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Baden and Swabians, the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb, Heidelberg and Stuttgart, the Black Forest Cherry Cake and the Spätzle Β Baden-Württemberg, located in southwestern Germany, is the only German state created result of a referendum. In a vote in 1952, the inhabitants of the then neighboring regions – Württemberg-Baden, South Baden and Württemberg-Hohenzollern – spoke in favor of it. The first was in the American occupation zone, the second and third – in the French.

Solitude – baroque villa of the Württemberg house in Stuttgart, built in 1764-1769


“We can do anything but literary German” is the self-deprecating slogan used in the Baden-Württemberg image campaigns: “Wir können alles – außer Hochdeutsch”. The locals, indeed, can safely be considered patriots of their dialects. Baden-Württemberg is famous for its landscapes, cuisine and attractions. Let’s start our acquaintance with the capital of this federal state – Stuttgart.

Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart

Manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

By the way, instead of the German word “Land”, meaning the land, the inhabitants of these places prefer the native dialect word “Ländle”. Baden-Württemberg is the land of inventors and top professionals. It is no coincidence that this is where the foundations of the modern car industry were laid, which can be found in detail in the Museum of Stuttgart of the Mercedes-Benz Company. In the same city there is a museum of another car manufacturer – Porsche.

Historic center of Freiburg

Freiburg – gateway to the Black Forest

Located in the Breisgau area, on the Black Forest border, is the town of Freiburg, where the Gothic Cathedral and the welcoming streets in the historic center deserve special attention. The main tower of the cathedral is often called the most beautiful tower of Christianity, quoting the words of a famous art critic. Freiburg is also considered the environmental capital of Germany, thanks to its numerous environmental projects.

Waterfall near the town of Todtnau

Waterfall in the Black Forest near Todtnau

black forest

The most popular tourist area of ​​Baden-Württemberg is the Black Forest. About 20 million overnight stays a year. The highest point of the Black Forest is Mount Feldberg (1493 m). The area in which it is located is an air resort, and is also particularly attractive for lovers of hiking and winter sports.

Cuckoo clock in the Black Forest

Cuckoo clock in the shape of a house with half wood

Cuckoo clock

They are considered a symbol of the Black Forest and the whole of Baden-Württemberg. The first such cuckoo clock was made here in the mid-18th century. In general, their traditional appearance has been preserved to this day. The main production centers are Schonach and Triberg, where you can see their largest samples with a height of 15 meters. What you can take with you costs from fifty to almost two thousand euros.

Old bridge over Neckar and Heidelberg Castle

Old bridge over Neckar and Heidelberg Castle

Romantic Heidelberg

This city was admired by many writers, poets, artists and scientists. Among them are Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Mark Twain. Its main symbol is Heidelberg Castle. The ruins of the former residence of the Electors rise above the Old Town and the river Neckar. Heidelberg is home to the oldest German university. It was founded in 1386. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany.

An old Rhine arm near Kehl

An old Rhine arm near Kehl

Rhine landscapes

The forests and meadows of the Rhine floodplain in Baden-Württemberg represent a unique and almost untouched ecological system. There are many arches at the top of the river. These old riverbeds are home to many endangered and rare species of plants and animals. For nature lovers, there are flat-bottomed fishing boat trips.

Hohenzollern Castle

Panoramic view of Hohenzollern Castle

historic residence

Hohenzollern Castle is considered the family nest of the Swabian dynasty of the same name and still belongs to this family. In the XV-XVI centuries, its representatives began to rule in Brandenburg and Prussia and in 1871 took the throne of the German Kaiser. The castle fortress at this location was built in the 11th century. About 300 thousand visitors come here every year.

Baiersbronn in the Black Forest

Baiersbronn in the Black Forest

gastronomic paradise

In Baden-Württemberg they know how to cook delicious food – not only at home, but also globally for the most sophisticated public. 70 restaurants here have been awarded Michelin stars (2022). According to this index, Baden-Württemberg is in first place in Germany. In the small Black Forest Bairsbronn, there are two 3-star restaurants at the same time and two more that have received one star each.

Reichenau island on Lake Constance

Reichenau island on Lake Constance

Lake Constantia

Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Central Europe. It is located at the foot of the Alps on the border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The area has a mild climate. Attractions include Mainau Flower Island, Reichenau Monastery Island, a World Heritage Site, Lindau and Konstanz, and Meersburg Castle.

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