A Bashkir postman has been hiding for 21 years that he killed his young son because of her love for a man

The photo of the missing boy was spread in all Sibay newspapers

“Ilmir Alimaev has disappeared (from now on, all the names have changed.” Ed.). 11 years. Height 147 cm., Slender build, Mongoloid type of face, dark straight hair, dark brown eyes, thin lips. On the morning of June 27, 2001, he left the house on a bicycle and his whereabouts remain unknown. “If you have information about a missing child, inform the police immediately,” one such message appeared in all of Bashkir’s newspapers in 2001. Almost all the poles and bus stops in the small town of Sibay hung notices with a photo of a fourth grader. Surveys were carried out in other cities of Baskiria, but there was no indication of where the little boy could be …

The solution to the mysterious disappearance happened unexpectedly. After 16 years, the remains of the child, buried in the ground, were discovered by a resident of the area who came to the forest for mushrooms. Genetic examination showed that it was Ilmir. The cause of death is murder. Investigators sighed heavily – 99% “horny”.

During the interrogation, Gulnaz honestly admitted what she had done to the child.  Photo: screen of the Sledkom of the Republic of Belarus

During the interrogation, Gulnaz honestly admitted what she had done to the child. Photo: screen of the Sledkom of the Republic of Belarus

Then in 2017, nothing could be ascertained, but in conversations with the child’s parents, something still seemed strange. This unexplained feeling did not let the investigators go and from time to time they returned to the mother of the missing person with new questions, constantly observing new details.

And only in 2022 such a meticulous and boring job suddenly led to a real discovery. The woman, as usual, poured tea for the guests, but suddenly burst into tears in the middle of the proposal and admitted that it was her. For 21 years she kept a terrible secret, she suffered at night, but with all her thoughts she was trying to forget that terrible night, when she personally and consciously led her son on a direct path to death. And all this because of the great love for a man who did not accept her child. Personally, he had to make an awesome choice.


Gulnaz Alimaeva gave birth to her first child quite early, when she was 20 years old. Nothing is known about the real father of the child: as the woman indifferently stated in a conversation with the researchers, she was not at all interested in his son and did not participate in his upbringing, so all worries about the child fell on the young woman alone. Gulnaz’s parents, as best they could, took pity on their daughter and often took their grandson to stay with them.

Everything changed in 2000 when Gulnaz met her new love. Renat was 10 years older than his chosen one. They soon moved in and began living together.

Playing the role of a caring father was by no means part of Renat’s plans, especially since the couple soon had a child together. The boy greatly annoyed the man, something he constantly reminded his wife of, and even offered Gulnaz many times to let his son be raised by his parents – they say, why do you need this child? We will raise our children, but we do not need this, only problems from him.

In addition, the elements differ. According to the woman, later, according to the allegations, her lover had an even more insidious plan – he suggested to his wife … to kill his son and then report his disappearance. Later, during interrogations by investigators, she will say that her husband threatened her with his departure and beat her if she did not obey, so she was forced to agree to his demands. The man denies it.

he was strangled with a belt by a robe and buried in the forest

But the picture of the murder is clear down to the smallest detail. That fateful morning of June 27, 2001, Ilmir was visiting his grandparents. At 11 in the morning the child went home, promising to look back the next day. Ilmir got on his green Ural bike, said goodbye and drove home. Grandparents never saw their grandson alive again.

As Gulnaz Alimaeva herself later said during the interrogation, her son returned home safely. His mother met him on the street and offered to go with her to the forest to collect birch brooms for swimming. The unsuspecting Ilmir happily agreed – his mother was not often interested in her attention and spending an extra hour alone with her was a real happiness for the baby.

During the research experiment, the woman showed exactly how she strangled the boy.  Photo: screen of the Sledkom of the Republic of Belarus

During the research experiment, the woman showed exactly how she strangled the boy. Photo: screen of the Sledkom of the Republic of Belarus

– In the forest, he stood with his back to me. I climbed up from behind and strangled him with a robe belt and then went home. At home, my husband asked me, “Well, how?” I replied that I had killed him. My husband asked me if I buried him, I said no. Then she handed me a shovel and said, “Go and bury her,” Gulnaz said in a barely audible voice during the research experiment, and showed the researchers exactly how she treated her son without even calling him by his first name.

The woman hid the boy’s bicycle and shoes far away in the bushes and at night burned the robe and the belt with which he was strangled in the bathroom. And the next day, she went to the police to write a statement about her son’s disappearance.


Surprisingly, after the crime, the woman managed to convincingly play the role of a sad mother. Then the martyrdoms of the perfect did not bother her. With tears in her eyes, she easily sat for hours at the police station, where she begged to find her “beloved son.” And in January 2003 he even went to Moscow on the TV show “Wait for me”.

We are still in shock. She looks like such a decent woman, but we were all so worried, we sympathized with her … How did she have the conscience to say on the show that she loves her son and believes that he will be found alive? We just can not put it in our heads! The locals still can not believe what happened.

Gulnaz even came to the show

Gulnaz even came to the program “Wait for me”, where she spoke with tears about her missing son

The criminal case for the disappearance of a student has been gathering dust on the shelves of investigators for several years. Detectives could not find any idea that the boy could have gone. Various versions were considered – from abduction to accident. That Ilmir was dealt with by his own mother – one could not even imagine. The woman managed to convince everyone that she was not waiting for her son to return home that morning.


In the summer of 2017, when a resident of the Baimaksky area went to the nearest mushroom forest and fell on a human skull and bones, after which he immediately turned to the police. The criminals sent the bones to Kazan for DNA testing and found that the remains belonged to the missing fourth grade student.

In this forest, a woman buried her son and hid his belongings.  Photo: screen of the Sledkom of the Republic of Belarus

In this forest, a woman buried her son and hid his belongings. Photo: screen of the Sledkom of the Republic of Belarus

Gulnaz herself and her then-official husband moved from Sibay to Ufa, where they lived quietly and raised two children. The woman worked as a postman and, as it turned out, could no longer remember her lost son.

There were no witnesses and no evidence against her mother or husband. From the remains found, it was not possible to determine the cause of death. It seems that the criminal case would have remained unsolved and would have collected dust in the files of the investigative committee. Were it not for the recognition of the woman herself, the fate of the missing person would probably have remained a mystery.

Incidentally, the same man, 62-year-old Rinat, was summoned for questioning immediately after new circumstances were identified. He did not refuse for long and showed his 52-year-old wife. And now Gulnaz still needs to try to prove that she did it under pressure, and not just of her own free will.

All indigenous women are now in real shock and closed to themselves. All these years they continued to believe that Ilmir was lost, they took him somewhere, and he is still alive, he just does not remember his past. But the reality, as often happens, was harsh.


One way or another, the couple is now in custody. A case was filed against them for the murder of a minor, as well as for incitement and complicity in his commission. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

– At present, the first investigative actions have been carried out with the suspects and charges have been brought by the court, at the request of the investigator, a restraining measure was chosen in the form of detention. Investigators are continuing to gather and record information about the case, the press service of the regional commission of inquiry noted.

“KP-Ufa” continues to monitor developments.

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