Be kind enough to buy a cake for the disabled. Charity – Targeted Help or Benefit Effort?

Not long ago, a letter with very strange content came to the publishing house of Gomelskaya Pravda. On the one hand, people have asked for financial help to support orphans and children from low-income families. On the other hand, I was surprised by the form of this support. The delivery of the message also seemed unusual. Therefore, we decided to make a small analysis of the text we received and leave the conclusion to the readers.

In the first paragraph, an appeal and all kinds of praise to the recipient: “I am writing this letter to you, based on your life experience and your kind qualities. I have always liked people who have achieved a lot in life and understand its true values. I know that people like you have always wanted to change the world for the better … “. And so on and so forth. Then there is an elaborate comparison of the leader with great personalities – Yaroslav the Wise, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Leon Tolstoy. The classic rhetorical technique is to flatter a counterpart by putting him on the same level as world-renowned people. And who can stand here, right? And if moral qualities are praised, soaring in the heavens, almost everyone will be ready to open a wallet.

The so called they want to feed the hungry Belarusians with Gauranga cake. The photo from the Internet is indicative

The only question is: what should he sacrifice for? There is the rubbing. Further in the letter, the sender tries to put pressure on pity: “Many people in Belarus are poor and suffer from an acute shortage of healthy food, according to official figures, their number is growing in our republic, especially in Minsk. orphans, children of poor families, veterans and prisoners of war, the disabled, refugees, lonely elderly people “. Due to the injection, reinforcing the negative component of the central part of the text, the desire for help also increases. However, if you look at the content calmly, questions immediately arise. For example, where did the author see “many” people suffering from severe food shortages in our country? No, the poor may exist – and the state helps them through various forms of social support. So it is definitely not worth the exaggeration.

But we read. That’s where, by the way, the most interesting things begin. The climax, let’s say. The charity “Food for Life” offers to feed all the poor strata of the population with nothing but giant cakes and sweets. Do you think this is what veterans and children need? No one is against such help, but is not it better to help in a targeted way? Hygiene products, medicines or equipment, for example.

A certain amount is also called – to buy products (7.5 kg of cakes and 49 boxes of sweets for 8 pieces) you need 542 rubles (what an accuracy!). It appears from the letter that the sender already has 200 rubles, but the remaining amount is missing. Again, a polite wording: “If you are so kind to us and transfer 340, 200 or 100 rubles, then that will be enough to buy the necessary products for our kitchen. “The young people of Belarus will be grateful to you for your sincere help, which is so needed now.”

They decide to finalize with the “PS” mark, to which they turn again to the high morality and spirituality of the recipient. Again they press compassion and make you shed a tear: “Nothing happens by chance in the world, therefore, thanks to your qualities, you now have a high standard of living. Remember, at all times, among the people who held high positions, kindness was appreciated, although it did not give material benefits, but, nevertheless, all the celebrities were attracted by this subtle spiritual taste of indifferent help to the poor. Here it is twisted!

We decide to check who and how the foundation helps – social networks are full of photos with food and grateful recipients. But remembering the many scam stories, many questions arise. For example, where exactly does the donated money go? Do they really reach those who need them? And are they all spent on sweets (even if only on them)? There is also a misunderstanding about the organization itself: if we understand everything correctly, its representatives belong to a religious community that is not the most common in our latitudes. Do they try to entice new fans to their side in this way? Think for yourself, as they say.

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