Hell crack and electric shock: a stun gun will help when you meet a bear in the woods

We tell you if the stun gun will protect you from a bear. Photo: Alexey STEFANOV, Asya ZHUKOVA.

A photograph: Asia ZOUKOVA

A terrible crack and a loud bang: can a stun gun protect you when you meet a bear in the woods? And, if it does not neutralize it at all, then at least it will scare the predator away? This was told to “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Krasnoyarsk” our specialist, director of the Ergaki nature park Igor Gryazin.

Already on video

Recall that in the summer of 2021, bears killed two people in Ergaki. The first victim was a 16-year-old teenager, the second tourist from Moscow. “Mass migration of bears due to poor food supply,” said the cause of the tragedy. After them, the park was partially closed. They were only allowed to walk along the official ecological paths.

What is the current situation in 2022? Literally the other day in Ergaki, a predator came out in Polk (this is the name of the gallery that was built under an avalanche). He did no harm, but it was recorded on video.

One month earlier, in early May, a bear (at the same spot) startled a cyclist. Seeing the man, he rushed towards him. However, he was seduced by passing drivers. The man thought the threat was over, but saw the beast from afar. All this time, she was stalking him, she did not lose sight of him. Eventually the cyclist managed to escape.

In the meantime, the park management addressed the guests with a statement. Tourists were urged once again: “because of the high risk of bear attacks” it is not worthwhile to plan routes through areas that are not patrolled (these are the Aradansky, Metugul-taiga, Oisky, Baldyr-taiga Kulumys and Sheshpir-taiga mountain ranges). Only official ecological paths, only marked paths and overnight stays in the equipped parking lots of the park, where inspectors are on duty. No wild places!

The bear that killed a teenager in Siberia.  Ergaki Photo Park.

The bear that killed a teenager in Siberia. Ergaki Photo Park.

Wool is very strong

If, however, an encounter with a predator could not be avoided, would a stun gun help?

“You certainly will not protect yourself from a bear,” Igor Gryazin told KP Krasnoyarsk. – Well, shove him in the nose! It must be borne in mind that the fur of the predator is very strong, the evacuation is unlikely to break it. Get the same electric fences. Here are effective against a bear, and why? The “sole” of the beast is bare, it presses on the ground and the current between the electric fence and the ground can stop it.

And the sudden cracking of the shock will probably not be able to scare the beast. From personal experience (and from literature as well), we do not know of any cases where a bear has been successfully removed with the help of such a device. Another thing is a flare (a pyrotechnic fire signal in the form of a cartridge case – ed.) Or another source of light fire. It will be much more effective.

What exactly will work?

– fan melody (optional – the sound of a spoon in a metal cup or bowler hat). This will alert the bear to your approach. And he will hide, he will leave from the middle. After all, bears with a normal human psyche are afraid and avoid. But it is impossible to predict who you will meet on the street.

– umbrella (or backpack, jacket). We open, we hold our head, this will help us look older. And for a predator, size matters; in front of a large creature, it can pass. Therefore, the group is also advised to “go down” together to enlarge.

flare (or rocket launcher). Again, they can scare a bear. If the animal is very close and a battle is imminent, pepper spray can also help. We aim directly at the eyes, at the mouth.

– bag (or backpack). In the usual scenario, a person is not food for a bear. So it makes sense to distract the beast. Let’s leave a bag on his way, a backpack with food. While the bear is studying the mysterious object (the predator is blind), you can slowly retreat.

– knife (any sharp object). If the bear attacked, began to shake and tear, you must fight by any means. Try to take out the knife, aim at the eyes, hit as hard as you can. According to experts, even in the most seemingly desperate situations, there is still a chance for salvation.

With the help of such a knife, the tourist managed to fight the predator.  Photo provided by the hero of the edition.

With the help of such a knife, the tourist managed to fight the predator. Photo provided by the hero of the edition.

no food

And another VERY important point. The smell of sausage, cheese, smoked meats smells like a bear ten kilometers away. And, therefore, for the night, all devices must be removed away from the camp (at least 300 meters).

Send all food scraps to the fire immediately, not trash cans near the tents! Otherwise, it can cost someone their life.

A warning: we’re not used to talking about this, but you should know it. ALL organic waste must be disposed of. Burn used patches, diapers, tampons, bandages, patches immediately.


Igor Gryazin, director of the “Ergaki” nature park

Now the situation is calm, we do not see any problem. There are no dangers associated with bears in the territory of the tourist ridge Ergaki. Everything is under control here.

Note: we insist that tourists do not move along the Aradansky ridge, in the depths of the Oisky ridge (parking and routes are allowed, and which are prohibited in Ergaki Park, you can see here – ed.). Since we patrol, I repeat, it is the territory of the Ergaki ridge, where the most beautiful places are located, where tourist routes are developed.

If you follow marked routes, do not deviate, stop only in officially functioning parking lots, I assure you: everything will be fine.

The tragedies that happened last year were due to two factors. The snow melted very late, late June – early July. The bears had nothing to eat. In addition, in the first case, people deviated from the tourist route and walked along the fir forest where the animal lives. And in the second – the athletes crossed the main course along the Aradansky ridge. This is a wild place where the number of bears is not regulated. Seeing the beast, they rushed to run, and we must not allow that. The predator reacts immediately: it rushes to chase its prey.

The man-eating bear was shot almost immediately.  Ergaki Photo Park.

The man-eating bear was shot almost immediately. Ergaki Photo Park.

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. If you understand that you will not be able to spend the night in the taiga, be afraid, we have a huge number of bases from where you can leave by radial routes. In a few days you can see all the beauties of the park, they are available to every category of tourists. The Works themselves are unique, this is a world-class landscape.


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