Enjoyable coolness in the heat of summer: favorite ice cream from the Angaria factory


Finally, summer has come, which means that there are great fun walks ahead, excursions to the cottage and water bodies, hot days by the pool and many other interesting things. And what summer day would be complete without a refreshing, delicious ice cream? Take the “Barguzinsky Plombir” with you for a walk in the city, get a pack of weight ice cream for everyone in a cooler bag for the dacha or please the kids with the “Plombir on Yogurt” on the way to the park – try the Ice Cream of the Angaria plant so dear to the people of Tomsk.

The Angaria factory is a magical ice cream parlor that has been operating for 65 years and is one of the largest producers of this delicacy in the Irkutsk region and the Far East.

The factory produces more than a hundred types of ice cream and the range of flavors is so amazing and varied that everyone can find a treat for themselves. And you can try ice cream by buying it in many grocery stores, as well as in Angaria brand stores!

For those who prefer a rich creamy taste and long for ice cream “like in childhood”, the factory created Farmer Plombir. Natural milk and butter are used for its production and the fat content of the final ice cream reaches 20%. You can try ice cream in a waffle cup – there is a classic flavor with the addition of dried apricots, plums and healthy cereals. You can also try ice cream in the form of ice cream with crunchy chocolate icing or get a weight pack of Farmer’s Ice Cream for a large company – a very popular winter choice. So you can enjoy a large portion of the classic flavor or add your favorite jam to it.

By the way, according to the results of 2021, Farmer’s Plombir received the highest prize in the All-Russian competition of the program “100 Best Products of Russia” – “Taste of Quality” in the category “Food Products”.

Also in the great variety of “Agaria” there is a series “Ice cream in yogurt” – the pride of the factory. It is made with natural yogurt enriched with beneficial bifidobacteria, andThe taste is distinguished by a pleasant yogurt sourness, as in natural yogurt.

For true connoisseurs of sweets, the factory has prepared “Plombir in cream” with a rich, sweet taste of ice cream. Ice cream is being prepared natural creams and has more delicate taste of a classic ice cream.

Plombir Barguzinsky is a whole range of classic ice creams in various forms and flavors. It is “Barguzinsky” because there is the Barguzinsky National Park in Baikal, where nature is purer and more untouched by man. As pure as the composition of this ice cream. It is prepared with natural milk and butter, without the use of vegetable fats and GMOs.

In addition, in “Agaria” for lovers of exquisite flavors there is a series popsicle “Maestro”available in various forms. These are ice cream in milk icing with pistachio flavor with chocolate coating and almonds, vanilla ice cream in milk icing with hazelnuts and chocolate ice cream in chocolate icing with chocolate coating and hazelnuts. And an innovation – cream brulee in caramel icing.

Fruit lovers will find “Juicy mix” fruit ice in the factory collection,
represented by two flavors: banana-kiwi-strawberry and gooseberry-gooseberry-raspberry. Also in the collection there are horns with various jams, a tube of chocolate whipped cream and much much more.

Angaria has so many delicious ice creams that will open your eyes and you can find it both in the branded shops of the factory and in many other grocery stores in the city. Come visit and try!

Addresses of Angaria ice cream shops in Tomsk:

  • Oil, 7;
  • Lenin, 131;
  • Frunze, 102;
  • Pushkin, 25a;
  • Ferenc Munnich, 8;
  • Irkutsk Street, 44.

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