He was playing a robber and behind the scenes he was suspected of murder. How Vladimir Sychev looks like the hero of “Boomer”

Vladimir Sychev was born in Moscow into a smart family: my mother graduated from a pedagogical school and my father graduated from the Institute of Culture in the class of accordion with buttons. As a child, Volodya was a bully and boxing helped him deal with unbridled energy. The boy honestly did not like to study, so when the assistant director approached him at the Pioneer Palace, he saw at least two advantages in being able to get on the set: formal leave to skip school on filming days and even get paid for it. . However, in the movie “Debt” our hero did not light up.

“Literally two weeks later, after I went through such a huge casting, my photo ended up in the children’s acting room at Gorky Studio. “I got a call from Yeralash, where I had already been approved,” Vladimir recalls.

The roles of Sychev adults, of course, were radically different from those of children. On June 6, the actor turns 51, and we say how his own fate is intertwined with the stories of the heroes of the series.

“Yeralash” and studies at GITIS

The principal was Vladimir’s aunt, so the incompetent in many lessons and the unruly student were miraculously transferred to the ninth grade. For retraining, the teenager was sent to pioneering camps, where he was even found by the assistant director of “Chireotis”. Then it went like clockwork: the episodes “Brazilian system”, “We are going, we are going, we are going” and “Naval battle” in “Yeralash”, Pavlukha’s role in “Bad Sunday”. How did the young man escape from the disease of the stars?

“I saw children who first looked at their mouths and then took the lead role and stopped saying hello. This always bothered me. The same goes for adults – sometimes no one greeted him at the entrance, other times they would not let him pass. Fire, water and copper pipes. Some do, some do not. But there is a downside: I was exhausted from the shooting, I was exhausted from them. The practice, the experience, the communication with famous Soviet actors is a school, but the exploitation of child labor is not very good. I even turned down many roles. “I wanted to take a walk and relax, like any child,” the artist admitted to StarHit.

Upon entering GITIS, Vladimir was advised not to talk about the children’s roles. The supervisor learned about this student’s experience only in the second year. It was generally forbidden to play in the cinema during the study period, so that there is no separation from the lessons.

The series

The series “Little Things in Life” extended to 74 episodes

When the actor was in his first year, the cinema was still dangerous, so the students received many offers. But the more you refuse, the less they invite, and a year later there were many times fewer invitations.

“And in the third, this is already 1990-1991, and the cinema was in a serious decline and the proposals stopped,” Sychev noted. – I only remember that our course starred in the first Russian TV series – “Little Things in Life”. Tanya Matyukhova played the lead role and everyone else, including me, was kind of secondary.

Although Vladimir did not do well in school, he became an excellent student at the university and did not receive a red diploma just because of a degree in French. For some time after graduation, the actor served in the theater and returned to the cinema already in disarray. However, you should not miss an important chapter in the life of an artist associated with the rapid 90s: then Sychev, in fact, was part of the underworld.

robber in fact

“I was 20 years old, then there was my own romance. Everything is right, honestly, and then you understand that there are rotten people there. You understand that in life it is not exactly the same as in books. Crime is different for crime. Someone is involved in robberies and robberies, but I had a plain racket. I knew I would do a good deed. “I know that if I protect someone now, then others will no longer be able to fit him,” Vladimir described the times he lived “according to the rules.

In fact, the romance was a bit much, because the issue was not limited to wearing a raspberry jacket. Sitchev went to the “snipers” and many times looked death in the face, many of his comrades died from a stray bullet or from drug addiction.

“Somehow I was asked to support and drive to Strelka. I could not because I was playing in the theater. Everyone who was there was no longer there, only shots fired from cars remained. And there were many such cases “, the actor admitted in the program” The Fate of a Man “of the channel Russia 1.

At one point, the artist was even charged with double murder: documents were stolen from his car and another person drove with them for some time. The criminal killed two people to death and Sitchev was arrested six months later. “He somehow managed to agree and he went to court. The investigator in charge of the case has resigned. The investigation was undertaken by a woman who was not present at my arrest. It was beneficial for her to close all this bureaucracy quickly. “Fortunately, the traffic witness said the killer was taller than me,” Sitchev said.

