Bottles, bumper and sofa: Volunteers clean the deep lake 06/05/2022

Volunteers and activists from Kazan participated in the Green Action Marathon on World Environment Day. They came to Lake Glubokoe to clear it of debris.

– We have been cleaning at Deep Lake since 2005. This is our focal point for the celebration of World Environment Day and International Water Day. Previously, we cleaned the tank once a year, but we in Tatarstan started doing it all summer, – says the vice-president of the regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society in the Republic of Tatarstan Andrei Agarkov.

Despite the dawn, there were many who wanted to put order in the lake area. 350 people from 6 organizations: “It will be clean”, “Union of Fathers”, “United Russia”, Duma of the Republic of Tatarstan, officials of the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of Tatarstan and representatives of High School No. 93. This is many times more than what the first years. There are more participants and less rubbish.

– Now you get stock: gloves, plastic bags, shovels and rakes. Then we leave and scatter in the territory. “We are looking for those places where people are resting and have forgotten what cleanliness is after themselves and the rubbish,” Agarkov began.

Deep Lake is a very picturesque place and popular with the people of Tatarstan. Especially in summer. Unfortunately, this popularity has a drawback, and to be honest, it is the state of forests and coasts that shows that not all holidaymakers are aware of their responsibility to nature. Already in the first 15 minutes, some volunteers managed to collect whole bags of garbage.

– Lots of bottles of all kinds, lots of glass. Score a whole bag, you can imagine, – says one of the participants.

In addition to the traditional plastic waste that is most often left after a beach vacation – bottles, cups and bags, participants in the general cleaning also expected some strange finds: barbecue grills, car bumper, boots. However, the most interesting was the sofa. Maybe someone wanted to create a home environment for himself in nature and after the rest forgot to get a piece of furniture. In any case, the sofa was where it needed to be – for editing.

Bottles, bumper and sofa: Volunteers clean Deep Lake

Volunteers put garbage bags in the center of the beach. For each bag, a coupon with a number. They are not just given. At the end of the event there is a raffle with prizes. However, participants are not attracted to the chance to win prizes.

– This is my first time in action. I like. I saw on social networks how people take care of the environment, go to subbotniks, recycle garbage. You look and you also want to do something to make nature cleaner “, shared a KSUAE student Polina Lakruseva.

Even younger volunteers take part in the marathon of green acts. Ninth grade students Ratamir Tagirov and Adele Minnullin from the 93rd high school. The geography teacher talked to the children about the action. They decided they wanted to help make Tatarstan cleaner. Not for the “five”, the boys are joking.

– We came here to have a good time. It’s a great organization, picking up trash is fun. We found an entire bumper from the car, you guessed it! “I will definitely participate again,” says Adele.

Bottles, bumper and sofa: Volunteers clean Deep Lake

According to the organizers, the action is not only settling in the lake, but also training. People who went out to clean are unlikely to make rubbish.

– We keep statistics for the landfills that were discovered. And every year they become 30% less. This does not mean that we started to find less, it means that our residents started throwing less garbage. Behind these numbers are our people. This is an attitude towards nature, an attitude towards ecology. We are seeing real change. But there is no limit to perfection, we must be actively involved in environmental education, – said the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Tatarstan Alexander Sandrikov.

Bottles, bumper and sofa: Volunteers clean Deep Lake

The head of the department is sure that it is necessary to start teaching children to take care of nature from kindergarten. Every year, the Ministry of Ecology organizes the Ecoleader competition, in which educational institutions prepare environmental projects. Last year, only 275 democracy kindergartens applied. In addition, there are currently 103 environmental classes in Democratic schools.

Along with the activists, about 30 divers are cleaning the bottom of the lake. Under water, dive to a depth of 4 meters for 30 minutes. Distance from the shore – average 30.

– We will go here with three diving clubs. Our main task is to walk along the bottom. Very often, garbage ends up in the water: someone immediately throws it in the lake and someone leaves it on the shore and when the snow melts, the garbage gets there. “So our business is enjoyable and useful,” says the diver Airat Farkhutdinov.

Bottles, bumper and sofa: Volunteers clean Deep Lake

Usually the garbage in the lake is in the pits. And most of the garbage is not fresh. For all the years of the action, except for bottles, divers carried banners for nature conservation from the Soviet era, a lifeboat, a kiosk selling corn and beach umbrellas from the bottom. They once even took out an entire trading bench.

By the way, this year 10 more sub-booths are planned, in addition to Kazan, will be held in the Nizhnekamsk, Laishevsky and Kamsko-Ustyinsky areas.

The offer has expired. There are about 30 garbage bags in the center of the beach. This is significantly less than last year, organizers say. And this is good news. Satisfied volunteers stand next to the “prey”. Now they are waiting for a lottery and tea with epochmak.

Bottles, bumper and sofa: Volunteers clean Deep Lake

– I want to thank you sincerely for your attitude to nature. I’m always sure that people who care about the environment also care about their loved ones, their friends. The people of Tatarstan have always been kind to their country. This is noted not only by me, but also by the guests who come to us, – Alexander Shadrikov addressed the participants.

Bottles, bumper and sofa: Volunteers clean Deep Lake

It is worth remembering that volunteers will have even less work if every tanker vacationer learns a simple principle: bring rubbish – take it with you. Most of the time, you do not even have to take it. Many popular vacation destinations have installed collection bins.

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