Car tires filled the suburban forests

Vyacheslav Pravdin / News, 18:14, Yesterday /

There was a tire. She was old and bald. Nobody loved her. The cars refused to wear it and the owners threw it completely out of the house. The tire entered the forest and settled there. He poured himself into the spring sun, swam in the water of the mountain of the spring and suddenly turned into a beautiful swan.

In fact, he dreamed it all. Since it was thrown away, it has not stopped being a rubber band. The wear period remained the same. Lying in the rivers – poisoned the waters, and in the forest – the land. In Trans-Baikal, car tires or other rubber products are not processed. And therefore, there is very much such material in natural areas – where it can be thrown away without prying eyes.

Vladislav, a local resident
What I really see in this area is, of course, disappointing. Garbage, chaos. If you want to take a walk, it seems that the place is quite abundant in the beauty of its nature. You can breathe fresh air, forest. But, unfortunately, garbage, that is, spoils the appearance a lot and pollutes the environment. And all this is very frustrating. The water spoils. Well, the river itself, one might say, is no longer some kind of good.

The forest behind SibVO Stadium is a favorite place for locals. People here walk with children, relax, fall in love, walk dogs and bury pets. By the way, here is one of the graves of a dead dog, cat and maybe a hamster. It seems that the owners have long since forgotten that even though the neatly stacked stones and artificial flowers “Made in china” have become a memory that will rot here for more than twelve years, reminiscent of the buried corpse of an animal. Why did we pay attention to this tomb? Yes, because it is not located in a pet cemetery, but deep in a wooded area a few kilometers from the other graves.

Another element of suburban forest decoration is industrial waste. There are no buildings here, but there are mountains of building debris. This place (5938) does not even have access roads, but there is a pile of building tiles and old linoleum. Maybe the road was just overgrown with grass, because the garbage has been here for more than a year, judging by the fact that even trees have sprouted. But this is a fresh pile and consists of old asphalt, which, incidentally, is also toxic and belongs to the third category of dangerous substances.

Elena BEREZINA, resident of the area
Lots of rubble and rubbish from cars, tires and everything else. Well, we collect small rubbish, we often come with packages, but we do not collect large rubbish.

It is noted that the most polluted areas are located near highways. Part of the garbage arrives on the opposite side of the bypass highway, where we were even afraid to go, so as not to injure the thin journalistic psyche. To get depressed, there is enough view of the forest area near the stadium. Someone specially gifted brings garbage bags here. This is still fresh. And one even ties plastic from under the household chemicals to the trees.

What do we get as a result? The first is biological waste in the form of animal carcasses. The second is construction and household waste. The third is just a huge amount of used car tires. To the first question, we managed to get a detailed answer from Rosselkhoznadzor, who received an appeal from one of the interested citizens of Chita.

Sergey NAZAROV, Deputy Head of the Department of State Veterinary Supervision for Animal Health, Animal Product Safety and Laboratory Testing.
We have written a corresponding letter. Because we do not have that power right now. We have canceled all scheduled, unscheduled inspections scheduled for 2022. As a result, we wrote a letter to the Environmental Prosecutor, Aleksandrova. And now he sent us a reply that the events will take place from 14 to 17 June. Well, we have already decided there.

The prosecution in a scheduled manner will determine the procedure for the executive branch. As for the garbage collection, everything depends on the citizens themselves. Waiting for help from the regional administration is pointless – that is a fact. Literally in April, the Kaydalovka canal was partially cleared by one of the travel companies. The issue of old car tires, which are not buried, burned, or thrown away, remains unresolved. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, the issue of their disposal concerns only those who have formed these tires during their lifetime and only car owners decide what to do with them – to take them to Ulan-Ude for treatment at their own expense, throw them at Kaydalovka or cut swans from them. In the meantime, nothing specific has been determined, the forest around the ZabVO stadium is slowly turning into another landfill of the city from oversized rubber products.

Vyacheslav PRAVDIN, Evgeny POGORELY, ZabTV

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