“McDonald’s remodeling will lead to a loss of attractiveness” 06/03/2022

In early March, when McDonald’s announced its withdrawal from Russia, residents of the country, including those in Tatarstan, rushed to buy Bic-Mac farewells and strawberry cocktails. However, after a while, it turned out that in a democracy a fast food restaurant worked and still works. The marking does not change. Have we decided to find out what is the reason for a different approach and is it worth considering the fact that McDonald’s will remain virtually unchanged in Tatarstan?

In Tatarstan and 12 other regions of Russia, under the McDonald’s franchise, SPP LLC – Regional Network of Catering Companies operates. The owner of the organization is a Kazakh businessman Kairat Boranbaev. In 2021, he became the fifth most influential businessman in Kazakhstan, according to Forbes, and the 14th richest businessman in the world. By the way, she is a relative of the first president of the country. Nursultan Nazarbayev – the daughter of a businessman was married to the grandson of a politician.

A few months ago, Boranbaev was arrested on charges of embezzlement in the almost public sector, and is now in prison.

SPP LLC promised that the quality of the products will in any case remain at the same high level.

The company has now started the process of selling its business to a new owner. The leadership team will remain unchanged. In companies with the new brand, accessibility will remain, all the high demands will remain – product quality, technological solutions, supply chains, staff training. Franchise companies will be able to become part of the new company, the organization noted.

There is another important player – a businessman from Siberia Alexander Govor. His company has restaurant chains in Novosibirsk, Bernetsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Barnaul and Krasnoyarsk. He is going to buy all the McDonald’s restaurants in Russia and run them under a new brand. At the same time, the employees will continue to work under the current conditions for another two years.

Of course, after such news, everyone started massively offering their names for the foundation – they have to decide before mid-June. Among the most popular are “Only so”, “Fun and tasty”, “The Same” and “Free Cashier”.

– We are currently working on creating a new brand and we have already sent applications for the registration of many names. In the future, one of all registered names will be selected, according to McDonald’s Press Office.

There was news that another version of the name appeared on Rospatent – “Our Place”. This caused outrage among Midimer Nugmanov, former head of the Kazan Children and Youth Committee. A network of cafes in Tatarstan operates under this name.

– I’m very happy for McDuck, but let ‘s get my permission first. I registered a trademark in 2019, exactly three years ago. The brand is recognizable in Kazan and outside of Tatarstan – there were many different PR moves from very good service, video blogs from KVN, releases of the show “On the Knives” on Friday’s TV channel, etc. From the point of view of the law, they should not receive such a name, because it is legal for me (correct with fellow lawyers), the host wrote in the post. – In terms of capabilities – “Mac” has a whole army of them, so let’s look at their actions.

Russia is a big market for McDonald's: will we taste Bic-Mac again?

He told a KazanFirst reporter that he had already contacted lawyers.

– They can not register such a name, since I have had it for three years. For other positions, for example, for goods, yes, it is possible to register a trademark. That alone does not make sense, Nugmanov said. – They assured me that they would be denied registration.

The workers themselves, according to them, now live in fog – only uncertainty and no particularity. They know that the menu is slowly changing – they explain it to them with material and technical difficulties. For example, Coca-Cola is no longer available in glasses, only in bottles. It turned out that the syrup was transported to restaurants, which was further diluted with water. Because of this, the drink on the Mac looks tastier to many, because it retains its freshness longer.

– We pay regularly, there are rarely delays. But so far, even the managers do not know anything, they shrug their shoulders and say, “We will see,” it was announced. Leysan. – Tension was in the air from the beginning, when they just announced their departure, now everyone has calmed down a bit, because nothing threatens.

Russia is a big market for McDonald's: will we taste Bic-Mac again?

It is worth noting that the Mac is more crowded than ever – good weather and summer vacations make an impact.

“The flow of customers has become really incredible, it is especially difficult during rush hour, when there is no time even to go to the toilet,” the girl admitted. – It does not help the fact that many take food with them, rather they want to sit in the park and relax. To be honest, we also want to sit down and relax.

“McDonald’s” is the most perfect kind of public catering, regulated, systematized, it has no analogues. We should talk about catering in Russia No. 1, – is convinced the deputy of the Duma of the city of Kazan Mikhail Kuznetsov.

He believes that once the fast food restaurant has passed to those who have already dealt with fast food, there will be not exactly shaping, but adaptation to current financial needs.

– This is a business, it must work. Russia is a big market for McDonald’s. Therefore, there will be no such thing that the furniture will change there, some other interior solutions will most likely remain in their yellow and red colors. Yes, the name will change, the menu map will change, but it will not change much. “Brand positions like Bik-Mac will be removed, but it must be understood that a huge number of people and supply chains are involved,” he said.

Russia is a big market for McDonald's: will we taste Bic-Mac again?

In terms of traffic, at the beginning after the name change, you should expect a large number of people, as they will be interested in what has changed. Then everything will fall apart, but the consumer will still associate the new name with the old Mac.

PhD in Economics Bulat Bakeevon the contrary, he believes that the restaurant’s popularity will decline.

– When guests choose one or another restaurant, they pay not only for the dish itself, but also for the service and the brand, which gives the feeling that you belong to something. The remodeling of McDonald’s network, even if the menu remains very similar and the quality does not suffer, will lead to the fact that one of the elements that shaped the attractiveness of the point will still be lost, the expert is sure.

How much demand reduction “Papparuna” expects – is still difficult to estimate. But Bakeev explained that in economics, when there is an adjustment to crisis phenomena, simplification occurs, that is, substitutes are more expensive and of poor quality.

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