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YAKUTIA.INFO. From 7 June to 7 July 2022, a special fire regime has been established in the territory of the Yakutsk metropolitan area.

For the period of the special fire regime, the entry of vehicles in forest areas is prohibited, with the exception of the vehicles used for forest activities, as well as for the taking of measures for prevention and elimination of forest fires, visits of the population in the forests. limited, with the exception of workers whose activities are related to staying in forests.

Territorial authorities have been instructed to alert volunteer firefighters, step up work to clear adjacent areas of debris and step up work on mowing dry grass within Yakutsk city limits. Management companies and homeowners’ associations will clean up the surrounding area of ​​flammable materials, household waste and dry grass. It is forbidden to burn garbage, dry grass.

The MKU “Department of Civil Defense, Protection of the Population and Territories from Natural and Man-Made Emergencies, Ensuring Fire Safety” received instructions, together with employees of the Department of Supervisory Activities and Preventive Affairs of the Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Yakutia), to organize raids to locate and in the private residential sector illegally installed garages, containers, warehouses, greenhouses, fences that prevent the passage of firefighting equipment.

The Department of Civil Defense, Protection of Population and Soils from Natural and Man-Made Conditions, Fire Safety Reminds that the main causes of forest fires are:

– careless handling of fire.

– violation of fire safety rules.

– lightning.

If you are near a fire in the forest, immediately warn all those close to you of the need to leave the danger zone, leave the danger zone quickly, perpendicular to the direction of the fire, if it is impossible to escape the fire, enter water or cover it. Wet yourself with wet clothes while doing this cover your mouth and nose with a bandage or a cotton gauze cloth.

The flame of small fires can be extinguished by wiping it with branches of hardwood, flooding it with water, throwing wet soil, pressing it with your feet. When extinguishing a fire, act with prudence, do not move away from roads and clearings, do not lose sight of other participants, maintain visual and audio communication with them.

The Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of Yakutsk reminds that from April 30, 2022, events (raids) take place in places of mass recreation of the population located in the Kangalassy micro-district, behind the coal loading pier (Pota). 25 km from Pokrovsky Street, near the village of Tabaga, on the left bank of Lake Sinniges, 22 km from Namsky Street (left side Yakutsk – Namtsy), 20 km from Pokrovsky Street (right side of Yakutsk – Pokrovsk Road).

To avoid forest fires, when visiting the forest, observe fire safety measures: do not make fires, do not throw cigarette butts and matches that have not been extinguished, do not burn dry grass.

If forest fires are detected, call the fire department 101 immediately, the single mission service 32-22-30, 32-23-64, 32-23-69 rescue service 112.

The Yakutsk Civil Defense and Emergency Situations Department reminds citizens and visitors to the capital that violating forest fire safety rules will result in an administrative fine in accordance with Part 2 of Article 20.4 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offenses.

– for citizens in the amount of two thousand five hundred to four thousand rubles.

– for employees – from fifteen thousand to thirty thousand rubles.

– for legal entities – from two hundred thousand to four hundred thousand rubles.

According to the press service of the Yakutsk District Administration

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