In Kamchatka, young ecologists were awarded vouchers for the Valley of the Land

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Kamchatka Territory hosted the award ceremony of the winners and participants of the second regional portfolio competition “Young Ecologists of Kamchatka”. The organizers of the ecological competition are the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Kronotsky Shelter.

13 young ecologists aged 6 to 18 participated in the portfolio competition. The students shared their achievements in the field of nature conservation, talked about their ecological habits. Among the winners are members of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve Young Nat Club, children who, theoretically and practically, learn to follow an environmentally friendly lifestyle, observe nature and carry out their own experimental work, implement projects aimed at preserving the environment , help environmental campaigns, talk about nature to classmates, friends and relatives. Among them are brother and sister Alena and Timofey Dunin.

“In our family, from childhood, we taught the children to take care of nature, to observe it, to listen to it. They will never leave rubbish in the forest or on the shore of a tank, they will not infect an animal. Alena and Timofey are constantly involved in environmental campaigns and competitions at the Kronotsky Shelter and various environmental associations. They often become winners, I think, because they sincerely love nature and try to preserve it. “It’s wonderful that the reserve, the local government, is giving the children of Kamchatka the opportunity to visit the famous Geysers Valley for its nature conservation achievements.” – he said Marina Fedorovamother of Alena and Timofey, winners of the “Young ecologist of Kamchatka-2022” competition.

Prior to the award ceremony for the young environmentalists, the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology addressed the children and their parents who came to support the contestants.

Perhaps, there is no more harmonious combination of words than “children and nature”, “children and ecology”. Now it is important for us not to lose, to direct the interests and priorities of Kamchatka students and pupils in the right direction. Ultimately, these are the future of the Kamchatka Territory, this youth will replace us in leadership positions, will show by example how to make this world better, how to achieve sustainable development of the region in conditions of rational use of natural resources , conscious consumption, additional incentive for further development in this direction, stressed Alexei KumarkovMinister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Kamchatka Territory.

All participants received prizes: a photo album for the bears of the South Kamchatka Shelter and the foxes of the Kronotsky Shelter, the board game “Bears and Salmon” dedicated to the symbols of Kamchatka, coloring books and notebooks in “. The winners in different age categories were awarded diplomas by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Kamchatka Territory. For first and second place, children aged 10 and over were awarded certificates for a flight to one of the most amazing places in the Kronotsky Shelter – Geysers Valley.

In recent decades, we have become a real “consumer society”, which now suffers on its own: animals die in plastic garbage, there are whole garbage islands in the ocean. And now many people are aware of all these problems, trying to return to the path of rational consumption and conservation of nature. Therefore, it is especially nice to see today that there are families where children grow up in love with nature, they are taught to solve even small environmental problems that have arisen through human fault. I believe that the territory of Kamchatka should become an example for other regions of Russia for nature conservation, green initiatives and projects. “The new generation gives us hope for that.” – write down Tatiana GulbinaDeputy Director of Environmental Education of the Federal State Financial Institution “Kronotsky State Reserve”.

Winners of the competition “Young ecologist of Kamchatka-2022”

Application 6-9 years:

Dunin Timofey – I position

Nebozhin Mikhail – II place

Shestakova Svetlana – III place

Application 10-14 years:

Alekseev Igor – I position

Polozova Anna – II place

Dounina Alyofor – III position

Application 15-18 years:

Koptelova Svetlana – I place

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