Citizens of Tomsk destroy Novosibirsk forest by destroying ring road

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05 June 2022, 12:08

A new forest deforestation scandal erupts in the Novosibirsk region. Residents of the Kolyvansky area said trucks with Tomsk license plates were removing timber from the area and destroying the local road. A photograph.

The “Kolyvan-Pikhtovka” road was broken by timber trucks in the Kolyvansky district of the region, Yevgeny Glukhov, a local Pikhtovka villager, told

“Since the village is located on the border with the taiga, logging has always taken place here. There were several carpentry companies in the village, but during the perestroika, they, like many companies of that time, were ordered to live long, the property was partially stolen, partly sold, they even managed, in a way, to dismantle and “sold the railway line from Pikhtovka to Kokoshino station, where timber was exported,” Glukhov said in a letter to publishers. “Since then, there has been virtually no large-scale logging, the Chinese once worked and many private sawmills are still operating, but these are insignificant compared to the Soviet-era harvest. Always, during the harvesting and exporting of timber, there was a certain order, dictated simply by common sense, the timber was prepared in winter and taken out along the winter road, while the earth was frozen. In addition, most of it was removed along the railway line.

“Everything has changed in 2022. I, and the rest of the villagers, do not know what kind of company got the right to cut valuable wood in huge volumes (and how legal it is in general), we know that the wood is exported to the Tomsk region (O Our road to the center of the area, at the entrances to Kolyvan goes to the highway that leads directly to Tomsk), explained Glukhov. – The young lumberjacks came up with a “brilliant” idea to create in the village, in the area of ​​an abandoned state farm, a transhipment point during the winter, a huge amount of redwood was removed and stored there (even more, according to the stories of local hunters often go to the taiga, located at the logging site), but it was decided to carry out further exports to the Tomsk region in the summer with timber trucks.

According to residents, a loaded timber truck weighs about 40 tons. 4-5 of these trucks leave during the day, they noted: “For many trips, these timber trucks actually kill the road, making it impassable. The area is swampy, even if the upper layer of the road is dry, there is a swamp below it and under the weight of the heavy equipment the road just sinks and is compacted by huge, impassable potholes, if trucks can still hardly cross , then for cars it is just hell, the low landing of course does not allow driving along such grooves in some sections.

The only road connects Pikhtovka with the Kolyvan regional center. Delivers food, carries seriously ill patients and women before childbirth.

“The villagers break out in all possible cases, the only thing we finally managed was that a mobile weight control station started on duty on the street. “They are standing either at the entrance to the village, or at the turn from our road to the Tomsk motorway, or directly at the logging point, but this is completely ineffective, probably to show that they have responded to our calls,” Gluhoff added.

At the same time, the Kolyvan-Pikhtovka road is of regional importance. It belongs to the state body of the regional government “Territorial Administration of Motorways” (TUAD). He has already acknowledged the problem, but blamed the Kolyvan district authorities for the situation.

“The administration can control it [лесозаготовительное] the company – with what weight and load it releases cars on the roads, – states the TUAD statement. – If the company is not registered in the district, the regional administration must also take measures to maintain their roads. The road belongs to the Regional Administration of Highways of the Novosibirsk Oblast. “But the region, first of all, should be interested in maintaining the roads.”

TUAD clarified that the contractor is regularly grading and renovating roads, but the trucks continue to destroy it. This was partially confirmed by residents of the area, who said that the gravel road continues to be poured.

“But a few logging trips are enough to put the road back in an impassable state. “In fact, the huge budget money is simply, in the true sense of the word, being pushed under the wheels of heavy trucks into a quagmire,” Gluhoff’s letter said.

The “Territorial Administration of Roads” appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Novosibirsk region “with a request for assistance in maintaining the road”.

The head of the Kolyvansky district of the region is Evgeny Artyukhov (“United Russia”). This former Interior Ministry official was for some time the chairman of the Tatarsky district council of deputies and in 2018 he was appointed head of the Kolyvansky district administration on the proposal of a competition committee, consisting of half of the governor’s representatives. There is no news on the website of the regional administration about the problems of the inhabitants of Pikhtovka.

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