And the cutlet is not in Kyiv, and the borscht is not Ukrainian, and the cabbage is not sauerkraut in the restaurant “Glechik” in Sevastopol

This weekend I wanted to eat delicious food. Preference was given to the theme of national cuisine. The choice fell on Ukraine. The gastronomic traditions of the Ukrainian people are close to the Russian people. Hearty, filling, delicious. And there is one such place in our city where you can dive into the gastronomic delights of the neighboring people – the restaurant Glechik. We left our car in the parking lot next to the restaurant. For the summer break, this is luck. And he was with us.

The color of the Ukrainian farm meets right at the entrance of the Glechik restaurant. As if you were in the ethnographic museum of Kiev “Pirogovo”.

Advertising sign

Advertising sign

Restaurant interior 1
Restaurant interior 2
Restaurant interior 3
Restaurant interior 5

Restaurant interior

The hall and the terrace are made in national style: a Ukrainian courtyard, a stove, wooden furniture, kitchen utensils, towels with national ornaments, towels, funny clay figurines, etc. The designers, apparently, tried to show not the royal villas, but an ordinary rural hut.

The girls waitresses are dressed in Ukrainian national clothes, which fit well into the general atmosphere of the establishment. Moderate, discreet, attentive. They answer questions, but they do not “stick”.

glider 1
glechik 2
glechik 3
glechik 4
glechik 5
glechik 6
glechik 7

We chose a warm place on the terrace, naively believing that we would withdraw from the screams and discord. There were only two groups in the restaurant, but they created such a background, woven of curses and filth, that it could not be hidden from him.

Apparently, to cheer us up, they brought a compliment from the foundation – two shots of vodka in birch “brunkas” and canapes with lard. The drink went well. They remembered “Nights on a farm near Dikanka” and Solocha carrying a glass of vodka on his head.

After the “strong” I wanted to hug the chef and shake his hand. Also as a compliment from us, in advance. It took less than 15 minutes from ordering to serving the first course.

Two glasses of vodka on birch

Two shots of vodka in birch “brunkas” and canapes with bacon – a compliment from the restaurant

I have already talked about some restaurants that do not post photos of dishes on the menu. They are also absent in “Gletsik”. It brought copyright “Borscht in fragrant bread” (410 rubles).

Menu -

Menu – Homemade borsch on fragrant bread

Homemade borscht on fragrant bread

Homemade borscht on fragrant bread

Once more

Once again “Bors at home” in fragrant bread “

Like a Chekhov character from a story “About weakness” we experienced gastric ecstasy and anticipation for something unusual and very tasty. Even from the chef. The one who almost hugged.

In front of us, as in front of generals examining the battlefield, a whole oil painting was spread: on a wooden tray there was a box of bread with a lid, a pate of bacon and greens, cloves of garlic and a piece of onion. The meal was accompanied by two slices of bread. As a result, there was plenty of flour on the table.

In the bread box was the most common borscht according to the recipe of the Soviet public catering. The first dish turned out to be laconic: the broth is not rich, watery, many pieces of meat (pork or beef were fixed for a long time), one (!) Beans. In general, far from my perception of the “same” and not a classic of its kind.

A warm and crunchy “lid” of a box of bread and a bacon pate rushed to save the day. The lid and the fat were eaten with a click. He remembered Hippolyte Matvejevic from “12 chairs”who was indignant at the restaurant, looking at the prices on the menu. Give 410 rubles for bread and liquid stew – “However!” (excerpt from the leader of the nobles).

Glechik with duck fillet and apples (490 rubles). If the idea of ​​”home origin” was invested, then it was a complete success. The dish carries the warmth of human hands and care. Apple in thin slices, pieces of potato and turkey meat, rich broth – harmony and celebration. The apple was successfully combined with the meat, there was complete romance and understanding in the relationship. “Glechik with duck fillet and apples” turned out to be the hit of our dinner.

