Avito received the Best ESG Projects in Russia award

The Best ESG Projects in Russia program and forum awarded Avito the victory in the Responsible Consumption and Production category. The company’s ESG initiatives, implemented together with the users of the platform, were recognized for their great contribution to the preservation of natural resources and the environment. Company representatives told Sostav about it.

Avito care for the environment and reasonable consumption

Avito has been running a program for the development of rational consumption for several years. In 2020 alone, thanks to the platform’s users, 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gases emitted during the production of new products were avoided. It takes 2.5 hectares of forest to absorb 1 ton of coal, so users have saved about 12 hectares of forest – 30% more than all of Karelia’s forests. In addition, thanks to sharing and smart consumption, users have been able to save the amount of industrial materials used in the production of goods, comparable to 23 new landfills.

This year, the company released a new user function for calculating the environmental contribution. The project became the first automated computer of stored natural resources in Russia. Special signals have appeared in user profiles, in which you can see the amount of CO2 emissions avoided and a block describing a specific environmental contribution. It is based on the Bloom Amsterdam and Rebel Group metering system, developed specifically for Avito in 2021.

To calculate the environmental contribution, a special formula was created based on the reuse rate. The rate shows how much the resale extends the life of a product. Website users can now see the amount of natural resources saved through their Avito transactions, as well as the negative environmental impact they have prevented. In addition to the signals, the user can see a complete description of the environmental contribution in a pop-up hint window, as well as follow the link on a special page with the calculation methodology.

Igor Makarov, Commercial Director of Avito:

The principles of sustainable development are inherent in Avito DNA. Most of the transactions on our platform reduce the production of new products and contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint. This is the contribution of our users to the preservation of the environment. By choosing Avito, they also choose a sensible approach to consumption. And this is especially important for young people.

The younger generation clearly understands that they want to live in an ecologically clean world. Children want to pollute the planet as little as possible. The choice of a company for them depends to a large extent on the possibility of its positive impact on the environment. These types of audiences are attracted to brands that help them be part of that goal. Therefore, the very beginning of Avito’s business model leads us with confidence in the direction of sustainable development.

Avito seeks to create a culture of environmental sustainability among users, so it supports their conservation initiatives. Everyone can give a second life to their things by selling or giving them away for free to Avito. Now this can be done through the free export of things to charities, recycling or resale with the help of company associates. For three months, 15,000 people have already used this option.

Vasily Leksin, ESG Lead Product Manager at Avito:

The idea of ​​creating an ESG direction in Avito belongs to marketing. Thanks to the in-house entrepreneurship program launched at Avito, foresighters created a product team that was able to turn marketing ideas into reality. Not only did we create a useful product for our users, but we also motivated Avito’s employees to come together to implement such projects.

When creating such projects, it is important to anticipate what will really be relevant in the near future and meet the times and challenges. Therefore, we carry out a large volume of research, analysis, collect regular comments and listen to our users. Thanks to this, we started a project that, in the long run, can influence people’s perceptions and change the world for the better. Let’s start the user’s environmental contribution with Avito, but we believe it will become part of a person’s daily habit, whether it is a separate waste collection, a choice of environmentally friendly products or a careful handling of water or electricity. And the habit of conscious behavior through Avito sooner or later transforms into a habit of awareness forever.

Of course, we do not intend to dwell on projects that have already begun: we are only at the beginning of this path and will continue to invest in ESG.

Public initiatives

Another important direction of Avito in the field of social responsibility is the help of people and institutions. Charities have been supported on the platform for more than a year and 80,000 people have already received a special degree for good deeds. Avito, for its part, also invests in charity: from every paid advertisement, the company transfers funds to charities.

In May 2022, Avito, as one of the leaders in the development of cybersecurity algorithms, and LizaAlert agreed to collaborate, in which they combined their efforts to prevent and educate the population of the country in the field of online and offline security.

“Avito” assists postings during search and organizational activities. Thanks to the Avito Real Estate industry, the company helps volunteers find temporary housing and makes it possible to help with commodities: buy fully equipped or invest part of the amount. Avito Real Estate also places free search volunteers in apartments and houses for daily rent through the platform throughout Russia.

Avito is one of the largest Russian IT companies and the largest trading platform in Russia, used by 80 million people annually and trading seven transactions on the platform every second. In May of this year, it recorded a record 100 million listings between private sellers and companies. The social mission of any company of this size is to direct the entire market and society towards sustainable development, and Avito is well aware of this, say representatives of the platform.

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