New attraction in Vladimir

Remember the phrase from the movie “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath”: “Now almost every Soviet city has its own Cheryomushki”? Now Vladimir has his own Cheryomushki

At the end of May, the long-awaited opening of the Cheryomushki shopping center took place in the area of ​​the legendary Fakel clothing market. This fact, without exaggeration, awaited the whole city. No wonder, because the complex is located in the youngest and fastest growing area of ​​Vladimir: many houses, new housing estates, a university, park areas and alleys, a large sports complex will appear soon. It is less than a minute from the mall to public transport stops, and one of the city’s longest public transport routes is close by.

Meeting place can not be changed…

The project has become truly unique to the city. The founders created an interesting platform in every way – a modern conceptual design of the architecture and the interior of the complex, where everything is studied to the smallest detail: panoramic windows, modern decorative landscapes of common areas, ceilings with laths and elegant.


Special attention was paid to the area around the complex. Landscape designers supported the overall idea and decorated the entrance with fragrant cherry bushes.


They thought of the comfort and safety of each visitor: they installed ramps and large elevators, equipped the Parents and Children’s room, organized clean navigation, arranged parking for all modes of transport: cars, bicycles and scooters and will soon appear comfortable. .

The inner world of Cheryomushki

Over 70 shops and cafes are waiting for you on the 3 floors of the mall, where you can find everything you need.

IMG_0898 (1) .jpeg

In the spacious room – the author’s cafe “Litsa” and WAYSTEA tea. For those who always have a snack on the run – a KFC fast food restaurant. for lovers of home cooking, delicious cherry tarts and other culinary delights at the SPAR buffet (opening soon). We are sure that the space will become a favorite place for meetings and photography.

“In the first days of the center’s work, we received dozens of ratings and reviews on social networks. The movement of the shopping center has already exceeded expectations, – said shopping center manager Lyudmila Burdina.

Your walk along the Cheryomushki

For products stop by the big SPAR supermarket (opens in June) and for the right food, head to the EcoDay store.


Do you want to renew your wardrobe or choose a new look? A wide variety of clothing and accessories stores will help you with this:

  • Bold and youthful Sinsay (starting in June), Gloria Jeans, The Trend and Candy.

  • CrossWorld and Format Sport sports.

  • elegant SERGINNETTI and Anika’s;

  • the elegant Truvor (opening in late summer).

  • KORSET underwear?

  • accessories stores, optics, jewelry and more.

IMG_0900 2.jpeg

Cosmetics and hair care products You will find in Style & Beauty, Good Price and Parfum Oil on the 1st floor of the complex.


Do you want to entertain the kids while you shop?You will soon be able to leave them at the Skalaland entertainment complex. If, after the fun, the children are very sloppy, go to the children’s hair salon “Veselaya comb” and to set the mood of a tired child, go to the big toy store Any Many Toys on the 3rd floor.


Are holidays coming? In the shopping center “Cheryomushki” there is a gift for every occasion, for example, unusual sweets and gizmos at Sweet33, useful DNS gadgets or earrings in Gold-Silver. Yes, even your favorite cat in the pet store will find a worthy gift!

Hungry?At the beginning of August, the already favorite pizzeria To-to will open on the 2nd floor of the complex. And there: and pizza, and pasta, and buns …

We are not exaggerating, it has everything and even a little more: Beeline and Megafon communication stores, furniture and household items, gadget accessories stores, phone repair, Diana dry cleaning, Stirka.sam, the only self-service washing machine in Vladimir. And of course, mandatory for the pharmacy mall!


Shopping center “Cheryomushki” – the story of a love

The main thing for any mall is the love of its visitors. And the Cheryomushki Mall will definitely face it!

Guests will undoubtedly fall in love with the pleasant atmosphere, the elegant interior, the wide range of products and services and will enjoy their walks and shopping here.

IMG_0929 2.jpeg

Come visit, meet friends, celebrate the holidays and enjoy new shopping! All guests are welcome in the mall: even your dog will be able to go shopping. Cheryomushki Mall has become the first dog-friendly complex in town where you can bring your pet.

We are waiting for you every day from 09:00 to 21:00. The KFC restaurant is open from 09:00 until 23:00.

For those who wish to start their own business in the shopping center “Cheryomushki” there are many free facilities. Your store will be 100% successful, because this famous place is historically saturated with the spirit of commerce.

Shopping center “Cheryomushki” ave. Builders, 9b


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