How much does it cost to eat in restaurants in embassies in Moscow

While the borders of many countries are still closed, you can try the national cuisine of other countries in Moscow restaurants.

To write this article, I planned to go to eight canteens and restaurants at embassies, information I found in guides. But disappointment awaited me: cafes in the embassies of Azerbaijan and Ukraine no longer receive visitors and the North Korean restaurant lost its status as an embassy. Citizens of other countries are not allowed to enter the hostel at the Embassy of Uzbekistan and the Moldovan restaurant closed for repairs and decided not to reopen.

There were only three institutions at my disposal, which I will talk about. This is the restaurant KT Biro at the Embassy of Serbia with Balkan cuisine and atmosphere, the cafe “Polesie” at the Embassy of Belarus, where at home delicious and the Nomad restaurant, which serves Kyrgyz dishes.

KT Biro Restaurant at the Embassy of Serbia

Where is: Mosfilmovskaya Street, 42, building 1
Operating mode: daily from 12:00 to 23:00
Google ranking: 4.9
Check for two: 2060 R
More: on Instagram

I asked friends and acquaintances who visited such stores and many just told me about the KT Biro at the Serbian Embassy. They praised the cuisine and the atmosphere. There I decided to go first.

Technically, the institution is considered a restaurant in the embassy, ​​but in reality it is separated from the diplomatic building at 46 Mosfilmovskaya Street by the embassies of Libya, Kuwait and Malaysia. The restaurant is indoors.

When the taxi driver left me on a dimly lit street near a tall iron gate, at first I thought I had confused the address: there were only fences and dark buildings around – there was no evidence that there was a restaurant with great reviews here. I checked the address on the map and made sure it was the right place. The entrance had to be found.

Then another car reached the gate, the driver of which shouted at the guard: “We are in a restaurant” and opened the gate. I followed the car and, just in case, clarified how to find the KT Biro. The guard pointed to an indistinct entrance leading to a icy road.

It is hard to imagine that there is a restaurant here, which was praised by several of my friends.

Neither at the entrance, nor near yet there was no sign from a restaurant. When I entered the entrance, it seemed to me that I was in the house of culture or in the foyer of the municipal swimming pool of the late 1990s. In the back of the corridor, music was playing and the children were screaming; on the left, I saw the entrance of the restaurant. Next to it there is a closet – only hangers that no one keeps. I took my coats with me.

There was a lot of people in the restaurant. A banquet was held on the left side of the room, on the right there were small tables and only two of them were free. At that moment I was glad that I had booked a table in advance by phone from Instagram.

The restaurant is not the most modern interior
View of the dressing room from my table

The interior did not impress me: there is nothing national there, but I felt a taste of the aesthetics of the restaurant 1990s The walls are covered with panels, illuminated tables hang on them, huge furniture and many glossy wooden surfaces are in the hall, heavy tablecloths on the tables.

What I liked was the friendliness and immediacy of the waiters. I sat down at a reserved table, brought the menu and suggested dishes.

When I was going to KT Biro, I firmly decided to choose the most national thing: I had not been to Serbia and I decided to use the opportunity to try a new cuisine. As a result, I ordered soup – a thick Balkan soup from rich broth – for 310 R and prebranac – baked Serbian beans – for 450 R. I could not even resist and got a glass of red wine for 340 R.

Soup is served first: later I read that this is how it should be according to the rules of Serbian cuisine. They brought it not on a plate, but in an enamel utensil with a ladle. It seemed that this amount could feed half the banquet guests, who were noisy in the neighborhood, but only I had to eat the soup.

Traveling to the Balkans, I have already tried chorpa, but not according to the Serbian recipe. This soup was like a thin puree of meat broth with small pieces of meat. Something was similar in the embassy restaurant, but, according to the senses, this soup was prepared in paradise: the dish turned out rich, aromatic, evenly mashed, thin pieces of soft meat were added. I did not notice how I ate the whole pan.

It did not stay long in my stomach for second place, but I tried it anyway – beans are beans. It was wonderfully cooked, only there was not enough salt. The wine turned out to be rather dry, but I did not notice any additional aromas and flavors, as is often the case with homemade wines. I will gave him a steady quartet.

Half of such a pan is a portion for one
Prebranac I could not master until the end
And a small portion of wine – could

My partner did not dare to try Serbian cuisine and limited himself to a salad with chicken breast, plums and mushrooms for 560 R. The salad was fresh, the breast was well cooked and the plums were tender. My partner particularly noted the pleasant creamy sauce.

In general, the impressions are positive: it was delicious, and after a glass of wine it was even hot. I noticed that there are many strangers and large families in the institution for Saturday dinner. It may seem that the restaurant is loved and visited regularly.

