Drake’s restaurant in US’s hated – guests complain about food and ask staff to teach them how to cook

At Dave’s Hot Chicken, sales increased by 262% in 2021. But not all visitors are happy with the very popular chicken.

Dave’s Hot Chicken – Real Guest Reviews / Photo: Collage: Today

Americans love fast food. Residents of the United States dream of opening a Dave’s Hot Chicken restaurant in every state. His specialty is chicken cooked in 7 levels of spices.: from light to hellish acid. From 2021 Canadian rapper Drake became co-owner of the foundation, motivating even more visitors to visit it. Around the fast food advertising campaign! Guests of the restaurant shared real reviews on Google Mapswhich make you doubt the slope of the network.

Not everyone appreciated the chicken

In Google Maps Dozens of positive reviews about chicken at Dave’s Hot Chicken. Maybe her taste motivated Drake to invest in the chain.

I tried the food and it was incredible. “Once I got to know the founders and heard their story, I took the opportunity to invest,” said Drake.

A photo of Drake from 2021, eating chicken fillet with pickles and french fries, scattered on the web. Fast food lovers wanted to repeat the rapper’s experience at the facility. Some guests, after tasting the food, hinted at the unprofessionalism of the cooks.

I am disappointedthe chicken was cold and the potatoes were hot. Expectations were not met I hope the chefs are retrainedwrote the guest.

One of the guests connects the facility after the visit with “terrible chicken”.

Terrible chicken. It is very salty for my taste. The spices were also awesome. Bad chicken, especially at this pricewrote the guest.

Hype Beast notes that Dave’s Hot Chicken sales increased by 262% in 2021compared to 2020. Chicken lovers go to an institution with high expectations, but not everyone is justified.

The worst chicken ever … and I like chicken so much … very disappointed. ME ???????? – wrote the visitor.

The advertising campaign around the facility – motivates visitors to visit. What is the information about the co-owner Drake, whom fans dream of meeting in a restaurant. But enthusiasm is not always a matter of quality.

We ordered here yesterday, I was very excited about the whole advertising campaign. To be honest, I’m really confused because there ‘s so much noise – “The food is terrible, especially spaghetti and cheese, it tastes like I ate frozen,” the guest wrote.

The menu includes chicken with 7 degrees of spicy: from minimum (No Spice) to maximum (Reaper). If you like spicy, get ready for a surprise.

Good fried chicken but not as hot / spicy as suggested, “The ‘hot’ was not spicy at all,” the guest wrote.

Guests note high prices

One of the guests wrote this Dave’s Hot Chicken is expensive. Prices for chicken set with french fries, sauce and pickles – from $ 11.89 to $ 16.69.

He comes here a few times and orders chicken with his family. I would like to visit the restaurant more often, but prices bite.

EXPENSIVE to feed 3 5 years with me, BUT IT’S WORTH IT AGAIN. I AM A FAN. When it comes to chicken, we ONLY go to DAVE’s. I can not afford to go as often as I would like, LOL, he admitted.

Disappointing customer service

Fans of Dave’s Hot Chicken take the risk by ordering food in delivery form. Staff are seconded to online orders. One of the guests admitted that he did not receive the dish he paid for.

Something was wrong with this place the last two times.they do everything wrong. I ordered two dishes, but received only one and no salad, cold and dark (guest for the color and temperature of the food), he wrote.

Drivers call parking spaces “crap”

Visitors it is not recommended to go to the Drake’s institution by car. The reason for this is the parking problem.

If you can get here otherwise, in addition to the car, I recommend you do thisbecause the parking lot is very small and always full (at least when I leave) and the parking on the street is not much better “, wrote a guest.

Guests who liked the food at the establishment, turn a blind eye to the problem of “makeshift” parking spaces.

Our whole house LOVES DAVID. From great staff to a “hole in the wall” atmosphere. Very cool Oh, parking sucks, but the hook AND SIDE WILL BE WORTH EFFORT. “My only wish is for the potatoes to be crispier,” he wrote.

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