At the end of June in Rostov they will shout again “Free funds!”

In the Rostov region, about 30 McDonald’s restaurants will reopen in late June. Last week, the FAS approved an agreement to sell the Russian McDonald’s company to Siberian franchisee Alexander Govor. It will develop restaurants with a new name, which has not yet been revealed. One of Rostov’s market participants has no doubt that the chain will operate with the old menu, assuming that its restaurants will lose about 25% in revenue due to a change in public preferences. The broker notes that the stores that open at the McDonald’s site will be able to take advantage of a significant advantage – the placement of all items in the busiest places.

The brand-new McDonald’s restaurant chain will continue to operate in the Rostov region in late June, said Sergei Salkinov, owner of the Baton Mall in Novocherkassk, N, one of the chain’s restaurants is set to open in the mall.

Yevgeny Naumov, director of the MEGAMAG Mall, told N about the same time frame: .

Earlier, TASS, RIA Novosti and other media reported that the first McDonald’s in Russia with a new name will open on June 12 in Moscow on Pushkinskaya Square. Sergei Salkinov confirmed this information and clarified that in early June restaurants should start operating not only in Moscow but also in St. Petersburg and by the end of the month a wave of inauguration will reach Rostov.

On May 19, McDonald’s announced the sale of the Russian division of the company to its Siberian franchisee Alexander Govor. Mr. Govor has been a McDonald’s partner since 2015 and has 25 franchise companies in Siberia. Last Friday, FAS approved an agreement to sell 100% of the authorized capital of DVRP LLC and McDonald’s LLC (owned by McDonald’s Corporation) to Mr. Govor’s Club Hotel. Thus, the businessman will receive 719 restaurants. The Federal Antimonopoly Service’s press service notes that within 15 years, McDonald’s has the right to acquire the business on market terms.

According to McDonald’s message, Mr. Govor will develop the network under a new brand. Which has not yet been revealed. Izvestia, citing an employee of the capital’s restaurant, which is the first to prepare for the opening, said the chain’s new name is French Burger. But there are other versions. In late May, McDonald’s LLC filed for trademarks: “This is it”, “Exactly it”, “Fun and tasty”, “Just like this”, “The same one”, “Free cash machine”. The media speculated that one of these phrases would appear on a new sign.

A request sent by N to the press service of the Russian office of McDonald’s remained unanswered last week.

Prior to the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, about 30 McDonald’s were operating in the Rostov region and all closed on March 14.

“Restaurants that have reopened under a different name will certainly be in demand, but the numbers they used to collect before will not be collected now,” says Rostov’s restaurant Maxim Kogan (Brazil, Ponton, Coffeshop). – I think they will lose 25 percent in revenue for sure. First, some people were offended by the fact that McDonald’s restaurants were closed in Russia and in principle will no longer go there. Second, regular customers who drank coffee and dined at McDonald’s every other day found new products and other offers during the network shutdown. And the third point is related to the psychology of consumption: during the absence of McDonald’s, many people have changed their daily preferences, have excluded McDonald’s from them and now this can not be reversed. I had this experience: I was small, I was in a disco where everyone was dancing, it was fun. Then the lights went out for two minutes and when they turned on no one was dancing anymore. The mood is gone.

Konstantin Potseluev, a real estate expert at the Geneva Academy of Sciences, believes that the network, which will open at McDonald’s, will be able to take advantage of the American company’s restaurants – placing all objects in places with higher traffic:

“McDonald’s has very professional measurements for people: before buying a facility, it performs large-scale analysis, installs very good equipment and analyzes traffic on different days, taking into account car brands, number of pedestrians, time spent. The result is a very high quality report for the consumer. Few people follow this approach. Thanks to this, all their points are located at the top, wetter points, with the highest pedestrian traffic. Recently, they have turned their attention to the opening of separate areas with Makavto services in transit zones within the maximum distance from residential areas. The logic is that in a residential area, people use cafes for a light snack, preferring to eat at home, and the farther from home and the usual shops, the higher the average bill in a restaurant. Basically, the facilities below McDonald’s restaurants are property. So we can say that the main asset of McDonald’s in Russia is their real estate, so it can be rented at any time.

Interlocutor N drew attention to the fact that after the closure of McDonald’s he did not leave his premises empty: the cleaner works there during the day, the lights are always on at night, as if reminding that the restaurant does not close forever. it is not necessary to delete it.

Mr Kogan doubts McDonald’s is really leaving Russia:

– I communicate with the administration in various sectors and I see that they have no duty to leave the market, they are under pressure from the states and their politicians. I do not think that McDonald’s will leave Russia, they have room for maneuver because they were developed according to a master franchise and did not open their own restaurants, such as Starbucks, which is definitely leaving today. Licensees can not be barred from having a business. So, yes, there will be a different brand, a different name, but the beneficiary will remain the same and the product will remain the same: if I like makchiken, then I will come and say: ‘What do you call makchiken now? ”- and I will receive this product, there will be 100% the same recipe, the same taste, just a different name and a different brand. The green supplier is the same. Potato suppliers as well. Staff from one legal entity will be transferred to another legal entity. In my opinion, it will be so. If you had something you love there, you will get it. I go there twice a year, I’m sure I will go there twice a year as well.

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