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The Petrov post, which always falls during the summer, is considered one of the most faithful. After all, believers are allowed to eat fish. When the Petrov Post 2022 starts and ends, what can you eat for the day and what traditions are there – read in the TSN.ua material.

When Petrov after 2022

Petrov’s fast depends on the celebration of the Trinity. It always falls on the second Monday after Pentecost. Trinity 2022 is celebrated by Christians of Eastern and Western ceremonies on June 12th. This means that Lent Petrov begins on June 20 and ends on July 11. The main purpose of this fast is considered to be the preparation of the faithful for the memory of the holy apostles Peter and Paul. This date in 2022 falls on July 12.


His first mention appeared in the III century in various writings. However, the day of remembrance of the holy apostles Peter and Paul was not mentioned then. There was an opinion among the believers that those who, for some reason, could not fast during Lent (Easter) had to go through Petrov’s fast. Peter and Paul in the 4th century received the status of one of the most important and respected saints of Christianity. Then the post decided to coincide with the day of their memory.

What you can eat in the Petrov post: food calendar per day

Petrov post: what you can eat / Photo: pixabay.com

According to legend, Peter was born into the family of a fisherman, and is therefore considered the patron saint of those who fish. For this reason the Church allows the faithful to eat fish dishes during Peter’s fast every day except Wednesday and Friday.

Food diary per day in Petrov the post looks like this:

  • June 20 – you can eat hot food cooked without oil.
  • June 21 – Dishes of fish, mushrooms, as well as any food with added oil are allowed.
  • June 22 is Wednesdayand therefore one of the strictest fasting days, only dry food is allowed.
  • June 23 – you can eat seafood, fish.
  • June 24 – Friday and another heavy day of fasting, and therefore only dry food.
  • June 25 – dishes with butter, fish, mushrooms.
  • June 26 – Fish, food with the addition of oil.
  • June 27 – you can eat hot food, but without oil.
  • June 28 – dishes with butter, mushrooms, fish.
  • June 29 – again Wednesdayand therefore a diet with raw food.
  • June 30 – you can eat seafood and fish.
  • July 1 – Fridaydry eating;
  • July 2 – Mushrooms, fish, butter dishes are allowed.
  • July 3 – Fish and food with the addition of oil.
  • July 4 – you can put hot dishes on the table without oil.
  • July 5 – dishes of mushrooms, oils, fish.
  • July 6 – Wednesdayand therefore only a raw food diet.
  • July 7 – you can eat seafood, fish.
  • July 8 – Fridaytherefore, only a raw food diet.
  • July 9 – Mushrooms, fish and butter dishes are allowed.
  • July 10 – you can eat fish, dishes with butter.
  • July 11 – Hot food, but without the addition of butter.

July 12 – Petrov 2022 expires. This is the day of remembrance of the holy apostles Peter and Paul.

If they are on holiday during the fasting period, housewives traditionally prepare a fish and seafood pie for the festive table – commonly called “fishermen”.

What can and can not be done at the Petrov Post

There are a number of prohibitions drafted by the Orthodox Church during this period. To cleanse the body and soul, it is better not to break them:

  • Do not borrow money.
  • Do not play marriage.
  • do not get married?
  • do not work after sunset.
  • do not embroider (sewing, knitting).
  • do not cut your hair.

The church also advises believers to refrain from showing negative emotions these days and to devote most of their time to prayer and good deeds.

Three main prayers for Petrov fasting

Petrov post 2022: prayer / Photo: pixabay.com

During this fast, believers read three main prayers that help them follow all the rules, find God’s blessing and destiny, and be healed of various ailments.

First prayer: “Oh, saints of God, Peter and Paul, who dedicated their lives to faith! Listen to our prayers and help us with the Lord’s help to fight lawlessness, recklessness and trouble. For your strong protection, we ask you to pray for the forgiveness of our countless sins. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Until the end of the year. Amen”.

Second prayer: “Oh, Saints Peter and Paul, you do not turn away from us sinners (name) with your spirit and your protection. Kneeling, we ask for the mercy and love of the Lord, the forgiveness of our sins and the distance from temptation. With your righteous life, there is piety. Take a look and pray to God for us, great apostles, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. “

Third prayer: “Oh, the supreme apostles Peter and Paul, steadfast in their faith and in the teachings of the Lord, we believe in your help. Ascend warmly into our souls, sowing everything with the love of God. Enjoy our lives and send your help. In order for us, the sinful servants of the Creator, to bow down before our power and might, to get rid of pride, the wrath of sin, bad thoughts, save and help your instructions to have eternal life.

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