8 Evidence for the Existence of Allah Almighty

8 Undisputed Arguments Concerning the Existence of Almighty Allah

Each conclusion is a concise proof of the existence of Allah.

1. Limited and destitute beings.

The universe, man, everything living and not limited, and everyone needs something. The limitation and the need of beings testify that they once appeared, were created. And if they were ever created, then there is someone who creates them. We are talking about the Creator, that is, the Almighty Allah.

2. The investment of meaning in the creation of every creature.

Everything in this world has its purpose, its mission. Nothing came out of nowhere (creating even dust, even small dust, makes sense, for example, if small mosquitoes appeared in the house, a person knows that some kind of food begins to spoil; the dust that settles on the furniture of the house teaches a person to order, accuracy). Of course, every creation can have its own meaning, which man is not able to understand.

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8 Evidence for the Existence of Allah Almighty

It is important to understand that the definition of meaning requires reason, that is, only a living, intelligent being can give meaning to the creation of a being. And a man, when he is going to do something, sets a clear and specific goal for himself: he builds a house to live in it, he assembles a car to drive it, he makes a pencil to write with it, etc.

In everything in nature, we see a specific purpose: for example, the sun, water, fire, iron, wood, stone – each performs a specific function, but man can not create them. Therefore, there is a Creator who created all beings in the world for a specific purpose and meaning. This is Allah Almighty.

3. The appearance of living beings is a great miracle.

The Qur’an says that a person can not make a single fly (“Al-Hajj”, 22:73) and what kind of animals, birds and insects can not be found in nature.

Every living thing (not just intelligent but also non-intelligent animals, birds, insects) – and a big elephant and a small ant – know how to live, how to feed. Their food is prepared for them, and it is worth noting that it is not prepared by man.

Therefore, there is a great Creator who creates all living and non-living things, endows them with food and educates them: This is Allah Almighty.

8 Evidence for the Existence of Allah Almighty

4. Preliminary readiness of certain conditions for the existence of creations.

Every living thing and non-being needs special conditions for existence (existence) in this world, and such conditions are ready even before the appearance of the creature. Allah has prepared them. For example, a child in the womb does not need eyes, arms or legs, but, predicting that these organs will be needed in earthly life, Allah creates them.

It is known that every living or inanimate being alone can not continue to exist (it is). Example: if the parents leave the newborn and do not approach it (they do not feed, water, care), then the child will die. If Allah ceases to rule this world, to rule it, then the world, the Universe will “die”.

8 Evidence for the Existence of Allah Almighty

5. Live cell formation.

No living cell can appear on its own without the participation of the Creator (only Allah can create a living cell).

In the 1970s, many scientists recognized the fallacy of Darwin’s theory of biological evolution.

It is the issue of living cells that raises doubts in them. For example, a prominent scientist, a biologist named Oparin, worked for 36 years to create a living cell in the laboratory, but did not achieve the desired goal. After the failure he stated:

“I could not solve the mystery of existence.” And those who did not believe or doubted the existence of the great Allah – the Creator, then they would say to each other in surprise: “How can inanimate nature create a living human being?”

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8 Evidence for the Existence of Allah Almighty

6. Theory of thermodynamics.

It is known that heat is transferred from hot bodies to cold ones. If it transfers heat, it means that it is depleted and must be constantly produced. For example, a heated oven distributes its heat throughout the room and gradually cools it down. To return the oven to a warm state, it must be heated (fuel and power supply are required here).

The sun also gives its heat to the earth, which means that its heat is reduced, and if it were not for its producer, then one day it would go out. It becomes clear that the possibility of the sun continuing its “activity” depends on the desire of Almighty Allah, giving him warmth. So, if Allah, the Creator of the sun, wants to go out, the sun will go out.

7. The unity of the laws of existence.

In nature and in the Universe as a whole, there is a unity of the laws of existence. An example is the structure of the organism of living beings. The eyes, the ears, the heart, their digestive system, as a whole, the structure and activity of the internal organs are based on the same principles. This is proof that all living things are created by a Creator.

8 Evidence for the Existence of Allah Almighty

8. Order in the Universe.

An important argument in favor of the existence of a great Creator is order in the Universe. For example, just as a product that enters a store can not be placed on the shelves by itself, so the stars and planets in the universe can not be placed in space on their own with such precision and order.

Thus, the Universe, nature live according to established laws and a very clear order. If there is law and order, then someone has established them.

The restoration of order in the Universe, in nature is beyond the power of man, so we can only draw this conclusion: there is a great Creator who establishes order in the Universe and in nature, controls the Universe and nature. He is the Almighty Allah.

From the book Basic Principles of Islam

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