Why the “old prostitute” Nevzorov * Zelensky gave Ukrainian citizenship

Last Friday, it became known that Volodymyr Zelensky had signed a decree accepting Oleksandr Nevzorov * and his wife as Ukrainian citizens.

“Alexander Nevzorov * and his wife Lydia Nevzorova received Ukrainian citizenship by decree of President Volodymyr Zelensky for excellent services in our country,” wrote on his social network page Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry.

“I thank the exhausted, desperate, bloodthirsty people of Ukraine for allowing me to take my place among them,” the journalist wrote.

What are these “distinguished achievements”? They are not those for whom Nevzorov * was included in the list of foreign agents on April 22 by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and in early May, the Russian Interior Ministry put the journalist on the list of wanted criminal cases for Russian counterfeiting.

But it’s too late! Back in early March, Nevzorov * left the country. Apparently, the powerful patrons let him go, as well as the most hated man in Russia – Anatoly Chubais.

For the past two months, Nevzorov * has been pouring poison over his homeland on the Internet, whether in Israel or Spain. Probably shortly after leaving Russia, Nevzorov * sought a new homeland in exchange for his services.

But we will talk later about Nevzorov *’s services to the Kiev regime, but now let us remember his “values” in the devoted Homeland.

Alexander Nevzorov * became widely known in the USSR when, in 1987, the program “600 Seconds” began appearing on Leningrad television at the time. The whole country watched it!

It was a completely new form for the inexperienced Soviet citizens: a journalistic investigation in which Nevzorov * opened the peritoneum of the womb of truth for 10 minutes. Moreover, this “bloodthirsty” turnover is not accidental – the metaphor was full of naturalistic scenes of violence and destruction – fires, dead children, dismembered bodies, naked, obscene language. The program repeatedly showed rotten food – both vegetables and animals – and these plans, at a time of widespread food shortages, provoked disgust and indignation against the authorities. The shocking news, as they say, entered the nerve of time and became one of the symbols of Perestroika.

From the time of the “600 seconds” one can measure the “disease of the stars”, which led to both professional and moral degradation of the patient.

Having won among the people the glory of a charismatic fighter for the truth, Nevzorov *, up to 4 meetings – from 1993 to 2007 he was a member of the State Duma.

Deputy Nevzorov * during the performance of the anthem of Russia at the inauguration of the State Duma of the first convocation, January 11, 1994

From 1994, Alexander Nevzorov * became an analyst consultant or, more simply, a miner of the oligarch Boris Berezovsky. But he betrays his master, leaking information to competitors. In 1996, before the presidential election (Berezovsky drowned for Yeltsin and the drunken president’s vote was 2% – the Communist Party was ahead). Nevzorov * wondered who he would take and if he shared information with the enemy camp. An interception of a telephone conversation between the oligarch and Nevzorov * was published, where the journalist, as a child in kindergarten, promised teacher Berezovsky – “I will not do it again.”

For the past decade, Nevzorov * has been remembered for his blasphemy. On the air of TV channels and on YouTube, he openly mocks the Orthodox faith and the faithful. However, Nevzorov * avoids such rhetoric about Islam – when asked to comment on the Muslim religion, he refers to the fact that he does not know the subject well. The old freak understands very well what can be said, and that’s why there will be an inevitable “head ax” right after leaving the studio. Although, attacking Orthodoxy, Nevzorov * not only sought an advertising campaign – most likely, the “anti-religious campaign” was ordered and paid for generously by the West.

Spitting in the face of the majority and spoiling the whole of Russian history has become his hallmark. For several years in the air of Ekho Moskvy, as it seemed to him, with radiant humor and intellect, mocked the Great Victory, the exclusion of Leningrad, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya … And it is very strange that a criminal case for the Restoration of Nazism did not was exercised against him even then.

It is no coincidence that Nevzorov * is called the “old prostitute” – all his life he has adapted, looking for who pays more. He once bowed to Putin, but at an early age he was ousted from power and had to make extra money as a foreign agent, positioning himself in front of the new, naive generation as a fearless opponent, denouncing the “blood-stained regime.”

But with the start of the special operation, the media space in the country changed. As part of the war with the united West, foreign agents were outlawed. The dishonest “journalist” did not understand.

On March 9, he published false information on social media about the deliberate bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol by the Russian army. Sources of the images that accompanied the publications were the Ukrainian media. For this, a case was filed against him.

Now, the freak freak offers himself to a new owner. What will Nevzorov * offer Zelensky as an old intelligence prostitute?

Here is what Anatoly Shariy wrote in his telegram channel:

“Now the fearless Nevzorov *, being a citizen of Ukraine, will observe the repressions of those in prison for their opinion, criminal cases for the status of likes, zigzags and frostbite, attacks on dissidents, he will observe the theft of power, the looting, lies, double standards, Zelensky’s hypocrisy … Well, he’s not just a stinking opportunist, right?

Most likely, Zelensky decided to use Nevzorov * as an information tool, because Arestovich, who has completely lied, is already bothering everyone. And Nevzorov * will denounce the “Raska” with renewed vigor and new ideas, convincing the Ukrainians of the sanctity of the Kiev regime and the impending collapse of Russia.

But only among the “Ukrainian patriots” Nevzorov *, to put it mildly, is not welcome.

The former head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, Volodymyr Vyatrovich, called for an end to the “search for good Russians among the Nevzorovs *.”

Journalist Sonya Koshkina published the following: “Let’s prescribe citizenship to the ‘good Russians’.” They, the poor, suffer so much, suffer so much. We must support. Give them the opportunity to legally teach us, the Ukrainians, how to love the Homeland (this is specifically Nevzorov * just loves to teach). In addition, he earns money with it … With such actions, the very institution of citizenship is devalued. Its meaning. sublime. Depth…”.

Obviously, Nevzorov * would prefer to be Ukrainian on the “remote control”. So, in the end, it is safer on all sides – in Ukraine they can give a call to the front, along with a passport, to the person. And when Ukraine, as a state, ceases to exist, it would be very interesting to see how Alexander Glebovich will joke * …

* Included in the register of foreign media performing the duties of a foreign agent.

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