in case of a possible famine, which experts warn about? We have put together a list of staple foods and humanitarian items that you need to save to survive in the event of an outbreak or the onset of hunger.

The first and most essential items for life support are food and water.


In many settlements, the water supply to the water supply system is directly dependent on the availability of electricity and, in turn, very often stops flowing to the electricity grid in areas of active hostilities. If you receive information about enemy troops coming towards you, you should not wait until the fighting starts in the immediate vicinity of your settlement – supply water immediately and in large quantities. Stocks of both drinking and technical water are required. Fill an oversized party glass for a contemporary floral arrangement. The ideal case is your own well and generator, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford it.

Realities force us to have special large-volume containers at home, which can be purchased at the store. It is better to do this in advance. If this is not possible and the war has taken you by surprise, do not despair. Water can be found in wells or private sources. As it now often proves to be of dubious quality and purity, it is essential to have a supply of water disinfectant tablets at home. Also, this water can be provided by boiling. Travel water filters can also be used for these purposes. Keep water supplies in a dark and cool place.


For the same reason that power is often lost in war zones, food stored in the household should not be vulnerable. This also applies to stocks in case of famine – after all, it is better to start collecting supplies now, even if there are rumors of a food crisis. At the same time, the food collected must be inviolable and the threat of starvation can be quite high. If the fears do not come true, you can eat the stock after this threat has passed. Therefore, the main thing is the safety of these products for as long as possible. It is also important that the preparation of these products requires minimal time and water or that they can be consumed without any preparation.

To ensure home food security, the following are appropriate:

– bread with a long shelf life (bread, crackers, crackers).

– pasta, cereals, instant mashed potatoes.

– canned meats, fish, vegetables, fruits.

baby food, including mashed vegetables and meat in jars.

pet food

– vegetable milk – soy, oats, and milk powder.

– cookies, condensed milk, chocolate, fruit puree, jam, marmalade.

juice, compote or other beverage that can be stored at room temperature.

– coffee, tea, honey, nuts, peanut butter, seeds

– vegetable oil?

– flour, salt, sugar, spices.

Ordinary cereals that require cooking are not the best choice, as they require a lot of water for cooking and there may be a lack of water.

In the event of a gas outage for cooking, it is essential to have a gas, kerosene or petrol burner in the house and to fill it with fuel. Worst case, wood.

Power supply

As already noted, electricity is likely to disappear in the first few days. Therefore, it is necessary to equip them with lenses and batteries. It’s best to have the lenses on rechargeable batteries and even better – lenses on solar panels. It is important to have spotlights.

Ideally, of course, homes should have solar panels or a generator. Also, for charging essential items – telephones, flashlights on batteries – are suitable household batteries that can be charged by a generator or solar panels. The generator of course needs a fuel supply, depending on its type. Note that the best generators in case you decide to wait for the race at home are gasoline, gas and mixed. During the current war in Ukraine, there are cases in which conventional gasoline generators were converted to gas electricity. This experience was widely used in the private sector of the village of Klavdievo-Tarasovo, in the Kiev region, which was surrounded for a month and was not supplied with electricity for two months. Although, due to safety precautions, it is best not to do this without special skills.

And yet, even with a generator or solar panels, it is best to stock up on candles, matches and lighters to save energy.

Power banks are necessary in conditions of long absence of power supply. They should be charged at the first opportunity – when the power supply is temporarily open, from a generator or a neighbor’s batteries.

It is important to remember that when the power supply is restored, it is worth connecting the equipment gradually. If you turn on everything at the same time – refrigerator, washing machine, electric kettle, microwave, vacuum cleaner, iron, chargers for gadgets, etc. – this can lead to mains overload, electrical appliance failure and increased power consumption.

Access to information is also critical. In the event of a power outage and the absence of mobile communication and the Internet, it is essential to have a battery-powered home radio.


– sterile and non-sterile gloves;

– iodine and alcohol.

– bandage and cotton

– peroxide and chlorhexidine.

bactericidal patches.

– painkillers

– drugs for indigestion, activated carbon.

– anti-allergic drugs.

– tablets for water disinfection.

– antiseptics;

– enterosorbents.

– headache tablets

– anti-inflammatory drugs

– medicines for sore throat, cough.

tonometer (for people with high and low blood pressure).


– canisters

– compass

– cash, preferably in small accounts (ATMs will probably not work).

– first aid kit and necessary medicines.

– wet wipes?

– toothbrushes, paste.

– soap, shampoo, shower gel

– hand disinfectant;

– diapers and products for menstruation.

– adhesive tape (it is necessary to seal the window panes with adhesive tape crosswise. This will not save them from direct blows, but will protect them from light shock wave and shrapnel injury).

And remember: if you can not escape hunger, then you can save yourself from hostilities. And it’s best to do this in advance – once you know they are moving towards you. It is not uncommon for people hoping to sit at home fighting, surrounded or at the center of the conflict, to be bombarded through the “green corridors”, which, incidentally, are also not a 100% guarantee of your safety. In case you need to leave your home quickly, it is even better to keep the infamous “alarm case” with the documents collected.

Also, due to the fuel crisis, it is worthwhile to minimize your travel by car unless absolutely necessary and to have enough fuel in the tank to travel to a safe zone. After all, the war continues and this reality must not be ignored.

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