Dont missFizruk’s star, Vladimir Sychev, has been charged with double murder

The criminal confrontations were strangely combined with the work in the theater: as the actor explained, he had to feed his family, because already at the age of 20 he married his 17-year-old beloved Arina. They met at a disco and, according to Sychev, the girl probably insisted on legalizing the relationship. “The scholarship was not even enough for me, probably, it affected the fact that I started looking for other ways to make money by communicating with crime,” Vladimir thought.

At one point, the actor was faced with a choice: a creative profession or a path to crime bosses. The pendulum swung in the direction of blackmail and in 1996 Sitchev left the theater, especially because this area was in crisis. The relationship with Arina had already broken down then, but a new love helped our hero change course.

Criminal on screen

In the late 90’s, the actor fell in love with Alesya Velikanova, who worked at the TV development fund. “We were both free. It turned out that we were going to the company of mutual friends and they asked me to give Alesya to lift. “We had an accident, a car fell on us and this tragic situation brought us closer and the friendly feelings became something more”, the artist explained.

Dont missBrutal Nagiyev, Akinshina in a blue coat, Malikov and his wife: star in the premiere of “Boomerang”

It was Alesya who insisted that Vladimir retire from criminal matters and return to the profession. In 2000, Sychev appeared in the episode “DMB”, but three years later played the lead role of a robber named “Yeralash” in “Boomer”. The actor noted that he sometimes even advised the director on the behavior of criminals, because he knew first hand how their internal kitchen works.

In the series “Parisians” the artist played a researcher, in “Daddy’s Daughters” he reincarnated as a tax inspector and in “Once Upon a Time in Rostov” as a senior police lieutenant. However, the criminal issue did not let Sychev go, so in “Fizruk” he played the role of “Thomas”‘s best friend – Lekhi-Psych. Later, along with Dmitry Nagiyev, Vladimir also starred in commercials.

Dont missSychev: “Nagiyev is the highest paid actor in the country. “No one is paid that way.”

“The Law of the Stone Jungle”, “Grand”, “Restaurant by Concept”, “BOOMERANG” – the artist was haunted by the usual themes. “In fact, directors, producers and viewers perceive me more as a comedian. But I have already said and I repeat that I consider myself a more dramatic artist. By the way, I got an award at the festival for my dramatic role in the movie Manyashino Lake. “I play only one father,” Vladimir stressed.

Late paternity

Fortunately, in reality, the fate of a single father bypassed the actor. It is true that, as the lead roles did not come immediately to Sitchev, he became a father rather late: at 39. When the eldest daughter Anna was born, Vladimir and Alessia got married, although they had not previously paid attention to the stamps.

Dont missVladimir Sychev showed apartments after the renovation

“We lived for ourselves for a long time, we traveled, we enjoyed each other and when we wanted a child, it did not work for some time. God probably knew that at 39 I was ready to become a complete father. Everything turned out to be difficult: the wife lay down in maintenance. “But everything went well and safely,” Sychev said.

When Alesya was first pregnant, Vladimir was filming in Kharkov in the movie “Salvage”. He did not want to turn down the role, so every day after filming he flew to Moscow and returned to the site in the morning on an early flight. The actress managed to give birth and cut the umbilical cord when Anya was born.

Dont missVladimir Sychev: “My wife and I want another son”

Two years later, the couple had a second daughter, Maria. The family settled outside the city, where it was more comfortable for the children to grow up. “I want a man, of course, a son,” the artist thought. – But there is no immediate goal in itself. I just wanted God to send children and be healthy. At the same time, I repeat, I did not set a goal – only a boy. Therefore, I love my daughters very much, this is my happiness. I would not mind my son, what can I say, but I am very happy with my daughters. It happened to me, as in that joke – I will grow up, I will spend all the money on women: a woman, two daughters.

Based on material from Vokrug TV, RT.

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