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The nature of Kamchatka turned my emotions into lava gushing from the mouth of a volcano, which is also somewhat tiring for a person in my state of health.

The walks around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and the trips to its surroundings allowed me to take a break from the physical and emotional overload.

As I have already noted, the first thing that came to my mind when I met Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky were the words: outback and grayness.

Murmansk is no stranger to such views and definitions, because our city also does not shine with colors, especially in cloudy weather, often causing discouragement to even its most devoted residents.

The ability to find brightness and beauty in shades of gray and, most importantly, the desire to do so, helped me to change my mind about the capital of the Kamchatka Territory.

The first thing I did: I flew … over the city on a steam plane. 3,500 rubles and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will show you the beauty of roofs and urban planning, if of course you have the courage. No special forces are required, the trainer will explain everything to you and will help you push from the ground. And then a flight over downtown and Avacha Bay. Five minutes for the first flight was more than enough for me.

The city is older than Murmansk, founded in 1740. Naturally, the sights of that time were not preserved. Weather conditions are accelerating the destruction of artificial objects and there is almost nothing that can be done about it.

An interesting architectural feature of the city is the pillars of the houses built during the Soviet period, which provide earthquake resistance, because earthquakes occur very often in Kamchatka, although most of them do not pose a danger to buildings and people.

When traveling by car in the city, the murals on the facades of the houses look interesting, there are many photos on the Internet. Every year there are competitions for the best design. As I understand it now, the trend of murals started all over the country a few years ago.

According to the view I formed after a conversation with locals, the main historical event around which the modern idea of ​​Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is built is the defense of Avacha Bay in 1854 during the Crimean War, when the Anglo-French troops tried to understand the city.

These events are dedicated to the “Death” battery pack on Nikolskaya Sopka, cannons lined up along the shore, aimed at the waters of the bay, as well as a monument to Admiral Vasily Stepanovich Zavoyko. All objects are located in the city center, ie you can not pass them. Lenin is there.

At Nikolskaya Sopka, walking in the park, which was renovated and opened in 2019, you can also get acquainted with information about the events of the Great Patriotic War that affected Kamchatka.

The complex of the memory of military glory is very organically built into a natural object and makes an impression in both sunny and cloudy weather.

If you are in the capital Kamchatka, visit Nikolskaya many times, under different lighting, a good place to relax and reflect on life.

The idea of ​​an outpost protecting the Russian authorities is also present in the exhibition of the local history museum. I tried to disagree with my driver that this is the beginning of the country Kola, but my claim was broken by the argument that the day starts first in Kamchatka, after +9 from Moscow time.

When I get to a new topic in Russia for me, I try to visit the local history in the early days, to get general information about the flora and fauna, about the main features of the area, which are worth paying attention to in future trips around .

The museum in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky deserves a better building, but I think large areas are not the main thing for the museum. The small building of local tradition was the first object that made me feel immersed in the distant times of Kamchatka. The museum staff not only told the story of the growth and development of the areas, but also drew my attention to a large number of small Kamchatka peoples.

Initially, I planned a trip to the village of Esso, sometimes referred to as the ethnographic center of Kamchatka, where there are two museums of Koryak culture. But due to the reduction of the stay on the peninsula due to illness, I had to cancel the trip to this Kamchatka Switzerland, because in one day it was impossible to cover five hundred kilometers there and five hundred kilometers back, even to take a short walk in the village and museums. Therefore, I will have Esso on my next trip, experienced guests in Kamchatka highly recommend it, and more than one day.

By the way, Esso is accessible not only by car but also by helicopter. The cost is just over 30 thousand. There is an internal helicopter service in Kamchatka.

It would be interesting to fly from Murmansk to Varzuga or Uba.

I managed to get a little in touch with the culture of the indigenous peoples during an excursion to the kennel for “Samt” sled dogs in the village of Lesnoy.

The Far East hectare program allowed Alexander and Natalia’s family to rent land and organize a very honest place where, if you visit, they will tell you about the dogs’ adaptability to the sled, the selection and care features of the animals, the nature of each dog in the kennel, the relationship between you. Dogs are very affectionate and sociable.

And they will also feed you a delicious fish soup talking about the life and culture of the indigenous peoples in the living room, stylized as a Koryak residence.

I had to admit that the knowledge of the history of the Russia-Chukotka war of the 17th century, and of the development of the North in general, should at least be supplemented. It is always good when on vacation you are not only fed by emotions, but also by knowledge.

And my short but eventful trip to Kamchatka was coming to an end and I was preparing for its final exclusivity.

Υ.Γ. These birds that I have always considered cormorants are called gulls in Kamchatka and the cormorants are actually blue.

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