The pandemic has increased interest in healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition

Representatives of authorities, large companies and public organizations discussed ways to shape the proper eating behavior of children at a conference in Skolkovo.

On November 19, an online conference was held by the Consumer Market Development Center of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO We are what we eat, or how and why the right eating habits must be formed in the new generation. Leading consumer market experts gathered in the area to discuss the conditions, as well as the necessary initiatives that will help formulate and spread healthy eating habits among children in Russia.

The discussion was attended by the Deputy Head of the Center for Public Health Education of Rospotrebnadzor, curator of information of the federal project Strengthening public health »Ekaterina Golovkova; Natalya Ivanova, Co-Chair of the Working Group on Regulatory Guillotine in the Health and Epidemiological Welfare Sector, Member of the Board of SUPR · Danone’s CEO in Russia, Charlie Cappetti. General Manager of Bonduelle in Eurasia Ekaterina Eliseeva. Vladimir Chernigov, President of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization “Institute of Sectoral Nutrition”, member of the working group in the field of “Organization of student nutrition” under the committee of the State Council of the Russian Federation in the field of “Education”; TV presenter, theater and film actress Alisa Grebenshchikova. Head of the Association of Chefs and Nutritionists in the field of functional nutrition Anastasia Medvedeva. Director of the Research Institute for Infant Nutrition – a branch of the Federal State Financial Institution “Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology” Sergei Simonenko. Director of the Internet course for the educational and methodological part and production Yuri Grebenyuk. The event was coordinated by Elena Cho, head of the Healthy Lifestyle Department of the Consumer Market Development Center.

The habit of unbalanced diet, formed from childhood, is the basis for the development of most eating disorders. According to the data of the analysis of the state of health of children presented at the conference, the Research Institute of Infant Nutrition (FGBUN branch Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology “) already before entering school, up to 35% of deviations in the state of health of children are recorded and after graduation, the percentage reaches over 70%. Progressive dynamics are affected by an unbalanced diet, in particular, insufficient consumption of dairy products – 36-38%, meat and poultry – 18%, fish – 74%, vegetables and fruits – 29-35%, and at the same time excessive consumption of fats, salts and the Sahara. In this regard, the formation of a nutrition culture and the development of healthy eating habits in a child is one of the most important tasks facing modern society.

The choice of topic is related to the current reality – the pandemic of COVID-19, the demographic crisis, the reduction of the purchasing power of the population, the mass transition to online forms.

“And, as in any era of change, today there is a great need for coherence between the actions of the state, businesses and those on whom the food preferences and choices of our younger generation depend.”

– notes Elena Cho, Healthy Lifestyle Manager at the SKOLKOVO Consumer Market Development Center.

There has been an impact of the pandemic on changing consumer behavior Member of the Board of SUPR Natalia Ivanova: According to Rosstat surveys for 2020, the number Anti-disease in Russia decreased by a third from 50.1% in 2019 to 33.5% in 2020. And the percentage of consumers who expressed a desire to be more careful in their diet increased up to 66%“.

Today in Russia, the state uses various tools, the purpose of which is to improve the situation in society. With the support of the Government, a national project is being implemented Demography “, in the context of which there is a series of federal projects. In particular, the federal project “Strengthening Public Health” is supported by Rospotrebnadzor and includes a series of educational initiatives aimed at promoting proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and, consequently, improving the quality of life and enhancing health. the citizens.

All of Rospotrebnadzor’s work is based on one value – concern for a person’s well-being, health and life. We see it as one of our tasks to ensure that every citizen can receive objective information about the quality and safety of food products and the rights of their consumers.

“For these purposes, we have developed information resources and special educational programs that allow the population, when it comes to the store, to browse the presented foods, to label them and to identify products of poor quality.”

– notes Ekaterina Golovkova, Deputy Head of FBUZ Center for Public Health Education.

Today, with joint efforts, significant results have already been achieved: the definition of the quality of food products has been clarified and legally defined, new health rules and regulations have been developed. (SanPiN), as well as health and epidemiological rules aimed at ensuring a healthy, safe and physically nutritious diet for children. The new rules provide for a reduction in the use of sugar and salt in the organization of children’s nutrition, a reduction in the share of confectionery, as well as the mandatory inclusion in the menu of foods fortified with vitamins and minerals. Work is underway to establish a monitoring system for the condition and quality of nutrition of the population. The real diet of people is evaluated and the availability of domestic food products for them, which help to eliminate the global and macronutrient deficiency. It is important to continue the systematic work with all market participants to achieve the goals set by the President of the Russian Federation in the context of the National Project Demography “. To solve this problem, it is necessary the involvement of all stakeholders, not only in the public sector, but also in socially oriented companies.

Danone, one of the largest manufacturers of food and water, sees its mission to provide health through food to as many people as possible. The company not only produces high quality products created in accordance with strict environmental standards, but also implements a series of educational initiatives aimed at promoting proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to consumers.

The ability to make an informed choice in favor of a balanced diet is important to develop from childhood. After all, proper eating behavior not only affects the health of a particular child, it affects the quality and standard of living, the development of society as a whole. Together with the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, Danone implements a nationwide educational project Healthy Eating from A to Z “, which aims to develop a culture of healthy and balanced nutrition.

The project is already 10 years old and during this time we have taught the basics of proper nutrition to tens of thousands of children and parents. And we are constantly improving it, responding to global changes in society. For example, due to the growing trend towards distance education, we started a partnership with one of the largest general online education platforms in Russia and the CIS – InternetUrok and created an online course on the basics of a healthy and balanced diet for younger students. The Lyceum program will start soon. The main advantage of the courses is that they are part of the general curriculum of the school. “Biology and environment courses are becoming more and more applied and now any student studying through InternetUrok will definitely be familiar with the basics of healthy eating and will share this knowledge with their families,” he notes. Charlie Cappetti, General Manager of Danone Russia, Senior Vice President, Fresh Dairy & Plant-Based Products CIS, Turkey and Iran.

We joined Healthy Eating A to Z in 2017 to share our know-how about the benefits of plant-based nutrition for children and adults. We believe that plant-based diets are the right solution for humans and the planet, so we help spread the word about the impact of food on human health, change eating habits, and develop healthy eating habits. Now parents and students – participants in our project are already eating in a new way, including more vegetables, herbs and fruits in their diet. “We will continue to support food transformation projects for a healthier future for future generations.” Ekaterina Eliseeva, CEO of Bonduelle in Eurasia.


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