Mushrooms instead of scallops: you have to go to the vegan restaurant Good Food Bowl

More and more people are turning to a plant-based diet. New places with vegan menus are also opening up, but often they can not boast of good cuisine. We went to the Good Food Bowl, a new vegan venue in Afimoll, and checked if it was possible to open a regular restaurant with no meat, fish or dairy at all.

What is this

A vegan Asian restaurant Good Food Bowl has opened in Moscow. Located on the first floor of the Afimall in the space triangle between Chocolate Girl, H&M and the Sberbank branch.

The founders are a group of friends with gastroenterology lovers, whose portfolio includes many Dobraw raw vegan restaurants: in Koh Samui, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Among other things, they opened a vegan Do Black Coffee in the Atrium mall and a vegan Do Catering service. In addition to the catering facilities, the founders have supply workshops, a confectionery production with raw food desserts and a mini-farm for growing small green and edible flowers.

The company’s employee community is an exclusively vegan party. The staff is not equipped with recruitment platforms, but with word of mouth. Sometimes the guests of the project become its employees. There are no professional chefs and cooks here. The menu of the restaurant was defined by the founder and brand chef of the project Artur Sita.

According to the representatives of the foundation, the mission of the Good Food Bowl is to introduce people to the variety of vegan foods, to the benefits of plant ingredients and to help in the transition to a new type of diet.


The open kitchen is better lit – it is the main one in the room. What is not the kitchen is immersed in warm yellow light: this is a plus for comfort, but a minus for the beauty of food photos. Interior with a hint of ecological style: tables and chairs made of light wood laconic design, bright green sofas and two walls with vertical gardening system. The food is ordered and picked up at the checkout. The kitchen is perfectly visible from all the seats in the hall, so there is something to do while waiting for a meal.

Ramen with soy protein, 360 rub.

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Teriyaki-udon with soy protein, 320 rub.

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Bowl of tofu, 360 rubles

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The menu is based on the successes of Asian cuisine: bowls, ramen, noodles and gyoza. All vegan: no fish or meat broths, no seafood, no dairy or animal ingredients. There are also no strong spices, as well as vinegar and sodium glutamate. The aim of the menu is to show the freshness of selected vegetables, mushrooms and herbs, polishing them with a light heat treatment. It turns out well: the green leaves in salads look perfect, the avocado is definitely ripe and the broccoli bites are in perfect condition. The richest broth is for ramen. It is dense, as in the classic ramen, but is made only from plant ingredients. Used to make ramen with soy protein (360 r.) – a thick vegetable broth with a traditional set of side dishes, but without a bright aroma and with pressed brown protein in the role of pieces of boiled pork. The desired color is achieved with fruit and vegetable juices, consistency is achieved by adding mashed potatoes.

There are real nutritious products on the menu: generously seasoned pasta with vegetables and nuts, bowls based on quinoa and rice. All this is supplemented by vegetable versions of animal protein – wheat bran and soy protein, as well as tofu, chickpeas, edamame, sauces based on nuts.

For a meat eater, going here is a playful game of expectation. It seems that a piece of minced meat is about to fall from the crimson gioza. But no, they contain only mushrooms with edamame (180 rubles), tofu with carrots, spinach and Chinese cabbage (240 rubles) or seitan seasoned with truffle oil (200 rubles). The dumplings are served with vegan teriyaki sauce and sour cream. Chicken bait eggs are molded from nut paste.

Vegetables and mushrooms play a leading role in the graphic interpretations of traditional dishes: crimson elastic mushroom stalks as scallops, black eggplant in thin slices like eel and elastic carrot slices are used to make “salmon”. Red caviar is reproduced using molecular cuisine from juices. Preparations, sauces, vegetable meat are prepared by themselves here and the small greens are grown in their own greenhouses.

The pastries are brought from a family vegan bakery. Except muffin with charcoal cream (250 rubles), all sweets are raw food: “Napoleon” (199 rubles), raw brownie (315 rubles) in almonds with cashews and dates, raw “Bounty” (105 rubles) with coconut shavings and cashews. Coconut sugar is used instead of cane sugar, as well as grape syrup and dates.

What is money?

Contrary to many people’s beliefs that vegan food is expensive, the price at the Good Food Bowl is a pleasant surprise. A portion of 440 grams of buckwheat noodles with tofu, edamame beans, shiitake and broccoli will cost 270 rubles. The average cost of hot dishes is 350 rubles. The most expensive kind is a mixture of greens with avocado, daikon and almonds with dressing ginger and sesame (470 rubles). Representatives of the foundation clarify that the price will initially be low to attract those who are not close to the plan of the vegan diet.

Details on the subject

Hangover carne asada and 4 other Lizzo’s favorite vegan dishes

Hangover carne asada and 4 other Lizzo’s favorite vegan dishes


The Good Food Bowl offers more than just fresh vegetables with oil sauces. The menu takes into account the needs of people with disabilities and shows convincing doses of protein, carbohydrates and fats. The restaurant is definitely worth it to get to the business center in Moscow from anywhere in the city. For radical meat eaters, this will be an amazing experience. The overall focus on plant-based ingredients does not prevent creators from flirting with non-vegan audiences imitating meat and seafood. The Good Food Bowl serves interesting and well-presented food that goes against the stereotypes of the vegan food world.

Details on the subject

Seaweed under a fur coat, vegan olivier and brownies: we set the New Year table without meat

Seaweed under a fur coat, vegan olivier and brownies: we set the New Year table without meat

Presnenskaya emb., 2, shopping center “Afimall”

Working hours
Mon.-Thu. 10.00-22.00, Fri-Sat 10.00-23.00, Sun 10.00-22.00

Average control
700-1000 rubles

+7 (926) 305 55 65

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