For a restaurant on Mosfilmovskaya, wine dinner turned out to be cheap

“Polesie” restaurant at the Embassy of Belarus

Where is: Armenian lane, building 6
Operating mode: Monday to Saturday – from 07:30 to 22:00, Sunday – to 16:00, there are breaks from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00
Google ranking: 3.8
Check for two: 882 R
More: on Tripadvisor

To visit the restaurant at the Belarusian Embassy, ​​I called my friend, a real Belarusian. Who, if not a man who grew up in the national cuisine, will be able to appreciate its quality?

The restaurant is located in the hotel “Polesie”, just behind the Embassy of Belarus. As in the case of the KT Biro, there are no road signs – one has the feeling that only those who know of their existence visit such places. Passers-by do not eat there. Upon entering the hotel, you must leave things on the left in the dressing room, which no one guards. The restaurant doors are on the right side right after the entrance.

I read the reviews for Polesie and decided not to book a table – I did the right thing. The restaurant serves very quickly: few people sit for more than half an hour and food arrives in ten minutes. Therefore, there are always free tables. I was surprised by the work schedule: the restaurant is closed from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00.

The interior of the accommodation is discreet: light-colored walls, high ceilings and simple furniture in a classic style. The waiters are fast and discreet, but without much friendliness.

Classic interior in “Polesie”
Wardrobe in the restaurant

The menu at “Polesie” is compiled daily, and during our visit they did not prepare potato pancakes, in which I counted so much. Generally, there were few Belarusian dishes that day.

I chose borscht for 113 R“Nyasvizh” cutlet from poultry for 104 Rsauerkraut with boletus for 184 R and raisin compote for 41 R. My friend tried herring and apple salad for 117 Rzucchini with cheese and tomatoes for 155 Rboiled potatoes in sauce for 71 R and tomato juice for 25 R.

The menu for the day is a polite tribute to the Soviet past
Many desserts on the menu.

All the dishes were delicious, filling and quite fatty – in this Belarusian cuisine it resembles Ukrainian. Everything tastes like my grandmother, except the borscht: it looked wet. The portions are mediocre: you are full, but do not eat too much.

My partner noted that the packaged tomato juice of the Belarusian company ABC has a taste from her childhood. Obviously, production patterns have not changed over the years.

Surprisingly, we only paid 882 for one dinner for two R. I recommend Polissya as a place where you can have a cheap meal during a business meal. This is where mainly embassy employees and employees of neighboring offices dine.

I will definitely return to the restaurant for good Belarusian food. I hope I get the day of french fries.

Our check for a full meal for two

Cafe Nomad at the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan

Where is: Bolshaya Ordynka Street, house 62, building 1
Operating mode: on weekdays – from 08:30 to 23:00, on weekends – from 10:00 to 23:00
Google ranking: 4.8
Check for two: 1800 R
More: on the site

Another place only for those who know: there are no identification signs on the street, except for the large sign “Cafe on Bolshaya Ordynka, 62” on the door in the corner of the building.

A turnstile was placed at the entrance, apparently to scare those who accidentally broke out. But it does not work, and the guard’s window has been closed for so long that it is already dusty.

The turnstile at the entrance does not work

Behind the turnstile you can see the entrance to the restaurant hall. The inscription “Coffee” shines from above. Inside there is a calm dark interior. Of the three restaurants at the embassies I visited, only Kyrgyzstan has at least one environment some relationship with the country. Here, on the walls hang beautiful paintings of felted wool, which mimic primitive rock paintings.

It is funny that outside the cafe his name was not mentioned, but when they bring the menu, it becomes clear that the institution is called Nomad, or “Nomad”. Maybe there is no better name for a Kyrgyz restaurant.

The cafe has a simple interior
National installation
Wool painting
Prices on the menu are average for Moscow
The most expensive dish is salmon with caviar sauce

The food in the cafe is fast, tasty and very plentiful. I ordered soup – soup with meat broth – for 390 R and besbarmak, ie boiled meat with noodles, at 420 R. My partner chose lamb manti for 433 R and “Ala-Archu” for 350 R – salad with boiled meat, radish and omelette. We also got a fermented milk drink for 210 R.

The portions they brought us that would be enough for a week. The only major downside is that the dishes are very greasy. A piece of horse sausage, used to decorate the besbark, gave me nightmares in my stomach for another week.

From travel experience, I know that in appointments with Central Asian cuisine, you have to go with a pack of pills to support your European digestive system. But this time I forgot and for two days my stomach ached.

I could not finish a large portion of soup
Manti and beshbarmak, we also did not fully conquer

The customers in the cafe occupied about half of the tables. The audience is different: there were embassy staff in suits and other people who came to Nomad not for the first time – I heard them advising their comrades what to try.

We paid 1800 for food R. I find it expensive for lunch. It is true that such portions could feed a small army.

We passed like an ordinary coffee of a middle price

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