Northerners put things in order in Teriberka – Murmansk and region news

Arctic Tourism Laboratory experts visit the Great Tourist Subbotnik in Teriberka. Everyone could take part in it and make the village, which is already well known to thousands of travelers around the world, cleaner. Our film crew met those who passed their license for the benefit of the ecology of the area.

Neither the long road nor the rain showers scared hundreds of volunteers. General cleaning in Teriberka is a tradition. Well-to-do residents of the area – representatives of government agencies, large and small businesses with friends and family come to the shores of the Barents Sea to leave behind cleanliness and order.

“An important task is to change the brain. And here we are already seeing big changes. We see that we have to clean less and less, there is little new garbage. Basically, it is a legacy of the past. “The tourist is gaining consciousness”, answered the question of our correspondent Alexander Eliseev, Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Murmansk Region.

Groups of clean-up fighters were scattered throughout old Terimberka. Neither the beaches nor the cemetery of the ships were left unattended. Many people learned about subbotnik by accident through friends or social networks.

“Subbotniks are always made in the spring. This is from our grandparents, our parents. It is OK. “Respect nature, love the country as well,” said Yan Buketov, a subbotnik contributor.

“This year we have the Year of Ecological Tourism in the area. I think we show by our example that you have to start with yourself. Therefore, we are among the first here “, says Anastasia Kalininskaya.

This year, at the festival in Teriberka, the Arctic Picnics workshop is scheduled to open. Rapid decomposition of environmentally friendly tableware, equipment for rent. All this must take root, become a cultural part both in the outdoor recreation and in everyday life.

“As a former mayor of the heroic city, I can say that, first of all, it is necessary to clean the city services and that not being cleaned by the city services is already within the subbotniks. Not the other way around! “But most importantly, the principle remains that it is not clean where they clean, but where they do not wipe,” said Eugene Nikora, Deputy Speaker of the Murmansk Regional Duma.

Subbotniks, responsible services, waste management system do their job. But without self-control, big changes will not happen.

Much remains to be done in order for Teriberka to become a real pearl of tourism in the Murmansk region both in form and content. It will not work without financial investment. But each of us is able to just clean up the trash. “Everyone can, but not everyone understands,” said Andrei Zaitsev, a spokesman for Murman’s state television and radio company.

Whoever works well, eats well. After a thorough cleaning, Teriberka guests were treated to pancakes with jam and fish cod and white fish soup.

“I will do a lot of commercials for my friends. They are beautiful here. I will always bring my friends here to rest “, promised a tourist from Spain, Christian Tarruella.

“Hearty. More than. In the fresh air, every meal is a joy,” said cameraman Sergei Kornakov.

It seems that everyone can find something to their liking in Teriberka. Any time of year and in any weather. Place of power, attraction of the North. These are really simple beautiful words. Something is changing in the people here. They become kinder, wiser, more responsive and responsible. It is as if all the unnecessary are cut only by the view of the harsh and beautiful nature.

“When there are such volunteers, volunteers, people who care, it’s wonderful. Therefore, thank you very much to everyone who was with us today “, shared her impressions Larisa Kruglova, Chair of the Committee on Culture, Youth Policy, Tourism and Sports of the Murmansk Regional Duma.

“I came here with my son. And he loves such moves from me, you can tell. We are in favor of the environmental agenda. With all arms and legs “, said Anna Turilova, participant in subbotnik.

After every meeting with Teriberka, I want to come back here again. To take back photos, souvenirs, unforgettable impressions.

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