Shower volleyball, fireballs and tornadoes: how the weather in Kaliningrad can scare you in the summer

Tornadoes form over hot water. This was shot over Kaliningrad Bay.

A photograph: Weather Group and meteorological events in the Kaliningrad region

The weather in Kaliningrad, as you know, is hard to blame for stability – he certainly knows how to surprise. And it’s not just about those cases where the sun shines in the morning, and it already rains in the afternoon. From time to time, unique meteorological events occur in our latitudes and most of them just fall during the summer months. What to expect (or be afraid of) this time?


Last summer proved to be unusually fruitful for these magical, but rather dangerous phenomena. Most of the time, water currents occurred in the sea near Yantarny (at least three times – on July 3 and 21 and on August 28). A vortex was photographed over the waters of Kaliningrad Bay near Primorsk.

Gutters off the coast of Zelenogradsk.

Gutters off the coast of Zelenogradsk.

A photograph: Weather Group and meteorological events in the Kaliningrad region

Will the tornadoes return this summer? As meteorologists explain, there are two main “ingredients” for their formation – hot water and cold air currents that pass over it (with cumulative clouds). In fact, this is why tornadoes in 2021 were most often observed in the second half of summer, when the Baltic Sea off our coasts warmed to almost +24 degrees Celsius.

At the moment, the conditions, let’s face it, are not very good: the sea water is only +16 degrees. But the summer has just begun …


Yes, yes, we have them. Not long ago (in March) a fiery tornado was observed in the Cherniakov region.

Fire tornado in the Cherniakov region.

Fire tornado in the Cherniakov region.

A photograph: My Chernyakhovsk Community

– This atmospheric phenomenon is formed when the scattered fires that have occurred are combined into one, while the air above it is heated, its density decreases and rises. From below, cold gas masses from the periphery come into place, – describe the mechanism by the meteorologists in the Weather and Meteorological Phenomena in the community of the Kaliningrad Region. – Constant centripetal directional flows are formed, screwing in a spiral from the ground to a height of up to five kilometers. There is a chimney effect. The hot air pressure reaches hurricane speeds.

the dust swirls

Another exotic phenomenon that can happen on a normal clean warm day. In the spring, one such tornado, for example, was videotaped as he circled the parking lot on Pobedy Avenue. Fortunately, it did not hurt anyone – it usually has enough power just to pick up pebbles and small objects from the ground. But the height of these tornadoes is decent and can reach 20 meters.

giant hail

Hail the size of a grape or even a quail egg falls relatively regularly in our area. It’s worth sweeping through a hurricane – and here you are.

Hail that fell in August last year in the Slavsky region.

Hail that fell in August last year in the Slavsky region.

A photograph: Weather Group and meteorological events in the Kaliningrad region

– For the formation of the phenomenon, the air temperature must be maintained at +20 .. +25 degrees, and a sufficient speed of hot and humid air must be maintained. With it, dust particles will rise – the nuclei of future hailstones, – explained in an interview with last summer the head of geographical science, chief expert of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information of the Federal University Kantva Baltic D. – The stronger the upward currents, the more ice particles can remain in the cloud and grow.

Volley shower

Such a downpour can turn any city into Venice in minutes. In the summer of 2021, Gusev took it twice – on June 25 and July 2. The rain was so heavy that it turned off the power substation and stopped the operation of the drainage pumps! The main storm sewer was completely filled, so the roads closer to the Pissa River were partially submerged.

Lightning ball

This meteorological phenomenon remains one of the most mysterious – there is no unified physical theory of its appearance and course. However, fireballs exist and are rare in our area, but they do exist.

The most notorious case took place in August 2011. A lightning strike struck a bus carrying tourists from Germany traveling from Sovetsk to Kaliningrad. Eyewitnesses said a white-yellow light ball appeared near the bus’s radio antenna. It literally “spread” over the windshield and then re-assembled in the space of the electronic unit and exploded. Fortunately no one was injured. And when the passengers got out of the cabin, they found that the lightning had pierced the wheels of the bus.


Much less common than water tornadoes, but we still have tornadoes on land. Last summer, a tornado passed through the village of Prokhorovka in the Guryevsky district, knocking down many trees. In 1976, a tornado was recorded in the Pravdinsky area.

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