Real experience of opening a restaurant in Sevastopol

According to the president of the Restaurant Association

at the moment the number of visitors has been reduced by at least 50%, and during the May holidays the facilities were almost empty.

“The situation is really so critical that the restaurants just do not know what to do. We have not had such an experience. “We thought Covid was the limit of our potential, but it turned out not to be.”said Stukaturov.

He also noted that there were hopes for the summer season, but the issue of transport logistics has not been substantially resolved, despite the introduction of additional trains. In addition, prices for the purchase of products have increased. And if you increase the price of dishes in an institution, you may lose the last customers. It is necessary, according to him, to revise the menu, to replace components, to simplify the recipe. For the spring season, entrepreneurs got rid of the rent for summer spaces. But the amnesty ends by June 1, which is very scary for restaurant owners.

“We value our customers, we love them and we do not want to scare them. We want them to continue. Therefore, the menu was completely revised, the product catalog was completely revised. Some made urgent negotiations with suppliers, some were replaced, somewhere the recipe was simplified. – stressed the president of the Sevastopol Restaurant Association.

Revenues in restaurants in Sevastopol have decreased significantly due to the reduction in the number of customers. A significant percentage of them were tourists, who are now few.

The restaurants also appealed to the Sevastopol Business Ombudsman for support Ilia Pesternikov. Entrepreneurs are counting on the possibility of taking a series of financial support measures. First of all, the abolition of fees for the installation of summer playgrounds – this practice exists in major Russian cities.

In addition, the restaurants are hoping for tax cuts and financial support to maintain their workforce, as happened last year in the face of significant restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus.

“It is very important today to support our entrepreneurs at the regional level. Authentic, welcoming restaurants and cafes with delicious Black Sea cuisine are the visiting card of Sevastopol. “Our common duty with the city authorities is to do everything so that entrepreneurs can adequately meet our visitors and continue to grow their business.”commented on the situation Ilia Pesternikov He added that a proposal had been sent to the governments of Russia and Sevastopol, as well as to the Business Ombudsman under the President of the Russian Federation. Boris Titov.

It is worth noting that Denis Shtukaturov owns two restaurants in Sevastopol.

“Okroshka” on Nakhimov Avenue 2 is endless creativity and daring experiments, a combination of unusual and round dance of flavors, lightness, freshness, summer, sun, sea, childhood flavor, pleasant memories, holidays, parties, music and jazz on a plate, full of wonderful mood mixed with sparklers. All this appears in the menu, the interior and the lifestyle of the restaurant.

The name Black Sea Cuisine unites the local cuisine of the countries of the Black Sea coast, which competes with the Mediterranean cuisine. Kitchen style – Black Sea fusion. The menu combines world and Russian gastronomic traditions with new modern ideas. Light airy interior, large panoramic windows overlooking the sea emphasize the love of Mediterranean style. The restaurant uses mainly local seasonal products – seafood, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits. The wine list offers extremely high quality wines from the Crimea and Sevastopol. Here he will gladly organize for you celebrations, corporate parties, receptions and parties.

And the MOMO family restaurant overlooking the sea on Nakhimov 2, is a writer’s cuisine based on local produce and a classic sushi bar, a pleasant bright interior with well-placed touches, stunning bay views, branded cocktails, elite tea and vitamin smoothies as well as a children’s room.

This year Denis Shtukaturov received a letter of thanks from the Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozayev.

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