How the weather affects the appetite – what to do depending on the weather

How does the weather affect the appetite? Do you really want to eat more when it rains?

We are dealing with the doctor.

Have you noticed that in winter you want fatty and hot food, and in summer – more sour, light, salads and lemonades? This is the body’s natural response to changes in temperature. In nature, everything is interconnected, and therefore the vagaries of the weather affect our taste buds. We understand how the appetite changes at different times of the year and whether it is worth worrying about.

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Candidate of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics SITILAB

When the weather worsens, as a rule, there is less physical activity, the body is under pressure, which you want to “seize” with something tasty.

How the weather affects the appetite

The temperature outside the window affects well-being. Due to bad weather, people can be tired and out of mood. These changes are subject to taste preferences. Appetite tends to change throughout the year – depending on the season. When it is cold outside, most of the time we are attracted to fatty foods with many calories. The situation is very different in hot weather. In summer, as a rule, you do not want to eat heavy food.


The weather affects what and how much we eat. For example, in hot climates, men eat an average of 3100 kcal. And in the north – 4900 kcal, which is 1800 kcal more than in hot countries. This conclusion was reached by a researcher from the University of Toronto, Peter German, comparing the diets of people living in different parts of the world. Why is this happening?

Irina: Food fats help keep you warm in the winter. In addition, if you are extremely underweight, your body may try to store fat to keep you warm. In summer we need more fluids and, paradoxically, salts, which sweat in the heat.

In which cases should you sound the alarm?

Appetite change is not always related to the weather. If your appetite increases sharply in a rainy autumn or a full spring, you need to take a closer look at your diet and well-being. The fact is that in autumn the amount of vitamin D taken decreases sharply, the diet becomes less vegetables and herbs, they are replaced by flour and sweets. First, such a diet can cause a carbohydrate fluctuation, so after a sweet bun you just want to eat more. And second, there are few vitamins in fast carbohydrate foods.


Irina: The body can send a signal that it is hungry to make up for the lack of necessary substances and instead of receiving fast carbohydrates and “empty” calories. In addition, when the hours of the day are reduced, the weather worsens, there is less physical activity, the body is under pressure, which you want to “eat” something tasty, to please yourself in the simplest way. A vicious circle is created: we try to cheer up and satisfy our appetite with hot sweet coffee with pastries, but instead we only increase the feeling of hunger and raise the blood sugar.

What to do in such a situation

It is important to build a balanced diet, reduce the amount of sugar, increase the amount of fiber, add sport to life. This is the only way to increase your energy levels.

Irina: In addition, there are certain elements that cause hunger or cravings for sugar. The main thing is magnesium. Most of the population is deficient in magnesium all year round, but this problem is especially acute during the cold season, when it becomes more difficult to eat a variety. Therefore, if you suffer from a constant craving for sweets, it is worth checking the level of magnesium in your blood.


If you are unbearably hungry for meat, there is probably a lack of iron, there is a risk of anemia. The craving for spicy food can be a symptom of decreased thyroid function. In this case, you need to take precautions, do an ultrasound and pass a series of tests as prescribed by your doctor.

No matter how dependent on the weather, it is in our power to control our desires. A balanced diet and regular exercise will help prevent unexpected increases in appetite.

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