visited the site of the future parking lot and discovered the dreams of drivers

18:35, 2 June 2022. visited the construction site bus depot. The new base of JSC “Transport Company” will be moved from Pogranichnaya Street in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Vozdushnaya Street, 18. Preliminary work has already begun on an area of ​​7.5 hectares. An excavator and an ice rink are preparing the ground cover for the start of construction until the roar of the planes taking off, changing houses and a small part of the fence has been placed.

In the open there is a piercing wind, almost the same as the one that constantly interferes with the work of the bus washers in the old base. They often get cold in the currents, because of this, there is a large turnover between the washers. After the move, the conditions for them, as well as for all the other employees, will be much more comfortable.

– Finally, we will solve the problem of our old base – car wash, – says the director of JSC “Transport Company” Sergei Pavlov. “In the old base, we have almost run out of possibilities. So far the washing machine can withstand, but that is the limit, and the city is developing, new routes are needed, buses. The new car wash will have three production lines, will be equipped with automatic brushes, the whole process will be automated, except for the manual work for washing the interior. Similarly, drivers will spend less time going through these, so to speak, water procedures.

Sergei Pavlov

Sergei Pavlov

It takes a lot of effort to keep the buses on the line running and clean every day. Not only the washers but also the engineers have to work in “vintage” conditions.

“The children from PMM dream of a new workshop, new facilities, new elevators, so that the tools are modern. And have a roof over your head. “When everything is new, it is pleasant to the touch and in general,” says bus driver Svyatoslav Savchenko.

He stands on the site of the future base, and looks so happy, as if it had already been built, as if he had returned from a flight and had already arrived at the new canteen for lunch. Svyatoslav has been working as a driver for the sixth year and, together with his colleagues, dreams of a gym, a good canteen and a relaxation room. There is now a change house at the base, which is inconvenient and does not meet sanitary requirements.

– The food is now all imported, nothing is prepared on the spot. Hot food is only what was previously cold. And the governor promised us a gym, personally, Valery Igorevich Limarenko, said at the meeting – you will move before the age of 25, you will have a gym, – says the driver.

While drivers draw images in their minds, officials express the data. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk deputy mayor Vitaly Danilov told IA that the site was designed for 250 gas buses.

Vitaly Danilov

Vitaly Danilov

“In addition, the planned concession agreement provides for the construction of a covered hot shed to accommodate 50 electric buses and provide them with a charging infrastructure,” Danilov added.

This will be a separate project – a concession related to the purchase of electric vehicles and the construction of a box for electric buses. The management has already taken the initiative of a concession from a Moscow company, a partner of the state company VEB.RF. The municipality is considering this application.

Everything else will be paid from the regional budget (99% of the expenses) and the municipality (1%). According to initial estimates made last year, the cost of building a bus depot is 2.6 billion rubles (provided “according to the expanded standards”).

There will be a three-storey administrative and multi-space building with offices for senior staff, a control room, a medical room and other facilities, a large workshop for repair shops, a washing machine and a concrete platform for rolling stock. Autonomous heating, water supply, sewerage are provided. The boiler room will run on natural gas.

The contractor Ostov LLC is currently carrying out preparatory work. The construction itself will start after the project receives a positive conclusion from the state expertise. In the first stage, the site itself will be constructed, an engineer, an administrative and comfort complex and a washing machine. These facilities will be completed by the beginning of next year and the entire park should be ready by the end of 2023.

According to the deputy mayor, buses that have not yet processed their resource will be moved from the old base to the new one. They are about 70, these are the ones that run on gas. The remaining buses will either be deleted or, if they are still good enough, will be transferred to the districts of the region. There are now about 220 buses in the old base, of which 35-40 are repaired daily.

Sergey Pavlov, as well as the employees of the company, are looking forward to a new base, where it will be possible to perform all the technological processes as required and not as the outdated possibilities allow. In terms of suburban location, according to drivers, it will be more convenient to take a taxi here than in Pogranichnaya, but in terms of efficiency, the transition to the northern areas will be more problematic. The head of the company does not expect discomfort from the new location, but it will be possible to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages only during the operation of the base.

When asked how the employees of the “Transport Company” will get to work, because not everyone has cars and the buses do not go here, Sergei Pavlov answers – we will leave many buses from the old base behind the company, we will bring employees to work and take them home.

The city administration pays special attention to the fact that all operational processes in the new production base will be digitized. The bill of lading, the issue and deletion of spare parts, the accounting for the work and rest regime of the driver’s staff – all this will be in electronic form.

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