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Text and photo: Antonina Kyabeleva

On June 3, at a meeting of the Petrozavodsk city council, another painful point was identified, linked to the future of the “green” areas. This time, part of Savin Navolok Park caught the attention of the public. At the Petrosoviet summit, on a huge 11-hectare site in Sainavolok, the urban forest area was transformed into a coastal recreation area.

City Council MPs Olga Tuzhikova and Dmitry Rybakov fear the area could be created in the future. They are ashamed of the fact that their colleague, Deputy Vitaly Markov, who is also the director of Onega Village Ecopark LLC, has become the main interest in the changes that have taken place. Tuzhikova and Rybakov appealed to the Petrozavodsk prosecutor’s office requesting an investigation into the incident.

“Obviously, in this case, a draft decision is proposed that violates the balance of private and public interests, since for reasons of business activity (of a specific legal entity) conditions are created for renting a valuable recreation area, which will be destroyed during the economic activity.”

– he said in an appeal to the prosecutor’s office.

The proposal of Onega Village Ecopark LLC for change of the urban forest zone in the recreation committee of the municipal authority was examined at the end of November 2021 and decided unanimously to support it. It is assumed that after the transfer to the recreation area, the Ecopark Onega Village will lease 11 hectares. Since the main type of financial activity of the company is the provision of hotel services, then, naturally, there was a suspicion that they wanted to build a hotel on the site of urban forests. Interestingly, Ecopark Onega Village LLC was registered one month after Markov was elected to the City Council.

Alexandra Rossypnova, deputy head of the Petrozavodsk administration, said the applicant, Onega Village Ecopark, “has shown interest in renting this site for recreational use”. The reason for the change, Rossypnova explained, was that the location of the plot was not in line with the current Petrozavodsk General Plan.

Olga Tuzhikova believes that this is a typical reason. The main point of the transfer from one zone to another is that nothing can be built in the urban forest zone, but in the area intended for recreational purposes, you can find a hotel, a boarding house and a tourist base. In fact, we are talking about the fact that the inhabitants of the city are trying to remove another green space for walking and recreation and use it for commercial purposes.

In 2020, Petrozavodsk State University conducted an ecological study on the Savin Navolok Park and prepared a conclusion on the feasibility of giving it the status of a specially protected natural area (SPNT). Eight species of Red Data Book plants were found in the park. But the prospect of creating a new protected area obviously seemed to the leaders of the Petrozavodsk administration less tempting than leasing the park to a commercial structure.

Rossypnova confirmed that the disputed area of ​​the park is fully included in the so-called “green zone” of the capital of Karelia, where a special protection regime is provided.

Vitaly Markov claims that he personally has no plans to build the park. According to him, the company has acquired two dilapidated buildings in the neighboring territory and the development of these areas is planned. Rossypnova added that this was a former pumping station. The buildings, judging by the map, are located on the shores of Lake Onega and are ideal for tourism development.

“In the neighboring territory there is a property that we are developing. And we see this soil every day, we look at it and we understand that it has no growth. If this area is forested, then the provisions of the forest code apply to it. The provisions of the Forest Code imply the development of forests. The development of forests is this logging of the forest. “In my opinion, this area is valuable,” Markov said.

According to him, the park area is actively used by citizens as a recreation area.

“People are walking there, relaxing, using this area completely chaotically. In this area there is neither an equipped path, nor a bench, there is no public toilet.

– said Vitaly Markov.

He complained that citizens are trying to reach the lake through this area just by their cars. “It is necessary to access the lake with a hard surface,” he said. The MP also complained about the fact that there is a lot of garbage there, and “the whole forest is on fire, on the grills, on the remnants of life”.

Vitaly Markov should be aware that in the urban forest area only sanitary cuttings are allowed in order to eliminate dead and diseased trees. Clear logging in urban forests is prohibited. However, as well as the construction of capital construction projects. I think it was the ban on the construction of capital facilities that became the real reason for the change of the functional zone proposed by the Ecopark.

By the way, according to Tuzhikova, tree-to-tree shootings have already taken place in the park, which, in particular, can be used for both deforestation and landscaping. Tuzhikova said she saw the marked trees with her own eyes. The mayor of Petrozavodsk, Vladimir Lubarsky, assures that no tree-to-tree shootings took place there.

Alexandra Rossypnova said she personally examined the park area. According to her, it’s really dirty there. He added that only 10 percent of the recreation area can be built.

Her words simply confirmed the fears of the deputies, who believe that the transfer to the recreation area is only the first step towards the destruction of the public recreation area.

Suppose Vitaly Markov is honest when he says that he personally does not intend to build the area of ​​today’s park. I will not disagree. Personally, Deputy Markov, perhaps, does not plan. But what plans the founder of Ecopark Onega Village LLC hatches is not known to the general public.

But residents of Petrozavodsk are well aware of how urban areas intended for the construction of sports facilities are being converted into housing estates. Without a trace of sports and with the full support of the authorities. I’m afraid that the future of the Red Book plant will be designed in a well-known way, when the interests of a commercial company overshadow the minds of decision makers.

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