18 incredible places to stay in Russia

This album is an inspiration for those who have decided to explore new areas in the country.

From photos of our favorite readers, we gathered an enjoyable selection of places for vacation or hiking. The first part of the album contains places with the most amazing nature: from the forests of Bashkortostan and the mountains of Ingushetia to the northernmost desert in Transbaikalia and the Sea of ​​Japan.

These are comments from Community readers. Concentrated on a material, carefully processed and formatted according to publishing standards.


Big Thach.

stayed in Maykop

Maikop is a very pleasant place: a quiet and well-kept provincial town, there are many hot springs in the area – you do not need the sea, although you can lie around the pool with mineral water all day. The mountains are only an hour and a half away and there is a lot of fun: rafting, ATV, ecological trails, hiking. And most importantly – great roads. Photos from the walk: +15 ° C in the mountains, wind, Lago-Naki there is still snow.


Kurai Steppe, Altai.

Altai is love.

Chuisky Street is the most famous street in Altai. This is a federal highway. R-256. In 2014, National Geographic magazine included the Chuisky Trail in its list of the ten most beautiful streets in the world. There are two passages in the tract, Seminsky and Chike-Tamanand many other attractions. The road is incredibly picturesque, you want to take it and take it.


walked to the island

Olkhon, August 2020.

We drove to Baikal: we walked 25 kilometers with backpacks along the Great Baikal Trail, climbed the Skriper cliff, rode bicycles along the Olkhon, swam in icy water, drank wine at sunset in Shamanka, saw seals and seals. It is impossible to choose the best photo.

We spent a week kayaking around the Svyatoy Nos Peninsula. I think this type of recreation is an ideal way to enjoy the wildlife of Lake Baikal. In the photo one of the rare moments of the wonderful weather. Most often Baikal experienced rain, wind, fog and waves.


Come to Baskiria.

Shikhany in Bashkiria.


I saw this Dagestan.

higher than the clouds

Khunzakh is a really beautiful place. The park in the center of the village was amazing. We agreed with the locals and they threw us with a UAZ upstairs, in a cell tower. It was above the clouds.

Dagestan in early October.

Zabaykalsky Krai

Joy sand.

Only two hours drive from my house – the Yusen Tug tourist base, the steppe, the unspoilt nature, the Onon River, food like grandma, the story of Genghis Khan, yurts, horses. All this enhances the proximity to Mongolia – 22 km. This is Russia, the Trans-Baikal region, the Aginsky region.


Last year turned out to be rich in travel, but the tiny Ingushetia impressed me the most. Photo enabled Tsey-Loam passage.

The whole family went to the North Caucasus. In 20 days I managed to visit Karachay-Cherkessia, Dagestan, in Dombay, North Ossetia. There were waterfalls in Ingushetia, the beautiful village of Beini, as well as the Erzi battle towers pictured. The Caucasus has proven to be a wonderful, much-appreciated place in terms of domestic tourism.

I would like to mention Ingushetia. The choice itself when, without expecting anything, you have unforgettable landscapes.

Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region

We went on a mini vacation in Kaliningrad and its surroundings, we left a pleasant impression from Zelenogradsk and Svetlogorsk. At the end of spring there were a few tourists, but the weather was already cool. I was very moved by the local cable car, it is so moving.

The closed borders helped fulfill long-term plans – a visit to the Kaliningrad region. Kaliningrad, Curonian Spit, Tilsit and many other places. I discovered another sea – the Baltic and many picturesque and authentic natural places.

Kaliningrad region and Baltic Sea.


We went up to Tolbachik. We were lucky with the weather: there was perfect visibility, sun, the climb lasted about five hours and was quite enjoyable. All the way they carried the bun on a rope as an improvised ring of the Almighty, in the end they threw it epic into the crater.

In Kamchatka, you are one to one with the unspoiled nature, for tens of kilometers around there is no culture, no mobile communication, no people, not even trees. In a week, you are doing a complete reboot and it is definitely worth the money and physical effort you have invested.

My husband and I went hiking together in the fall in Kamchatka. Incredible colors! And no one but us.

The Geysers Valley in Kamchatka is a contrast to the Icelandic Haukadalur.


does not edit photos

Arkhyz in early October. No color correction at all!

I fell in love with the mountains. Cows, sheep and horses graze in the meadows. every few minutes you cross mountain streams – sometimes you jump and sometimes you swim. The snow-capped mountains are shrouded in clouds.

He caught adrenaline in Bermamyt. Behind the clouds is the snow-white Elbrus.


skerries Ladoga.

I was there in late November and seemed to be in a fairy tale. Somewhere there was already snow, and green moss in the woods. He stopped near Sortavala.

Summer 2020, Karelia.

Krasnodar Krai

Cypress trees on Lake Souko near Anapa.

I somewhere over the Eagle shelf. November 2021.

Dry cargo ship “Rio” near Kabardinka.

Magadan District

I have been preparing for this holiday for a long time, I bought tickets for August in February. And the road to this place, to the crown of Karamken, was difficult, everything was decided literally in one day. The main thing in the North is the people.

Lake Jack London, Magadan region.

Murmansk region

Umba, White Sea.

Daniel Bykov
travels by motorcycle

Motorcycle trip along the route Moscow region – Vytegra – Belomorsk – Kandalaksha – Varzuga – Kandalaksha – Murmansk – Teriberka – Belomorsk – Saint Petersburg – Moscow region. Everyone is very happy, nature is amazing. We were lucky with the weather, +30 ° C in the north and no rain. In the photo, Mount Volosyanaya is behind Kandalaksha and a double on it.


June 2021, two in the morning, the roof of an abandoned school in Terimberka. He probably sat there for an hour.

Primorsky Krai

Maria F.
received a reward

Cape Bruce, Slavyanka, Primorsky Krai. We got there for a long and difficult time, but were rewarded with a postcard view.

In the Sea of ​​Japan.

Elbrus area

Elbrus area – beautiful nature, view, delicious cuisine. I can safely recommend the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria to everyone.

For the first time in my life I saw Elbrus! The beauty is incredible. I was in the Caucasian Mineral Waters – in Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk and Essentuki. Most liked in Kislovodsk.

Before we went to the Caucasus by car this year, I had no idea that there were mountains of this size in Russia! Photo from Dombai, from the mountain Musa-Ahitara.


went on an organized tour

Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. In the photo Bezymyannaya Bay, Shikotan island.

Hello to everyone from the “distant” Sakhalin. Turquoise lakes.


I recommend everyone to visit the Ergaki Natural Park in the south of Krasnoyarsk Territory. Mountains, rocks, lakes and rivers – all that is so dear to a nature lover. In the background the Sleeping Sayan.

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