“Glechik with duck fillet and apples”

“Glechik with duck fillet and apples”

“Zadunaisky” (480 rubles) salad with lightly salted salmon, fried bottom, tomato, croutons, fried almonds, olive oil was in preliminary condition. Each member of a large but not friendly family was “sad” on a plate by itself. I do not know exactly where the olive oil was spilled (probably somewhere in the Patriarch), but they certainly did not feel it. The ingredients looked in different directions, asking: “What are we doing here?”. It did not smell like a combination. The salad was originally supposed to be fish salad, but there was hopelessly a little salmon in it, but it was generous with lettuce and croutons.


“Zadunaisky” salad

Cutlet “in Kyiv” (360 rubles). Lots of grass, a little oil, dry, not bright. The meat was not saturated with oil (sparingly, hence the failure) and did not become creamy. The crispy crust came out well. The bone in the cafe was completely neglected.

The guests of the restaurant should be surprised with something, you will not go far only with towels and glechiks. By the way, the dishes in the facility are good, many dishes are served in comfortable clay pots (gletsik).

I remember a station cafeteria in Leningrad and a beautiful cutlet on a plate, juicy to the point of fainting. It was many years ago, I was a child. But the memory is fresh and accompanies me throughout my life. Therefore, I personally can not be deceived and not convinced that the cutlet from Glechik had an ancestor called “de volay” (from the French “bird cutlet”). I remember how delicious the cutlet was according to the original recipe.


Cutlet “in Kyiv”

Crispy sauerkraut with wild cranberries (170 rubles) Remember from “The irony of fate ..” the words Zenia Lukasin: “This is not fish, this is not jelly, this is some kind of strychnine!” Personally, I rate the cabbage for its crunchy, flavor and aroma. The cabbage was not sour at all. Yes, generously candied, extra vinegar, chopped, some cranberries slightly crushed.

Exactly the same cabbage (maybe better) you can buy it in any market. Besides, we did not come to the dining room, surprise us! Such a good start was made before the meal – a shot of vodka in “brunki”. And at the end of the event, our faces became more sullen and sad.

Crispy sauerkraut with wild cranberries

Crispy sauerkraut with wild cranberries

Failed to raise the bar to unprecedented heights and “Chocolate fudge” (180 rubles)

“Chocolate Fudge”

“Chocolate fudge” and the resulting “chocolate”

The free thinking of Glechik’s culinary experts and the author’s vision led to the complete failure of the same confectioner, from his counterparts in some restaurants in Sevastopol the soul froze and then flew away to paradise. We saw how beautiful the presentation was and how generously the chocolate ran out of dessert. A pathetic freak was born here. The dessert was small, tasteless, a scoop of ice cream could have saved the day, but there was an expectation of magic and a surprise from the running chocolate. Yes, something leaked, lazily and casually. Some housewives in a hurry make it “like chocolate”, mixing sour cream, sugar and cocoa. In this dessert, the price matches the quality.

The failed dessert was rinsed “Sea buckthorn tea with orange” (200 rubles). Today, every self-respecting institution offers guests a whole tea card. “Glechik” is no exception. Tea is like tea. Saturated, delicious. I would change the kettle, but that did not bother me.

“Sea buckthorn tea with orange”

After a while, the need led me to the toilet, I open the door, take a step and … I had to go to many restaurants and various toilets. Many left an indelible impression that sometimes one or the other restaurant remembered not from the kitchen and the dishes served, but from the toilet.

In “Glechik” the ladies’ room was not cleaned! There were only 3 women in the restaurant, one of whom came out of necessity for the first time. It was possible for staff to come and check the condition of the office. It is clear that guests must also observe some decency, but the toilet is the “face” of the restaurant, it needs care. Every area of ​​the restaurant is equally important, whether it is a kitchen, a closet or a toilet.

dressing room

dressing room

Summary: Finally he hugged a beautiful cat, the main attraction of the restaurant.


We are not strangled in the chef’s arms. We did not get a compliment. We did not like the food, the toilet was dirty, we never tried the best traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Cheap. I do not recommend visiting.



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