“Under the shadow of old lindens-2022”: art, history, nature

Julia Petrounina, Deputy Director of the Park Organization, addressed the participants of the art festival.

“This festival is being held in Gatchina for the second time, we already consider it traditional,” he said. – We hope that this tradition will be strengthened and will go further in the Leningrad region. This time we are holding our plein air in the picturesque Priory Park, which is an object of landscape art and landscape design of federal importance. I hope that on Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin’s birthday you will find a cozy corner in the park for solitude and inspiration.

Evgenia Naryshkina, head of the park’s science department, recalled how the idea for this art festival was born.

“We often see artists in our parks and we thought it would be great to talk to them about the history of these places,” he says. – Maybe they would find for themselves new picturesque corners of the parks, take a different look at them. This is how the name of the art festival “Under the shadow of old lindens” appeared to emphasize the historicity of the objects.

The first “Under the Shade of Old Limes” art festival took place in 2021, in the park of the “Taitsy” Demidovs estate. A two-day plein air was organized on the territory of the estate, in which students, graduates and teachers of art schools, colleges and universities participated. Following the results of the plein air, a competition was held, the aim of which was to evaluate not only the skills of the artists, but also the way in which the history of the Demidov estate was reflected in their works.

As a result of this competition, an exhibition of the best works was created, which, with the help of the Demidov International Foundation, traveled to various cities in Russia, such as Moscow, Tula, Nizhny Tagil. It was this exhibition that met the participants of the new art festival on the opening day of Gatsina.

More than fifty artists are participating in the 2022 Art Festival. Among them are both beginners as professional artists from the Leningrad and St. Petersburg areas, as well as graduates of the Gatsina Children’s Art School and students of the Siverskaya Art School. Marina Fazanova and Olga Kadushkina-Pilipenko participate in plein air with their students.

Marina Fazanova was among the winners of the “Under the Shade of Old Limes-2021” festival competition. He remembers with great pleasure the plein air at the Demidov estate.

“Despite the intense heat in June, my children and I were very happy to take part,” he says. – Excellent organization: everything was studied to the smallest detail, including the food. Great relationship with artists! Everything seemed amazing to our children. At first they were worried and then realized that it was possible to work in this plein air for pleasure. A tour of the Demidov estate proved to be very useful and this was reflected in our work.

Before the start of the plein air, the participants of the art festival were offered a tour of Priory Park, which allowed them not only to immerse themselves in its history, but also to choose interesting locations for future works.

Olga Kadushkina-Pilipenko is participating in this art festival for the first time.

– I wanted to participate in this plein air, because there are many thoughts about Priory, – says the artist. – It is very interesting to see how my students will work, what they learned in our plein air. And in general, I want to visit nature once again – it is always wonderful, especially for the company. Today is a wonderful, sunny day. I have not been to Priory Park for a long time, but now I remember my childhood, how they picked cherries near the water tower, sunbathed on the hill near the fourth school …

The competition is held in three categories depending on the level of artistic training: “Heritage by the Master’s Brush” (for graduates or students of secondary or higher art education), “Heritage through the Eyes of Children” (for students of art schools), “Inspirational from the Art of the Creator ”(for participants without specifying the level of artistic training). The jury of the competition included professional artists, employees of the Park Service and the Pavlovsk Museum-Reserve. The competition committee was headed by the artist, deputy director of the Gatchina Children’s Art School Daria Rubtsova.

Plein air “In the shadow of old lindens-2022” will take place in Priory Park from 6 to 8 June. The results of the competition will be announced on June 12 in Gatsina. The authors of the best works will receive prizes and pleasant gifts. On the same day it will be possible to get acquainted with the full air works, from which the exhibition will be formed.

Julia Lysaniuk

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