The groom ran away from the bride, they stole the forest and two planes collided – what happened in Grodno 100 years ago

Back in time: 2–8 June 1922 and 1932


June 3. A real “epidemic” of fires hit Grodno and the county. Firefighters make calls two or three times a day. Most fires are caused by fireplaces.

June 4 from a resident of Sola Anton Yakimovich village, timber was stolen, which was rigged along the Neman.

June 6 the body of a soldier was found in Neman. Who he is is unknown. The investigation is carried out by the gendarmerie.

On June 6, near the village of Koptevka, in the forest, under a bush, shepherds found the body of a baby in a sack.

June 7 At 22:30, the owner of a grocery store at 14 Polevaya Street, Vladislav Plotsky, was returning home with his wife Elena. At the intersection of Bernardinskaya and Podgornaya streets, a man in a military uniform stopped him and grabbed him by the neck. The second attacker hit Elena on the head and the woman fell unconscious.

Officer Kazimir Semyonov ran screaming and saw four soldiers attacking. Realizing that no one could stop them, he threw his revolver into the sky and the soldiers began to scatter. Semyonov pursued them until he kept three in Hay’s market. It turned out to be Stefan Krzemensky, Jan Novorut and Jozef Beda, who served on the No. 200 motorcade in Grodno. The fourth escaped. Semyonov accompanied the soldiers to the commissariat. They were drunk. They were handed over to the gendarmerie.

June 8 at 9:00 a.m., 1,500 old sleepers burned one kilometer from Grodno Railway Station. The fire was caused by a locomotive that was next to it.


June 2 At 1:00 p.m., the body of a 5-year-old boy was found two kilometers upstream of Neman’s Grodno.

On June 2, at 11:00 pm, he was shot at Lubitsch Bakery at 20 Dominican Street. Baker Israel Rubinovich from Ozheshko Street, 35, shot Meer Mankovich from Yuridiki, 35. His bullet escaped. As it turned out, Meer was a trade union inspector sent by the Bakers’ Union to Grodno to find out if the workers were working more than the required eight hours a day. Rubinovic did not assess Meer’s question so late. At the same time, another person appeared in the building – Lipsky from the Chertok bakery. Rubinovic confused the late visitors for robbers, pulled out a revolver and fired. On June 5, police, after conducting an investigation and interviewing participants in the incident, accepted Rubinovic’s explanations and released him from custody.

June 3 in Grodno the trial for the theft of 1330 zlotys ended. On November 30, 1931, Isidor Girshovich came to the state coffers to pay taxes, but noticed that the money was gone. The building was closed, an investigation of the attendees began. However, this did not work, as several visitors had already left by then. Police tracked down a Vilna Jakimovic resident who visited the ticket office that day. As it turned out, he had previously been convicted of 11 thefts. Jakimovic denied involvement in the theft of Girsovic, but a court in Grodno sentenced him to seven years in prison.

On June 3, in Batory Square, a “Mars” bus passed over Maria Brozhina from the village of Adamovichi (common Labno). The woman’s right leg is injured.

On June 3, at the Palats Cinema, the pilot refused to open the film. Neither the persuasion of the management nor the police helped, then the doors broke and the pilot was arrested.

June 4 Anton Keida from the siege of Bzhostovichany, in the Grodno area, discovered the body of a girl in his well. The investigation found that her mother was Bronislava Filimonchuk, an employee of Jozef Shuminsky from the same siege. The woman admitted that she gave birth to an illegitimate child while working in the field and threw the body in the well.

On June 4-5, the Bialystok Track and Field Championships took place in Bialystok. Grodno was represented by Fedoruk, Gerutto, Yadkovsky, Kuntsevich, Palats, Martsinkevich and Velichko (all from the Kresoviya club). Martsinkevich took second place in the high jump with a score of 1.6 m. In discus, Gerutto scored 35.9 m (second place). Fedorov from Grodno performed excellently, showing the second result in javelin (45.05 m) and the first in shot put (12.75 m).

June 5 14-year-old Konstantin Dudzich from Knyshinskaya, 16 cows were grazing in Rumlevka and found an incomprehensible container. Together with 5-year-old Roman Mayevsky and many other children, he tried to break the object found with a hammer. There was an explosion. Mayevsky and Dudzic were seriously injured but survived.

The night from 5 to 6 June in the Druskenik area above Neman, two Lithuanian aircraft collided during an exercise. One of them landed in a field near the village of Kozerany, the other fell into the river near the border village of Smorgulin. The Sappers, after four hours of effort, took the aircraft ashore.

At 2 in the morning from 6 to June 7 In the post office building, where the service officer Konstantin Kononovich had to accept a large sum of money, a “guest” suddenly appeared. He pulled out a revolver and killed Kononovich with three shots. However, the criminal did not estimate that the worker Juliusz Pavlovsky would be in the building, which signaled an alarm. A police officer on duty at the train station came running to the shooting and shouting. However, the perpetrator, leaving the side entrance, managed to escape. Right now, at Green St. there was a patrol of two police officers – Kotowski and Penzika. They saw the fugitive. They tried to hold him. The perpetrator pulled out a revolver and shot Kotowski, but miraculously survived. A fight broke out, which lasted about half an hour. During the arrest, the assailant tried to commit suicide, but failed. The detainee turned out to be Jozef Lopatovsky, a postman belonging to one of Vilna’s wealthy and famous families. In the winter, he was accused of stealing 16,000 zlotys from the post office, but then the court found no evidence of his guilt. The family of the deceased Kononovich left four children.

June 8. Anna B. from Brigidska Street, 20, secured with Vincent Witkiewicz from Predmeiska, 12. But on the day of the wedding, the future husband ran away taking with him a fortune worth 285 zlotys.

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